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Object ID: WV0279.3.002

Description: Jenice M. Klee served in a clerical capacity for the United States Coast Guard SPARS program during the Second World War. This section of her diary&8212;one of three&8212;spans the period from January 1st to December 31st 1944. It is primarily concerned with Klee’s social and work life in Washington D.C. It gives details relating to Klee’s duties as a member of the SPARS, deals with Klee’s relocation to Washington D.C, and provides a lengthy record of the numerous motion pictures that she viewed in this time period. Also included are two separate accounts of trips to New York City, New York.

Creator: Jenice M. Klee

Biographical Info: Jenice M. Klee served in the SPARs from 1943-1946.

Collection: Jenice M. Klee Diary

Rights: It is responsibility of the user to follow the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code). Materials are not to be reproduced in published works without written consent, and any use should credit Jackson Library, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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1 Jan[uary]. 1944

Loafed around. Mom rode me up to Thelma's so they could see me in my uniform. Darlene got lots of cute soap gadjets [sic]. Then stopped at Dot's. Nila & Clink were there and he told me some cute moron jokes.

"Moron walked down street with magician & turned into beer parlor."

"Moron washed teeth with gun powder so he could shoot his mouth off."

Then we rode Nila and Clink to their home & continued downtown. First went to Canton restaurant for chow mein. Out of this world!

Then to Paramount for "As Thousands Cheer."

Dot is sure swell.

March 26 [1944]

A sailor on the train gave me a box of Kleenex. I took it out of the box & put it in the grip. He had 3 other boxes and left them on the train.

I can't remember what his name is. Anyway he took me with him while he called some where. He was going to visit his sister in Pa somewhere.

The Chateau Crillon had not reserved me a room at the Warburton but they gave me a room anyway. We went and ate and I had a spaghetti dinner and he wiped the little bottle that the cream came in & gave it to me

I went with him to the train and told him I'd see him at 8:00 Sunday nite [sic].

Then I went walking the streets and a nice soldier came up and spoke to me. He was the nicest guy. We went & saw "The Purple Heart." As it was after 10 we didn't get to see it all. The shows close at 12. Then we had something to eat. He sure liked me.

He escorted me to the hotel and rode up the elevator. I had trouble opening the door so he opened it for me.

Then the phone rang saying that men were not allowed on the floors. He wanted to kiss me but I declined.

Ah first we went on a subway ride & he showed me where he lived. Wish I could remember his name.

I had a cute little room.

Tues[day]. March 7 [1944]

Today is Janet's 21st birthday. We went to Kauakos. Of course I have a picture to commemorate the event. A few dances but I do get so bored.

Sun[day]. April 22 & 23 [1944]

Trip to New York.

The week before Crandall had told me I could have the afternoon off but I didn't leave the office until 2:30. I typed 4 letters for Mr. Shaw and made mistakes so had to do them over. I was so excited Warren likes New York too. He is Yeoman 2c [Second Class] now.

I caught the train at 3:00. I landed in the Penn station & couldn't find my way out. I finally got a taxi and rode to the Women's Service Center but of course they were sold out.

Oh what tall bldgs [buildings] NY [New York City] has. It is wonderful. Then I walked about six blocks to the Allenton House.

I took a bed in the dormitory room. It was only $1.00. The beds were cots & a washroom was adjoining. Two small rooms adjoined. Then I called up Florence and she gave me directions on how to get to Brooklyn.

I went upstairs and cleaned up a bit. Put on a white shirt.

Then I walked a block to the subway. The trains really rush by. I inquired so to directions there and people were very helpful. But looking thru [sic] the windows one can see nothing.

Finally I arrived in Brooklyn. I walked about seven blocks to her home. I thot [sic] she lived in a house but it is an apartment. 1073 Flatbush Ave.

She is rather plump with dark brown hair.

Inclined to be sarcastic but fun. We walked around the streets awhile. About six shows there, theatres too. It started to rain. Two civilians came up to us and started to talk. Such jerks.

Oh yes she cooked me a steak with peas. Very good.

As it was after twelve she let me stay. She slept on the couch bed and I slept on her uncle's bed. It is all so vividly etched in my memory. Her father and mother are so nice.

The trams rattle by all day right under the window. She showed me her scrap book on Flynn. I have lots more pictures than she.

We slept till quite late & then ate & to the show.

"Song of Russia" was on. We saw "Woman of the Town." She didn't want to see all of "Russia" so we left. She played some records for me & then I left around seven. It was raining & I took the underground to Times Square. Oh first I went to the Allerton & picked up my bag. Then as I walked towards the square a soldier "jined" me. He carried my bag for me. Went to Pepsi Cola canteen & had a hamburger. The soldier left as he went to a play.

Met a Wave outdoors and we walked together. We went into the Metro pole[?] and to a booth back in the corner. N.Y. is the most marvelous town ever.

Three men in striped suits were plinking away on guitars giving out with song. Two sailors joined us.

One walked out with my hat. I dashed out to the street to get him & no sailor.

Well he left his sailor hat so out we dashed into the rain. I slunked [sic] past the SP's but wasn't stopped. Not having any hat & wet feet. I caught the 12:30 train.

Slept on a sailor's shoulder. Arrived at work about 10 min[utes]. late. Left wallet in phone booth.

So ended my first trip to the fabulous N.Y.

Mon[day]. May 15 [1944]

Wore white shirts for first time today.

Fri[day]. May 19 [1944]

At last 64's in this section. Think I'll take on in May.

Sat[urday]. April 29 [1944]

Sir. Knox died today. Spars to march in funeral.

We were issued our seersucker uniforms this merry month of May.


Sat[urday]. April 15 [1944] —

He (The Virgin Man) S'wonderful.

This is my lucky day.

I just learned how to play

Gee what a dope Isadore was. I howled. Second feature was "The Lady's Willing"

Kabloona — Buster Crabbe

Dr. Cyclops — Albert Dekker

Sauls at Sea — Cooper

April 14 Fri[day]. [1944]


Lady in the Dark. Her fabulous wedding gown she wore in the picture was on display in Woodward and Lothrop's window. Gorgeous thing too.

Wed[nesday]. April 19 [1944]

Day break at the Pix. Foreign French picture with Gabin.

April 24 Mon[day]. [1944]

Pix .

Monster Maker with Frank Morgan. The Strangler Judy Campbell (Eng.)

May [1944]

6 Sun[day] [May 1944]. — Capitol

Andy Hardy's Double Trouble

12 Fri[day] [May 1944]. — Pix — Son of the Sheik — Valentino Opus — very funny. Saw him in The Eagle before Algiers.

12 Fri[day] [May 1944]. — Earle

Passage to Marseille — Humphrey Bogart

15 Mon[day] [May 1944]. — Capital — Up in Mabel's Room  — Lee Bowman

5-20 Sun[day] [May 1944]. Metropolitan — Lady Let's Dance — Belita

27 Sun[day] [May 1944]. — Keith — Chip off the Old Blck


Shake Hands with Murder — Hey Rookie

28 Sun[day] [May 1944]. — Story of Dr. Wassell with Lillian French.

My hair was shorn for second time this month.

May 28 Sun[day] [May 1944].

Lillian French a new roommate arrived and we went out & some soldiers with civilian girls took us to Treasure Island.

We ate, drank & went to the girls apartments. The boys had to leave at 8 & one became very drunk.

A new roommate came on June 26.

Keep yore [sic] mind at the present S1c [Seaman 1st Class]—Pooey!

Rita and Janet are still non-noisy.

By the way it was in May that it began. On a Monday nite [sic]. Time out for thinkin [sic] again.

Can't remember.

June 22 Thursday [1944]

Rita went on lv yesterday for 7 days. And I died [sic] my hair red tonite [sic]. Janet put in on for me. The dye is gray powder and comes in a tin box. Mixed with hot water & applied. Really gives me glamour.

June 1, Thurs[day] [1944].

Crandall went to the hospital for a while. He was gone by the time I came back from drill.

Elizabeth Haynes went to Sound Motion Picture Technician school.

June 8 Mon[day] [1944].

Took the rating test this morning. Firmly believe I did not pass. Coleman and Felsen gave it. Felsen will be trans[ported]. to West Coast this month. Miss Mendelson is taking Cranx place.


June 9 Friday [1944]


Uncertain glory with Errol. I (?) him much too much.

June 2 [1944]


Show Business with Eddie Cantor

June 1 Thurs[day] [1944]


Mayerling with Charles Boyer & Danielle Darrieux. French pix.

