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Letter from Marcelle Fisher to her parents, 1942

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Object ID: WV0253.4.006

Description: Fischer notes she graduated from army administration school at Drake but hasn't received her orders yet. She also mentions going on a date, hoping to get a three day pass for Christmas, and serving commanding officer duty.

Creator: Marcelle K. Fischer

Biographical Info: Marcelle K. Fischer served in the WAC from 1942-1945.

Collection: Marcelle Fischer Papers

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Full Text: Dear Mom:

Well, I graduated diploma and all! So here I am a full fledged Administration Specialist. Here we still are waiting for our order. So for the time being you can still address me here (practically permanent K.P.) Quite a few of the girls have been sent out so there are so few of us we are on duty every 2 days.

If every thing goes alright I hope to get a three day pass. That is if we do not get our orders before that. I hope its possible to be there for Xmas. If they give us passes would it be alright if one of the girls comes with me? She is a very nice girl and from Texas. But then everything is so very uncertain, no one can tell from one day to the next.

I hope to probably catch up on my letter writing. But then they find so many things for us, we probably shall have so much to do, that we won't have any more time than usual. Saturday everyone just waited all day for orders, we expected them every minute and then late in the evening we were told we might have to wait here a week or more.

Last night I went out with Tom Kelly - Regional Director from O.P.A. He used to work at the Hotel LaSalle with Eleanor, so I just thought I'd call after Eleanor told me to, as he called back and took me out. It was a novelty for a change.

I had a nice letter from the Murphies, congratulating me, (I sent them a Xmas card). Nina Lou is in high school already. Can you imagine that. She said that she thought it was wonderful my volunteering. It was nice to hear from her. I've been trying to address my cards, but it was terribly hard last week with all our tests and all. But that is over and I hope we can settle down to a more even life.

I hope everyone is feeling fine. Didn't the stone yard get a gas ration card - I didn't see their name in the Skokie local. Right now I'm on C.O. duty so you see it is always something. I had a card from Donald saying they were sending a package, but so far haven't seen it. He was awfully cute - said he hoped the navy did as much for Francis as the army had for me. This is going to be a bad Xmas for us kids here at the barracks if we haven't any definite orders, and just have to sit waiting for orders.

So I shall let you know if I'm coming home. If possible I would like to have a permanent. Well, have to close now as I have to go on the rounds.

Lots of love to all, Marcelle