June 5 Mon[day] [1944]


Buffalo Bill — McCrea

June 10 Sat[urday] [1944]


Pin-Up Girl — Grable

June 12 Mon[day] [1944]


Tanks A Million

When You're In Love

Grace Moore in old film

June 17 Sat[urday] [1944]


Roger Touhy, Gangster with Rita & Preston

June 18 Sun[day] [1944]


Make Your Own Bed with Jack Carson

June 23 Fri[day] [1944]


Mask of Dimitrios with new find Zachary Scott


June 22 Thurs[day] [1944]


Two Girls & a Sailor — Van Johnson

June 24 Sat[urday] [1944]


Three Men in White — Van Johnson, saw with Janet

June 24 Sat[urday]. [1944]


Days of Glory — Peck

June 25 [1944]


See Here, Private Hargrove

Mon[day]. June 26 [1944]

New roommate- Barbara Lane. Janet & I barged in and door was unlocked. Cot was on floor & luggage. Looked in hat & name was Barbara R. Lane.

She is rather cute & Rita still on lv.

When Rita returned she had to look on the door to see if she was still in 509.

July 4 [1944]

Bobbie & I went to the Wash[ington]. Monument grounds to see the stars. We walked past the Statter & then dashed back to the Street as the stars were going by in jeeps. Saw Aver, Marlene Dietrich & Eileen Wood. The grounds were packed.

We walked up to the sloping park. Sometimes the crowd was so noisy we couldn't hear them. Skelton & wife were there. He pulled the same stunt as on the stage, & the poem "Little Algy"

L[ieutenan]t. Holden read a letter. John Payne sang & so did Marlene & Rosemary Lane.

A white man led an orchestra array.

After the show we saw wonderful fireworks. The noise reminded me of ack ack fire.

2 Jan[uary] 1944

I dashed down to Hays and bid them goodbye. The boys were there wiping dishes. I hadn't eaten yet so we sat in the living room and talked. Hays and Finanza's went out & mom phoned up that the relatives were there & to come home.

[Undecipherable] Joe to walk with me & so said goodbye. Thelma, Della, Darlene & Grandma were there with box of candy. Chatted & they left and we had dinner.

Time moves relentlessly on. Dad asked a soldier at the depot to carry my bag for me. His name was Dick.

We sat together on the train. Conductor told us to go to left which had better chairs than the right coach.

He let me straten [sic] out on the chairs later that night. Train left late.

Mon[day]— 3 Jan[uary] 1944

Heard the conductor say I had a nice boy friend as he let me have the seat. Ate sandwich for breakfast.

Montana has rather pretty hills around that certain river.

Dick & I talked quite a bit.

He's going on leave to Detroit after a 1 1/2 yrs in the Army.

A nice sergeant sat near us. Got me a candy bar in Butte.

Had to sit up sleeping the rest of the way. He bought me a gooseberry pie & sandwich in one of the towns.

Lost my appetite.

Tues[day] — 4 Jan[uary]. 1944

Same old grind. Read all the magazines. Dick bought me lunch. Veal. We make cracks about the food.

People kept getting on & getting off all the time. It was funny. I wore my tie & jacket off.

Wed[nesday]. 5 Jan. 1944

Arrived here at Wed[nesday]. morning just like the 22nd of Dec[ember]. that fateful week. Dick carried my bag up. The train left at 11:30 so I took my bags into the washroom and washed while everybody stared.

Saw Ina Barrows on her way to Seattle in Harveys lunchroom. My waffles were too crisp. The train was empty to Pittsburg and I dashed into this car & got the next to end seat. A soldier was in the end one.

He let me use his hankie to wipe the soot off the chair. Rather oldish [sic] tho [sic].

Then I put my coat on the back of the chair & then he put his army coat over the other half and sed [sic], "Do you mind if I sit here?" Of course I did say yes but I really wanted to sleep. It so developed he is 34 and been in the army for years.

Finally reached Pittsburgh. Gave my bags to the porter who carried them on the train.

Had chair all to myself. A soldiers hat would hit me falling down from the rack up above. I managed to sleep somewhat. Finally at Baltimore too many people got on so I sat up and slept.

Thurs[day]. 6 Jan[uary] 1944

Washed up in Wash[ington]. Clean shirt and all.

Took a taxi and the streets are wonderful. Passed the capital.

The C.G. [Coast Guard] Barracks are just a 5 story building white.

Ens[ign]. Said my hair was too long & no gloves. So I changed & walked a block & hailed a taxi to HQ [headquarters] where I went in as a visitor and to 2nd floor.

Saw a Miss Nichols and she said I didn't have to report till 10:00 Friday. Signed a paper for my reimbursement.

Found out Marge lives at Martinique Hotel so I asked for there too.

Took a taxi to the Barracks and then to Martinique where a negro porter took me to the sixth floor.

I went to the end room on left & walked in. the coxswain took my name and gave me 509. Marge is in 805. I have the cot and slept for awhile. The girls came in & names are Janet Baker (Ohio), Rita Dawgala, Hazelton, Penno. I washed my hair. Visited Marge. She called me on phone.

Fri[day]. 7 Jan[uary] 1944

Reported to work on bus. Using Cox'n's pass. We ride free.

Was sent to L[ieutenan]t. Baine's office. Pulling seaman cards from 35 drawers & crossing off lists of names. Made out a paper & he came in while I was there & she sent me down. Very monotonous.

Ate dinner with Marge. I like her roommates. She has 4 and they have an electric percolator.

Sat[urday]. 8 Jan[uary]. 1944

Same old grind. We walked to work and eat at the Investment cafeteria. Cafeteria style too.

The girls are nice I work with. I eat with Marge & Kay, another girl from Florida, at 12:15. She works in the Bond department on 6th floor & does storekeeper work.

Went to Loews Capital and saw Mary Martin in "True to Life" & a stage show with Carlos Molino and his band. Very good.

Patricia Morrison is coming to town.

Sun[day]. 9 Jan[uary] 1944

Slept till 11. We have liberty till 12 every nite, & 2:00 till Sta [?]. Every other month we have a 48 hr. pass, otherwise 36 hrs.

Marge & I tried to find a USO that her roommates were at, but we couldn't so we went to Loew's Palace for Alice Faye's "The Gang's All Here." We knew it wouldn't be very good but I didn't want to see "Thousands Cheer" again.

10 Jan[uary] 1944 — Mon[day].

Two more girls came in tonite [sic] to start tomorrow.

Ate at the Pepsi-cola center. Hot dogs & pepsi and went to the Metropolitan for Errol Flynn's "Northern Pursuit."

His picture appeared in the Post and I saw it on Sat[urday]. Jan 8, 1944 & we went to see "Gang's All Here & when we got out the paper was gone. Monday she went to the Newspaper office with me but Gen[eral] MacArthurs picture was there instead.

Was I perturbed!

Wed[nesday] Jan[uary] 12, 1944

Kirker, Beatrice, Pualine, Lydia, Ann and I went to see "Kiss & Tell" a play with Ernest Fralk the actor & he had some clever lines to say. Ate at Medicks.

14 Friday Jan[uary] [1944]

Saw Cry Havoc with Joan Blondell at Loews Palace.

Sun[day]. Jan[uary] 15 [1944]

Saw "What a Woman" at RKO Keiths with Time Herbert. Stage show.

Friday, we saw a radio show of the 10th Anniv[ersary]. of a Arthur Godfrey. 1/2 hr. Very good.

Mon[day]. Jan[uary] 17 [1944]

"Flesh & Fantasy" with Charles Boyer. I just happened to mention I wanted to see it & Marge did too so we went in.

Tuesday Jan[uary] 18 [1944]

Went roller skating with Janet & Rita. Went home with some Marines and Rita's was very funny.

23 Jan[uary]. Sun[day]. [1944]

The girls were up to New York so I left the hotel about seven & ate at the Waffle shop. A block from Hotel two men were talking to me.

They went into the Mart. too. I was going up & the man told me I could talk to him while his partner went upstairs. He came down sans girl.

So he told me to come along. I said no not unless the other girl came too.

So on the seventh floor of the hotel I went. Ordered drinks & I drank some. Wine was ordered. They were Geo. Johnson & Herman (I can't remember. Anyway he took me to the "Crossroads" nite [sic] club in Maryland. It was very dark. We danced & he bought me a gardenia. A girl took our picture. We had to wait an awful long time for it. We left after 11. Went back to hotel. Took two towels with me. He gave ‘em to me.

Anyway I was late. Watch 5 min. slow. Restricted Mon[day]. Saw him the next day.

Mon[day]. 24 Jan[uary]. [1944]

Saw George after work. Told him sad news. He had that girl Mildred buy me a blue robe. Very pretty. I was so flustered. He noticed it. Put the bill in his suit case that he gave me Sun[day]. Shouldn't have I guess. Took me in a limousine & we rode to the Lincoln Memorial. It's wonderful. It ended all too soon. He kissed me. Told me I'd have to grow up. Never met anyone like me before. Fresh & clean he sed [sic].

Builds houses. Promised to send radio.

Called me later when he found the bill.

I meant to call him the next day but forgot. I couldn't talk freely with him as the girls were here. I hurt him.

Ah- men — miserable creatures.

Friday Jan[uary]. 28 [1944]

Got to the Palace by 11:30 & at the end of the line. The regular stage show was presented & then Skelton appeared. Very witty he is too. And that baby act was a scream. Saw Brian Donlevy, Jinx Falkenburg & Jose Iturbi. Had to leave at 1:20 & was late. Restricted Sat[urday]. & Sun[day]. Nites [sic]. Next time I'll stay over nite [sic] somewhere. Ran home. Should have taken taxi.

Events of the past 5 months- Pat Surges S1c [1st Class Seaman] moved into our room and was discharged in March I think. Remind me to look that date up.

Remember Mike & the swell spaghetti dinner he made. The sailors came over later & we danced. Mike has a 4 y[ea]r. old son & he is a wonderful painter, the father not the son. His wife divorced him and she is mean. Tough! Mike asked me for a date & I wouldn't too small. Pat was necking something fierce. Mike didn't approve either. I don't see how Pat can do things like that well anyway we went home in a taxi and Pat didn't feel good. Drank too much.

Feb[ruary]. 19 & 20 [1944]

The trip to Phil[adelphia]. With Janet. Gee what a crummy city. Little narrow streets and dirty blgs [buildings]. We took a taxi to the Chateau Crillon. Over 20 stories and us on the 24th. We were so high. Baker & had twin beds. Wonderful view of the city. We brot [sic] books along. I finished "Lady in the Morgue." Very gruesome.

[Written in red pen] Ah I'm in the red again.

We walked the streets for awhile then dashing by a theatre we espied old acquaintance which neither had seen.

Afterwards we dashed to the Independence Hall & peeked thru the window.

We each bought a little bell for a souvenir that tinkles.

The train was so crowded that we stayed in the vestibule of the train and was it c-o-o-o-l-d. I sat on Janet's little suitcase & thence home.

My trip alone to Phila[delphia].

June 10 [1944]

Saw in the paper where Deanna was playing at the Station so I hastily called there to see if it was on Tues[day]. Nope & my hair was wet. But Janet wanted to go to so we went. Took a taxi there & I forgot to wear my tie. Deanna was superb & she sang "When You're Away Dear" Superbly.

July 9 [1944]

Anyway when I saw in the papers that stars were appearing at the Stage Door Canteen well Bobbie & I trotted down. I really got a kick out of one guy as the said my hair was naturally red.

Anyway (there I go again) Johnny Johnson sang "Swinging On a Star" rather good looking too. Joy Hodges gave a rendition of "I love you" but she used such dramatic gestures that I had to laugh.

Zero Mostel was funny and how. Some jerk by name of Jack Pepper who traveled with Bob Hope was the emcee. Jack Pearl didn't come nor Joe Cotton & we were all breathlessly awaing him.

They appeared at 10:45 p.m.

Time marches on. We are visiting N.Y. the last week end. Yippee. [Cutout of newspaper article]

June 29 [1944]

If I remember right Crandall returned.

June 30 [1944]

I found out I passed tonite [sic]. I am now a yeoman third class.

Stobaeus in the barracks command gave me some rating badges for a $1.00.

Doesn't mean anything tho [sic].

July 1 [1944]

We three went out. Janet & Bobbie bought toys at the Treasure Island then we heed over to the Neptune room.

The Miller trio is very good there. Plays the organ & piano. The places close at 12:00.

Aug[ust]. 7 [1944]

L[ieutenan]t. Hutchinson took over today. As he said "Everything for the boys."

Aug[ust]. 3 [1944]

The Tars & Spars were at the Naval Recruiting bldg [building]. to meet the Spars at Hqtrs [headquarters]. Darn it Vic wasn't there. Sally & I went. A yeoman girl told us all about it.

Aug[ust]. 5 [1944]

Janet & I saw "Step Lively" with Swsonatra. Very good.

Aug[ust]. 6 [1944]

Visited Mt. Vernon with Sally. Wonderful place. We caught the 10:00 train down the Potomac [river]. The boat left at 12:30 but we waited & caught the bus before 3.

Paid $1.50 for lunch & had ham & cam fritters. Sally had chicken. Anyway I bot [sic] a spinning wheel, red pennant & little teeny vase for souvenirs. Took pictures of course.

Came home early and slept.

Aug[ust]. 7 [1944]

Rita & I went to the Spa & no peogies. We were very disappointed.

Aug[ust]. 8 [1944]

Wrote letter. Rita going to party tonite [sic]. Will be alone then.

Ironed on name tags tonite [sic]. I have duty next Sunday from 7 to 11:15.

Aug[ust]. 4 [1944]

Saw Tars and Spars. It is really wonderful. A sailor & girl sang the song "Arm in Arm and two others danced.

Get out to sea brother. Get out to sea. Oh yes the Spars came tripping on the stage with duffle bags. What a change in the ink. Remarkable.

Sat thru [sic] the down show twice. The Cantorville ghost with Marg. O'Brien & Bob Young was entertaining.

O'Brien acts very old for a little girl tho [sic]. Muchy much.

Mature was the last act. A photog[rapher] took his picture & he asked him why he stopped & "no bulbs" was the answer. Well so Mature threw him one, that he happened to have. What got me was the letter from a sailor & another kid had appeared since he left home. So then the wondered how long he had left home. Counted on his fingers. That's right.

I sat halfway down so could see him very well.

Wed[nesday]. Aug[ust]. 9 [1944]

L[ieutenan]t. Hutchinson had called up Marc Ballers who brot [sic] over some autygraphs [sic] of Vic Mature. Six of em.

I shall hoard them. Gave Janet one of them.

Oh happy day. Was really thrilled.

Time marches on.

Fri[day]. Aug[ust]. 11 [1944]

Saw "Home in Indiana" with Lon McAllister & Jean Crain. Cute kids. Capitol.

Sat[urday]. Aug[ust] 12 [1944]

Mr. Shaw let me borrow "Strange Fruit" until Monday morn.

Its about the negroes & whites in a town called Maxwell, Georgia.

I had it on the seat beside me & an old soldier would have to sit beside me. So I dropped it picking it up and tore the wrapper.

I was at Pix "Under Two Flags" & "Danger — Women at Work." The soldier started making advances by poking his finer in my side & then surreptitiously sliding my dress up. When he touched my leg I withdrew his hand. Twice he held my hand & I gave him back his.

Ah'm so cruel I leads em on. He left before I did so he didn't see all the picture. Silly fool.

Anyway I bot [sic] some of Henna. San today & washed hair tonite [sic]. Was alone too. Bobbie came in after twelve. Kinda cute.

Read half of book.

Sun[day]. Aug[ust]. 13 [1944]

Read rest of book in bed. Bobbie on Janet's bed. No dinner until 4:30. Ate at the Bluebell Shop- waffles, shoestrings & 2 eggs with toast.

Bot [sic] 4 cheeseburgers as Bobbie had called L[ieutenan]t. Curt Kelly & made a date to take him to dinner. Doesn't do bad- not her.

Watch duty from 7:00 to 11:15. Very boring. Read "Ruins of Glory" anyway.

Mon[day]. Aug[ust] 14 [1944]

What a man that Hutchinson is. We gagged about Maxwell, Ga all day & Dessie with Nonnie. We call Mr. Shaw Casanova now.

And M.K. told me of the time he was 17 & took a girl to the saddle room & did it. He didn't know what the scare was & got scared & told mother. Well when pappy found out he got "caning."

And the negroes aren't called Mr. down souf [sic].

Wed[nesday]. Aug[ust] 16 [1944]

Tonite Bobbie & Rita slept on the roof until 3:00. Went after bed check. Grew too windy up there for them.

Thurs[day]. Aug[ust]. 17 [1944]

Only 2 days till pay day. Yippee.

Well anyway Janet came into see me. Returned from leave. Girl friend Rita Breen was home from Cali[fornia].

Friday Aug[ust] 18 [1944]

Decided to find out about singing lessons. Went to the Capitol City Conservatory of Music. Went up the first flite [sic] of stairs & someone was talking to a woman in the office. I hesitated & started up the next flite [sic] then down again over to Murphy's. Bought a mag then back again. Went on to the second floor & stopped in this room. A desk & chair were there so I sat there & waited.

Then I peeked into a small room & an old man sat by a window. I rapped on the door jamb & he arose. Name is Albert Meehan & charges $4.00 a lesson.

He talked to me & said I was interesting. Imagine! He put a belt around me & I sang some notes while he struck the piano.

For the first two weeks I shall take two lessons a week. Then if I don't measure up to expectations I will find another teacher. Still I want to live in N.Y.

Sat[urday]. Aug[ust]. 19[44]

Had to go to Barracks Command get copy of pay time for new Spars.

At noon on the Treasury steps the Curtis Bay band was playing. The girl to represent "Miss America at the Atlantic City was chosen.

Venus Ramey was chosen again. She was chosen before for "Cover Girl." I saw the last two. A pretty brunette could sing very well.

Around 4:00 Rose Justice came to the office & told me about the unrationed shoes all the girls were buying. Only $3.99 too. So I hotfoots it over there to Thom McArm's & there were Rose, Dot Davis & Dot LeTourneau. So I bot [sic] a pair, slippers & 2 pr. hose.

We three, Bobbie & Janet Came up after me, ate at Mayflower. She went home & Janet & I repaired to the Keith theatre for Abbott & Costello in "In Society."

Then we went home & Janet & I were alone after Bobbie & Rita were out.

And so g'night.

Sun[day]. July 29 [1944]

Well I never if I didn't forget about my N.Y. trip.

Janet & I left at 3:30 & arrived in N.Y. at 8:00. So we dashed over to hotel & after 10:00 went out. Ate at a delicatessen and then to Broadway. We saw "Mr. Skeffington. The civilians have to pay $1.40. Then we went walking down "The Great White Way. Some soldier started talkin [sic] to us & then the other two were in the car. So they took us for a little jaunt.

I left Janet in bed the next morn at 12:00 & went for pictures. Here's the Varga girl à [newspaper cutout of billboard] I took a closeup of her head. I just love that town.

Called up Florence too.

So after I returned Bobbie was there. Then we dressed & waited for her girl friend Pat Keller to come. Then we went out on the subway to see Columbia U[niversity]. & Freddie, who brot [sic] along 3 cadet friends.

We went in a cathedral there- Riverside Church & on up to the tower. Bells were up there & they are huge. Made in Croydon, England if you please. They had to return at 5:30 so we bade them goodbye and returned for luggage & then ate some Italian food & so on the train at 8:25.

What a wonderful day.

Aug[ust]. 19, 1944

That's the girl that became Miss Washington. She was "Cover Girl" too. [Newspaper cutout of article]

Sun[day]. Aug[ust] 20 [1944]

Stayed in. forgot to wake Janet for breakfast so went out & ate at the Blue Bell waffle shop and brot [sic] back some hamburgers. Wrote 4 letters. What a waste. Tough!

Mon[day]. Aug[ust]. 21 [1944]

L[ieutenan]t. Hutchinson read "Unforbidden Fruit" over the weekend and made cracks about it all day. Gave it to Mr. Shaw to read. Tells me I'm a noble gal as I bring candy & peanuts to work.

What a man.

Had a singing lesson. Told me my hair was just the right shade. Thinks I'm interesting. Am a good student. I said no then he told me they did not know how to teach me.

Tues[day]. Aug[ust]. 22 [1944]

Made up my 64 pass today. Oo-la-la.

He asked me "Didn't you want to leave at 2:30. I said "I wasn't supposed to but could I leave anyway". And he said yes. He's really wonderful. Makes me laff haha! Florence is having party on Sept. 9.

Aug[ust] 23 [1944]

My pictures of N.Y. are good. The two I took of Rita in bed are funny.

Fri[day]. Aug[ust] 25 [1944]

Hutchinson gave me a slip today that said [slip of paper with with typing and "Soldiers by M.K. Hutchinson"]

They were joking about the coal miner and I mite [sic] not return an X. of course I will. Rita and I left at 2:30 caught a taxi, three marines were in back. We had a seat together & I slept awhile. We transferred at Phila. at the Reading Station. Then again at Bethlehem & Lehighton. We went to the Loughton Hotel & only paid $1.50 for a room. It was very cold there too.

Then we dashed up to the apartment where her folks are now & she met her brother Victor & wife.

We had something to eat. The bologna was very hot and her father gave me a shot of whiskey. Then we went past Sacco's & took a taxi to the Eskimo Inn.

We were at the bar sitting & we both had ginger ale. Then an Italian next to me wanted to come up to the room and bring his bottle. Harrars.

Then Johnny took us to the Eagles room where he had a key & we went to the bar. I had wine but Rita never. A skinny looking guy with glasses showed us out of there at 2:00. Then back to the hotel.

Sat[urday]. Aug[ust]. 26 [1944]

We slept till about 11 the next day. Then we dressed & out shopping we went. Of course "the curse" had to visit me. Then we went to The Teader store & Rita bot [sic] Pat a butcher bay style pajamas with red polka dots. Very cute.

She told everyone she liked the service but she doesn't. Ha! Ha!

She knew a lot of people & they stared an awful lot. Then to Sears where a lot were out to lunch. Met a girl there named Germaine. Quite a small town but nice. Too small for me. We went to the apartment & ate & out again. I get a kick out of Bobby- Irene's son. The apartment has a small living room with 2 bedrooms & a kitchen. Cute place but too small.

Elsie is nice but what a dopey Italian guy likes her.  Then Victor gave Rita $20 & Rita & I went to Chic Sacco's & we had a table. So many girls dance together. Terrible. Their USO is sure a dinky place. Finally met Albert Noz better known as Tudor.

Well Victor, Eleanor and Elsie came in. They didn't like it there so we left with them to another place. Well- Vic took us to a bar but we girls went to the booths in back. Well there's that word again.

A funny looking old guy with white hair came over and leered at us. He couldn't talk too plain but we just howled at him. They didn't seem to know what bourbon was so Eleanor didn't have anything.

Vic finally came up & he was well on the way to getting drunk. Rita & I wanted to go to the Eskimo so we all went. Vic got us a drink and we sat on the stairs. A soldier came over & introduced himself. He had been to the Univ[ersity]. of Wash[ington] too. What a surprise to meet someone from there. Vic & Eleanor left there with Elsie & Rita & I stayed. She told the taxi to come back but finally had to call another one. Then we went to Bobbie's.

It has two rooms a log covered one with booths- sort of rustic like. The other is a bar & went to the back. I got a ham sandwich & then Rita had coke. Before we left the place Rita talked to some friends & then we went out.

Jackamo, an Italian friend, rode us down to the hotel.

Sun[day]. Aug[ust]. 27 [1944]

Today we slept rather late. Arose & took a bath. Then walked up to the apartment. We visited some of Rita's friends during Sat. afternoon. Saw Mike's house and mother. His sister was married on Aug[ust]. 14. Understand she had a baby by someone but married a boy friend that came back from overseas.

Mike has a step-father, brother & a little one five yrs old.

I met Sally, Irene Doris Marino, her husband and baby.

He is Italian but she is not. Elsie gave me a little doll and Rita got a baby doll that Vic had won on the punch bord [sic].

She kissed everyone goodbye & down to the hotel we went. Got our bags & walked to the station. Johnny came by in his car & drove us to a place. We went in the back way & it was a bar. We had 7-Up & Rita was so worried we'd miss the train. But we didn't. Johnny put us on the train and we didn't get off until Phil. She met a jerk from Hazleton that pestered us. Then a sailor Joe Chapela came by she knew. He had us transferred 2 cars up where the soldier & he sat with us. Rita had the boys admire the doll. Named Beauty.

In Phila we got on the train & sat in the aisle.

In Baltimore we got a seat. Oh what a ride. Then we rode to the hotel. She got a swell box of candy too.


Mon[day]. Aug[ust] 28 [1944]

Hutchinson really kidded me today about the miners leaving their jobs. He is really swell.

Tues[day]. Aug[ust]. 29 [1944]

Saw Dragon Seed.

Wed[nesday]. Aug[ust]. 30 [1944]

I think I took today off, I mean afternoon. Went up to the depository. Eddie was up there too.

We saw the show "Bride By Mistake" with Loraine Day at the Earle and then sojourned to the Capital for "Sweet and Low Down" with Benny Goodman. Corny too. Horace Hiedt was very good. He had a blind guy that whistled by the name of Fred Lowery. Very good he was too.

Thurs[day] Aug[ust]. 31 [1944]

Drill today. More of a military duty now than before. We are honor platoon today. Curses too. So goes life.

Saturday Sept[ember]. 2 [1944]

Janet & I went to the movies tonite. Saw Casanova Brown at the Keith. Very good. Handy called her up & told her to have her hair cut. Miss Mehl saw it when we left the elevator.

Sun[day] Sept[ember] 3 [1944]

Today being Sun[day]. I barely ate. Rode out with Janet & had two burgers.

Then saw "Janie" & stood in line for half hour. Very funny too. "Earle."

Mon[day]. Aug[ust]. 4 [1944]

Being labor day Janet couldn't get her hair cut so Miss Mehl let her wait until Tues[day].

Tues[day]. Sept[ember] 5 [1944]         

Good old pay day. Hutch. Is letting me leave at noon Sat[urday]. Would let me leave at Fri[day] but impossible.

Wed[nesday]. Sept[ember]. 6 [1944]

That DuCourtenay (Red) dame is really a trial. She didn't come to work until noon & Coovette called her up. Barracks Command asked to see the temp[orary]. duty girls.

Lois Quick left as a telephone operator. Saw movie — Cap. Double Indemnity.

Thurs[day] Aug[ust] 7 [1944]

Put our shoes on top of bed today. wrote letters. Dad sent me $5. Now I can have a good time in N.Y. Yippee!

Fri[day]. Sept[ember] 8 [1944]

That Hutch is really funny. Felsen was in arguing with Smith & Schnell about 2599's. No where past Main. trains we are in the war for five yrs. Tough! We can't be.

Wrote 3 letters to Mrs. Henry, Florence & Grace. Must rite [sic] Penny too. Dot & Burb are still ever in Bremerton. Nila has baby boy Gary born in March- I think.

Hutch. is always talking about pulling people's arms off.

Spars are moving into the barracks now.

Sat[urday] Sept[ember]. 9 [1944]

It's been a year since I enlisted now. Hutch. said I could leave anytime. Cleared up the did folks first and then shoved off at 11:15. Got a taxi and ate a malt at station.

Had a seat on train and slept. Reached N.Y. at 4. The streets were so crowded. Walked into Saks at 34th and Macy's.

Went to two subways and then finally caught one to Brooklyn. Got off at end of line and landed at 21st & Flatbush. Asked someone if 1073 was very far. It is so took the trolley. Florence's mother let me in and we talked. Flors rushed a few minutes later and then we went out to shop. Walked over to Sears & I picked up a swell sweater- roser pink for $3.98. Sloppy Joe style.

We were gone 20 min[utes]. almost 6 then. Then back & we ate. Luscious chicken and then out to shop again the stores are open until 9:00. What did I do but buy another pair of shoes like my gabardine black ones. Also a red checkered bra- cotton.

Couldn't find any black chiffon pants.

Also some lipstick for just my shade of hair. Did I ever laff [sic] then.

Flo has a soldiers name to send a gift to. Bot [sic] paper & shaving set. We got back finally & the bed was up. I slept in her uncle's room again. She is leaving Wed[nesday]. for Cadet Nursing.

I slept till 9:30 & then arose. Mrs. Johansson gave me a robe to parade around in- on account of the men.

Sun[day]. Sept[ember]. 10 [1944]

We read the papers in bed. Flo wore a white middy with long sleeves and blue skirt- for biking. I had my shorts tho [sic]. I wore her raincoat.

We rented them for 2 h[ou]rs. Then we went. Once I went down one block & she another & I lost track of her. Rode all around the cemetery and then riding towards Flatbush I met her. She had ridden home and left her coat as it was greasy. She is rather shaky on a bike. Took some pictures on some peoples lawn we didna kno [sic].

Boy she is too fat.

It was almost two when we got home. As her folks were out and she had forgotten the key we went into Weingast's home. The younger daughter Selma does not look jewish but Charlotte does. Flo tried climbing out the window but the windows above were locked.

Her mother returned from shopping but it was too late for show. We had a sandwich & then dressed. Flo has a black, white dotted dress that is cute.

She put on her red coat & we walked over to Ocean Ave. & took more pictures I didn't wear my hat squared at all. Then the girls started arriving about 5:00. There were 9 of us. Rita Jacobs didn't come. Doris Eskeland, Grace Murchie and Flo are all going to the Prospect Heights Hospital. A Jew named Ellen is in a jewish hosp. already. Virginia Buffington, Selma Wiengast, Muriel Champa, Johanna Wolfangel were also there.

Johanna left first & the rest shoved off around ten. So did I. Ellen walked me down to the subway & I caught the train for Times Square only it said Manhattan. So when it reached 34 St[reet]. I stopped & I was right by the Penn. Hotel. So it being 11 I went to station.

Couldn't find any pennants. Caught the 11:30 train & was on the tracks before it got there. Had a seat & slept soundly.

Mon[day] Sept[ember]. 11 [1944]

Reached D.C. at 4:00 & took till 4:30 for a cab. Arrived at hotel finally & had a letter from Pat and Florence in Penn. So went to bed. No more spread but have a blanket now. Saw on bulletin board about a house meeting on Tues. at 9:00. Had a little sleep. Told them at office & could have had morning off but took afternoon instead. Bot [sic] 3 mags & headed for home & bed. Rita woke me up on telephone & I really came awake at 7:30. So Janet & I adorned ourselves in slacks & rode to Silver Springs for hamburgers. Then back again. Couldn't take bath as Bobbie had cloes [sic] soaking.


Tues[day], Sept[ember] 12 [1944]

Andy sure sprung a choice one. Told Warren & I we looked an ideal couple, why not get married.

Ha-Ha. Had eggs at the Mayfair. The Miller trio is no more at the Neptune. Sure liked ‘em.

Had a lesson today. Did okay. Dorothy didn't come. And Mr. Meehan asked me if I ever had any trouble with my monthly sickness. I was surprised.

Had house meeting tonite. Coovette and Esther was not there. She was late.

Wed[nesday]. Sept[ember]. 13 [1944]

What a bore working gets to be.

The barracks command called up and wanted to know the temporary girls that worked there.

I gave them about six names. Guess they don't know.

We had a picnic lunch in the room. Cole slaw, buns, tator salad and bologna. Real good. The girls had put those Catholic books about "Sex Instruction" and "Facts on Marriage" on my pillow so to satisfy them I read them. Too much about the virgin Mary in them.

The girls washed their clothes out. I wrote a letter home.

Thurs[day]. Sept[ember] 14 [1944]

Walked to the drill field but no one there so assumed no drill. Am now reading "Congo Song." Over sophisticated civilization in counter point with tropic lust and savagery.

What was it Hutch pulled it today- Between 20 & 30- once a nite [sic] & morning- 30 to 40 once a night, 40 to 50 now and then or something similar.

Bought a pound of candy today. My dress was soaked yesterday.

That Hutch sure likes candy. Then I had a lesson. Told me it was on him.

He dreamt about me. Wasn't using enough breath. Now I have more breath.

Played for Dorothy. If I could tell you. Very pretty.

Fri[day] Sept[ember] 15 [1944]

Janet and I went to the Pix theatre to see "The Lady and the Monster" and "Blonde Captive." The picture was about a scientist who took a man's brain out of his dead body. The brain was kept in a tank and fed by blood. It possessed Richard Arlen to the extent he went to a prison where a man was supposed to have murdered his step father. Was Donovan's own son.

Anyway the brain was destroyed by Vera Hruba Ralston and Van Straheim killed by the house keeper.

"Blond Captive" was a white woman found in the lands of Australia or adjacent islands. She had been shipwrecked there, her husband drowned and a native had married her. He wore he step-ins. Very primitive lands.

Sat[urday]. Sept[ember] 16 [1944]

Got off at noon today. Warren told me to leave at 1:00 as I was busy dashing around there typing a lv. paper for Wyman.

Walked down to archives bldg and saw an exhibit there of the Bill of Rights with Wash[ington]. signature & saw Lincoln's signature.

And to the Capitol. Fell in behind some guided group. Anyway a fat man took us up some stairways that were 86 yrs old, and to the two houses. Saw Wallace's Chair. And met Coovette in the hotel & went up to her room where "Red" DuCourtenay was laying on the bed.

We discussed the office farce. And much to my amazement Connie Harlan has gone with one of the sailors.

Stopped down at 605 where Baker was on watch. Then down to the room. Bobbie and Rita were on week-end liberties. Slept in Rita's bed. Luscious.

Sun[day]. Sept[ember]. 17 [1944]

Ate the cookies Mom sent for breakfast. Painted some pictures and went out after 6:00 for food. Went & had a hamburger & brot [sic] back 2 for Esther, 2 for Baker & I and chicken for Alice.

Mon[day]. Sept[ember]. 18 [1944]

Hq [headquarters] really curdles me. Poulter is going to see a psychiatris very soon. Coovette & Red don't do any work. Got a perm at the National.

Tues[day]. Aug[ust] 19 [1944]

Borrowed a $1 from Rita to eat tomorrow.

Hutch is so funny. Office starts working from 4:30 to 6:30 extra now. I don't. Warren will have to be a supervisor for a while.

Jones is being married. Both Rita and Judy got perms at the National. Coincidence.

Wed[nesday]. Sept[ember]. 20 [1944]

CGC [Coast Guard] cutters Jackson and Bedloe have been sunk by hurricane. Some survivors. A few dead. Can find no record of Bob McIntyre dead or missing. Very peculiar. Military morale has not him too.

Get Sat[urday]. again.

Hutch came up to me with a caramel and said would you for  a penny. I said sure did he ever laugh. Then only with a pistol. So he asked Shaw to get a gun. Ha ha!

Judy and DuCourtenay are now absent with out leave. DuCourtenay was supposed to report to the barracks this morning.

Thurs[day] 9-21 [1944]

Today I had my lesson. An improving. Dot was sick. Met Andy at the May Fair. She had scotch and I had wine. Two officers sat next to us but they didn't want any chaperones.

Went to Lotus, I had chow mein & a sailor and soldier joined us. They paid for the dinner. Had picture taken with Andy. The soldier told me tales of the lepers down in the islands and had a bottle with him.

Andy met a captain she knew. I didn't want to join her so said goodbye to the soldier.

Couldn't get any waiter for the table so when Andy left I did too. a Navy Chief yeoman took me home. They had not eaten any dinner. Had a first class yeo with him. Andy didn't want to eat so took a cab home.

I went with the boys and he drove way out. They had chow mein. Me had egg sandwich. The sailor let us out & Bill took me home in his car.

No his, no runs, no errors.

Fri[day]. 9-22 [1944]

Was telling L[ieutenan]t. about it next day. Said the man was filling me full of lies. Tomorrow is the party.

Sat[urday]. 9-23 [1944]     

The rest are working till 6:30 but Andy & I left at 4:30. I had the afternoon off so left at 2:00 got some candy. Was going to see "Since You Went Away" with janet but rode up to the Capital & saw the Folger Shakes liberry.

As the show was too long when I got there at 2:30 I rode home & slept and finally reached the Tap Room at 7:00.

Andy was there with the girl from Officer Records who got me to dye my hair. She lost her husband recently.

Andy had 6 scotchs! Connie & Frannie & a civilian joined us. We moved to a larger table. I had rye & took the little btle it came in.

Clack came after seven & we rode out in a cab to Takoma.

Eddie met us with a car. We rode down a winding hill and there was the cabin.

Most were there but 3 sailors. Richelson was with Rita. Hedy and Dorothy was with Walt. Cecile and the clothing officer- Hoffman was there. Another Chief Gary & his wife. Chief Heater from 2210. He took me outside later but I wouldn't kiss him. He finally met a Spar who was afraid of him. Paris & George Pass, McNulty, Welsh were also there. Eddie's wife is rather cute too. Paris brot [sic] a record player and sometimes it went on the blink.

Danced a lot. Had baloney with bread, pickles and cheese. Would drink only soda as cant stand beer.

Heater drove us into town and stopped off for a drink of coffee. Me had chocolate.

I got in & Rita had Anna with her. Ruth was feeling hi. Anna stayed all night.

Sun[day] 9-24 [1944]

Anna & Rita left early. Tele rang at 7:30. Went to Solomons.

Slept rather late.

Then dressed and rode to Capital and heard the concert there. maine band. Very good. Had a better look at the Folger library. Took a few pictures. Rode back to town & had a chicken dinner.

Back home & read a bit.

Tues[day]. 9-26 [1944]

A new girl Norma joined our group today. She can go very high. Has sung in duets with her sister. She is 19 & sister 18. Our voices are all different. He doesn't know what I can do yet. My voice has to be 3 times stronger.

Wed[nesday] 9-27 [1944]

Hutch. mentioned taking the day off so it was 2 so I did.

Went to the Palace "Since You Went Away." Just love that song "Together."

Congo Song is sure queer. Always talking about women.

Seems as if the Spars will only have Alaska and South Sea Islands — Hawaii.

Thurs[day]. 9-28 [1944]

Warren makes me laugh. I do wonder if he would like to date me. Jones was given a lovely overnite bag. Left on lv today.

Fri[day] 9-29 [1944]

Had lunch with Andy. She just had a drink but me had peach shortcake & chicken salad sandwich.

Bot [sic] a pd of 77 candies. Hutch calmly informed I was polishing the apple.

Betty Tontenat was sitting next to us.

Talked to Charlotte in the ded files & she said Spars would have to sign up for 18 months. It would be voluntary too.

Saw "Arsenic & Old Lace" with Raymond Massey and P. Lane. Earle theatre. The Roxyettes did a cute dance on big red rubber balls.

Sat[urday]. Sept[ember] 30 [1944]

Well tonite [sic] is the nite [sic] of the party for Rose. Went over to the barracks with Andy.

Saw her cute little room. Alda was away on lv. Then she took her slacks and we went to the lobby. I stopped & read the bulletin board and couldn't find Andy.

Finally she came out of the dorm with Kay. Then as we went out with the door Miss Lawrence rapped on the window. Andy flipped her cig[arette] in the streets but Kay's hat was not on strait [sic] so Miss Anderson came after her.

We caught a taxi & repaired to the Sheraton hotel. We couldn't have a room till 6:30 so to the bar we went. Then Kay and I were hungry so we went to the cafeteria and ate. Frances and Andy sat & drank.

When we got back we learned Clack had come with the liquor. He left it in a chair. Kay called the office but could get no response. A Lt. Comdr. [Lieutenant Commander] in the Canadian Navy joined us. Andy espied him first. He was living at the hotel, so he came up to the room which we finally got in by 6:30. Kay & I started up & forgot to get a key so the bell boy finally came. A lovely room with two beds. We couldn't get 2 rooms. Andy put on her slacks & we were in the bathroom when Kay yelled Andy. Lo and behold Hutchinson & Smith were there. Of course the bottles were opened.

I had two glasses.

Andy began feeling very good quickly and soon went over & sat on Smith's lap. Well was I surprised. He is rather gooney.

In fact all the girls had on slacks. They were staying all nite [sic]- four were. Anyway soon Connie came. Dot came first & was peeved cause the liquor was opened before the boys came. Fanny got rather sick but went to sleep for awhile & soon was all right.

Dot & some George & others went out to get some food. Clack came. Cheese & crackers. Hutch was on the bed and finally I laid there too. he fed me too. I happened to mention I wished I didn't have my skirt on. And he said that makes two of us. Surprising man. Then the boys came in. Leisenfelder, McNulty & Kuiphaff. Dick was first & when he saw H. & I on the bed he turns around. Funny!

Soon they were all neckin. Pretty good clinches too. Smith sure got off some good cracks. His eyes got red too. Kay ended up pretty sick. Curly & Rose got in an argument too. The boys got disgusted. Both like Paul. Rose showed H. & I her kid's pictures.

Then John & Andy left the room so H. and I followed them up to his. Two officers came down the hall and Andy went up to them and kissed one.

Boy was she tight.

Andy & John left us alone in the room. I was at the foot of the bed so H told me to come up. I was afraid but I did. Then out went the light. So I said we had better go. His hand you know. Then on went the light. Couldn't find any souvenir. Looked in a little box on the stand there and there were little envelopes there. Ramses of Egypt was there. The name I mean. The words were on the envelopes. Still am wondering what is.

Back we went. Andy changed to a skirt as the Comdr & her were going to dance. This was after ten. I didn't kiss anyone. One of the girls told H. & Smith to go. Lee I think did.

Clack was on the bed & there was room on the left so I sat with my feet dangling over. Andy came over & sat down & made John wait. Andy leaned over & kissed Clack & then looked at him. Down & up she went.

I watched her face.

Clack ran his hand lightly over sides of my face. Wonderful.

Andy left then. Clack asked me if I was ready to go. I was so he walked me home.

He told me I seemed different than the other girls. Imagine.

He told me to stay as I was sweet.

And so the end of a perfect day.

Sun[day]. Oct[ober]. 1 [1944]

Met Andy at the Lotus for dinner.

Oct[ober]. 5 [1944]

Went on a hayride tonite. Promised Janet so couldn't back out.

Rode up to Bettys house. Wandered around awhile before I found it tho [sic].

There was a cute sailor there named Jimmy Epps. There were 11 of us & 4 men. Dot, June, Mrs. Lenhart, Thornton, Pat, Jimmy, Me, Mary Louise, Betty, Shorty.

The truck was driven by a negro who came back at 11:30 for us.

June didn't get an overnite [sic] pass so we had to be back. She and Jimmy were shooting craps out in the streets.

The fire wouldn't work as the wood was green. So we had roasted weinies, potato salad & pickles. Jimmy had a bottle along.

Janet had one hot dog and beer. I swang quite a bit. We were by a water fall which was quite misty. My hair fell down.

Janet began to feel pretty good. Everyone had a swig out of Jimmy's bottle.

Then in the wagon June went to sleep for awhile and then she began throwing hay.

I got it in my hair. We threw the potatoe [sic] salad out and a bottle. Then when we let June out & back Janet began acting strangely. She could hardly stand up afterwards. Mary and I each took an arm and dragged her over to Thornton's car.

Pat was along. We couldn't get her to sit up, so Mrs. Lenhart and I sat in the back with Pat and the food while Shorty sat in front. Pat was surprised to see Thornton driving. He thot [sic] we were in a cab. Then the boys took Janet up while I put the food in the house. Janet was talking about George and we had to get her clothes off with no help from her.

I slept with Betty Jenkins, her daughter.

Got up & left for the hotel before seven.

Had to transfer twice. Janet couldn't be awakened so we let her sleep. She was teased quite a bit about it too.

I sure like that Clack guy.

Sat[urday]. Oct[ober]. 7 [1944]

I had told Thornton I would go with his buddy so Janet & I did. Ray didn't dance so we rode over to Maryland then.

Sun[day]. Oct[ober]. 8 [1944]

Stayed in the hotel today. Rita has a rate now. Mess Barracks are opening soon.

Anxious to see N.Y.

Oct[ober]. 11 Wed[nesday] [1944]

Ate & went up to the Lenhart's. Of course I had dinner again. Didn't let them know I had eaten tho [sic].

Betty's hair is beautiful. So long.

Chyla, the niece, came over. I was going to have my skirt shortened but her sister had gone to a meeting & Mrs. Lenhart had forgotten.

We finally left. We move next Tues[day]. Rita and I are in Room 222. Janet & Lane in 220, near us. Am glad it is Harriett Lane Hall.

Oct[ober]. 12 Thurs[day]. [1944]

Had drill today and lunch with L[ieutenan]t. Rice, friend of the boss. A snazzy car too. we drove over to H's house & Selma came along. Had a drink. We rode out past the soldier's home & Silver Spring Maryland to Mrs. K's Toll House Tavern.

He had reserved a table. The food was delicious. One a hill & furnished in a colonial mood I think I made an impression as he told me he would see me real soon.

And it seems instead of the Victoria Hotel we will be at the Martinique the same as he so Andy and I will see something after all.

Got to work after two. Sure like that Clack. Wouldn't do to let him know that tho.

Warren probably thinks I am silly. Well, I am.

Oct[ober]. 13 Fri[day] [1944]

Well had my skirt shortened by Mrs. Marth.

Ate at Mrs. Lenharts again and we rode down to her sisters. Talked for over an hour & when Mrs. Lenhart mentioned we were going to the show, we finally saw action. Then rode to the York theatre & saw Karloff in "The Walking Dead."

Oct[ober]. 14 Sat[urday]. [1944]

I didn't get the muster roll typed this afternoon so stayed after work to do it. Clack goes on night duty starting Monday. Went out & bot [sic] a box of candy too.

Arthur Williams was talking to me & then Clack came in was I thrilled.

He won a championship in New York for wrestling last year.

Vital statistics- Unmarried. Born June 30, 1913, in Appleton, Wisconsin.



Went back to the hotel and washed.

Sun[day], Oct[ober]. 15 [1944]

Went to see "Summer Storm" with George Sanders. Could I go for him. No Errol is my man.

A soldier began talking to me from Baltimore and went out with me. Bot [sic] me Janet's hamburgers and an orange-ade.

I wouldn't give him my address so he went away. Nice but rather short.

Just a pick-up but has a car

Packed some & wrote in there. Good bye.

Monday Oct[ober]. 16 [1944]

Moved tonite. Rita went out. I packed my shoes. Put the hangers in Janet's empty suitcase. Took a bath & so to bed. Cardell came around & inspected.

Bobbie went with Curt. She made him wait for her.

Tuesday Oct[ober]. 17 [1944]

Arose at 5:30. At 6:30 the elevator hadn't come for our suitcases so we toted them down to the lobby. Checked out with Handy.

Bobbie took her teddy bear & Rita, we all ate at Chinese Blossom restaurant.

Goodbye Martinique Hello Harriet Lane.

Rita & I ate alt the Penn drugstore and to barracks.

Suitcases were in room. We were unpacked by 7:00. Fast we are.

Our closets were lock. We have wash bowls & toilet in same room. Five shower stalls and a laundry room. We put our suitcases above the closets.

Wed[nesday]., Oct[ober]. 18 [1944]

Stayed very late tonite & worked on the USS Leopold men. Such a lot of them. Looked up the address cards. Ate at the Penn drugstore & met Hutch and wife. He had been inspecting the office.

That Clack sure fascinates me.

Thurs[day]. Oct[ober]. 19 [1944]

Sure hope the reservations are all right. Wish we could stay at the Commodore.

Didn't have mess ticket so no food.

Rec. the money from home just in time. Finally, got the card tho.

Fri[day]. Oct[ober] 20 [1944]

Had watch duty from 4-6.

Great day.

Wish H. could could [sic] come up.

Andy & I ate over at the (?).

Talked to a marine next table & he bot [sic] her a drink. Two Army captains were waiting for us. She finally after much persuasion inveigled Bill Fenner to N.Y. with us. Sam didn't want to.

At the station Bill bot [sic] him a ticket. Slept on train a mite.

We went to Penn Hotel after the Martinique & we went to cocktails while they shaved. Andy & Bill joined the civilians next table & we, (Sam & me) got in too.

Went Mr. Brown asked if we wanted to see the ice show I let out a drawn out ooooooh. At the Biltmore Hotel in a cab. Andy had kissing spree with Sam in cab.

Enoch Light & ark was playing. Joan Hyldaft was the featured skater. Beautiful.

Danced a lot with Herb Smith. Nice guy.

We went up to the civilian woman's (Agnes Kline) after wards. Had room in hotel. Sam left on 3:50 train. I went to bed. Andy brot [sic] Bill up as they missed the train so he went to bed with her with cloes [sic] on.

Sat[urday] Oct[ober]. 21 [1944]

Had breakfast in bed. Yum Yum. Called up L[ieutenan]t. Rice he was out. We finally got out about 3 & shopped. Bot [sic] 2 charms & a pigtailed girl pin. Went to Gimbals & Macy's.

Went to the Penn. Called Lt. Rice a lot of times but no go. Went back to hotel & laid down for a nap & fell asleep. I wake after 1:00 so rose & undressed.

What a waste.

Sun[day]. Oct[ober] 22 [1944]

Finally called L[ieutenan]t. Rice. Said he would call when he got dressed. He never did. We finally dressed & went out.

Visited the Empire State building. L[ieutenan]t. Caine called & we went over there to his room in Commodore. A lot of officers were at the next table.

A Dr. Ott joined us later. Jewish for very certain.

I went & talked to the officers. Just back from overseas & very interesting.

Andy began to be insulting & left to join some Army officers near bye. Had a lot of fun talking with Joe. Sure like him. The Commodore bar is wonderful.

Got a lot of those cute little spoons.

We left & I went up with L[ieutenan]t. Caine.

He tried to make love to me but I demurred. So- we discussed it. He told me I was better looking than Andy. Didn't want to see her influence me. Ha!

Met Andy on the steps outside. Got a peek at Vaughn Monroe. The Dr. (Army) got us a cab & when we reached the hotel Andy called up Vaughn Monroe but he had gone. Also Caine & called him a jew. He would not affirm it.

Mon[day]. Oct[ober] 23 [1944]

Arose earlier. The bathtub felt wonderful.

The hotel is rather old. Then we tried to extend our reservation. No go. So we checked our bags at the Commo [?]. & on to the station to Travelers Aid. Checked at the Astor but no reservations. Then we were directed to the Womens Reserve.

Left Andy at Commo [?] bar & heed myself to the Club.

Went thru Sacks & bot [sic] a pr of shoes (non rationed) with rape soles. Dyed them with shoe polish.

Back again. She was feeling no pain by this time so she snagged 2 Army lts. & off to the Astor.

She started flitting around the bart so they left. I finally went to the bar & got the checks from her, ate went to Commo. & drove to the Club. Well then I walked down to the Times Square & started looking for the Rivoli.  A Mer. Mar. walked me then & ended by taking me to "Frenchman's Creek." He bot [sic] me ham ‘n eggs & a malt. No word from Andy.

Tues[day] Oct[ober] 24 [1944]

Met a Wac here & we went & had breakfast together. Older than I & we passed the Radio City Music Hall. Then walked to 99 Park Avenue got free tickets & rode back.

Mrs. Parkington was playing with Garson & Pidgeon.

The Rockettes were wonderful.

Then we ate & went to the Commo bar where a civilian friend from home town met her. I left them outside & after stopping at a Cosmetric stare, foolish Spar, hied self to Times Square & to "Kismet." Very good. Got in at 2:00.

Those bunks weren't any too pleasant.

Wed[nesday]. Oct[ober]. 25 [1944]

Well we did manage to go thru the Rockefeller Center & take a siteseeing trip. Would I love to ice skate there. You said it.

Anyway we had to walk. First by subway to Wall St to Sub- treasury bldg & by subway to Chinatown. Very interesting. Went thru Italian section, ghetto & the second hand clothing stores.

We rode back & I left her at the station. Jane Murphy by name.

Being Frank Sinatra on person. I ate a snack & went to Paramount. "Our Hearts Were Young & Gay" with Lynn & Russell was playing.

Frank is wonderful. The girls really screamed too.

Took the 9:30 train back. Oh & I got sick in the taxi. Fortunately no-on noticed it. I logged in at Escanaba took Andy's suitcase to her room.

Thurs[day]. Oct[ober] 26 [1944]

Well I slept till ten, dressed & went over with Andy. She got the afternoon off but I didn't.

Sun[day]. Oct[ober] 29 [1944]

Stayed in all day. Dressed & ate at barracks. Good food tho [sic].

Monday Oct[ober] 30 [1944]

Saw Conspirators at Earle Theatre.

Wed[nesday]. Nov[ember] 1 [1944]

Saw "Barbary Coast Gent" with Beery at the Capital. Oh yes Epps did not call for me on Friday. Thurs[day] first lesson since leave. 11-2

Sat[urday] Nov[ember] 4 [1944]

Payday & I stayed home to do my hair. Left it on too long tho [sic]. Ha ha! Read the black book detective. Got Sanders "Crime On My Hands." Seems to be good too.

Well so goes it.

Sun[day]. Nov[ember]. 5 [1944]

Stayed in again.

Rita at Ruth Huggins. Janet & I went out at 8:00 & ate at Fords in slacks. We got away with it too.

Mon[day]. Nov[ember] 6 [1944]

Monotony. Looks like Roosevelt will get it. Saw Young & Lodd in "And Now Tomorrow."

Tues[day] Nov[ember] 7 [1944]

Election today. Of course Roosevelt.

Wed[nesday]. Nov[ember] 8 [1944]

Andy went awol tonite [sic]. H. brought me box of Martha Wash candies (Mother of American Candies).

What a discussion we had. Warren said "Cant we ever talk about something else." "But I can't think of a more interesting subj." I howled.

Dolen is awol.

Good lunch again too. Cheese, baloney, tomatoes, egg, & celery with potatoe, onion & bacon soup.

Rita went to Navy dance tonite.

Gbye [Goodbye]

Thurs[day] Nov[ember] 9 [1944]

Had a lesson tonite. Getting better all the time. That Mr. Carr is quite a character. June is wonderful.

Fri[day] Nov[ember]. 10 [1944]

Saw Lana Turner and John Hadick in "Marriage is a Private Affair." Very very good. Scrumptious in fact.

Sat[urday]. Nov[ember]. 11 [1944]

Saw two movies tonite [sic]. Both Warren and — had the afternoon off. Went to Palace for "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" and Capitol for "Till We Meet Again" with Milland and Britton.

What a waste for a Sat[urday]. night. Tough.

Sun[day]. Nov[ember]. 12 [1944]

Wasted the day in as usual. Did some washing too.

Nov[ember]. 13 Mon[day]. [1944]

Lesson again. Very good too. Mr. Meeham thinks so anyway. My career is established.

Nov[ember]. 14 Tues[day]. [1944]

Rita is going on lv very soon. Lucky girl. Home and Chicago too.

Nov[ember]. 15 Wed[nesday]. [1944]

Wake up very early feeling like regurgitatin' [sic]. So I did. I knew it was around 5:00 & by 6:30 I felt lousy. Went over to sick bay with Bobbie at 7:30 & back again at 8:00. Sat for 2 h[ou]rs & then our tem[perature] was taken. Then by 10:30 I called up the barracks. Couldn't get the office so called the 4314 & told Curly. Saw Andy over there & she came out to answer the phone. Rather pale looking she was. Stayed in bed all day & only dressed to eat.

Nov[ember]. 16 Thurs[day]. [1944]

Went to work today but didn't look good. Tough. Hutch noticed it tho [sic].

Nov[ember]. 17 Friday [1944]

As "American Romance" was playing I didn't go. Imagine me not wanted to see a show. Rita on lv this morning.

Nov[ember] 18 Sat[urday]. [1944]

Met Janet on the way out at nite [sic] & we both went to see "Rainbow Island" with Lamour at the Earle.

Janet went up to the dance hall but I didn't look in. now interest of course.

Nov[ember]. 19 Sun[day]. [1944]

I stayed in until around 6:00. Went over and ate and then took my music preparatory to going to studies. Met Bossen & Moore at car tracks & we tried to see the Pirates of Penzance. No luck. So then to the Art Gallery. I left then for the Dept. of agriculture to see festival of Chaplin pictures. The girls didn't want to go so I went alone. Simply wonderful.

Wed[nesday]. Nov[ember]. 22 [1944]

Out saw "Dead End." Went to the library to get Capt. Blood. Couldn't find. That Steinbeck book is very odd. Thrive on that [indecipherable].

Yvonne wants me to come to Milwaukee on Xmas lv. Cant tho [sic].

Thurs[day]. Nov[ember]. 23 [1944]

Today is the Spars 2nd birthday. Had the afternoon off. Saw Perry Como in person on the Capitol stage. He was very good. Show was "Maisie Goes to Reno."

I got a box from home. Ritz crackers, bottle of cheese, box of Pabstett, a blue bed jacket and cookies.

We had turkey, squash, sweet potatoes and it was delish. Individual cupcakes with 2 candles there on & meringue frosting.

A photog[rapher] came in and took a picture of the cake with Miss Lawrence and Spars. A picture appeared in the Post but I didn't get it. Tough!

Had seen the picture so didn't go.

Fri[day]. Nov[ember]. 24 [1944]

Went & met Janet & civilian friend Dolores and we went to show "Rainbow Island at the Earle. We ate afterwards.

Sat[urday]. Nov[ember]. 25 [1944]

Stayed home & worked on course & listened to radio.

Sun[day]. Nov[ember]. 26 [1944]

Sally & I went to the workshop and saw part of a Pearl White Serial and Douglas Fairbanis and Elizabeth Bergner in "Catherine the Great. It wasn't very long.

Went to her place afterwards and had hot chocolate.

Wed[nesday]. Nov[ember] 29 [1944]

Well tonite [sic] I went and practiced at Mr. Meehans for an hour.

I got out after 8 and went to the Keith to see "The Climax." Such a wonderful voice she has. Indubitably so.

Thurs[day] Nov[ember] 30 [1944]

Rita came in this morning. Well it is Bennie's baby. I knew it. I don't think she will ever tell her husband, not if she wants to keep him. I wish Hutch would stop corrupting my morals.

Fri[day] Dec[ember] 1 [1944]

Couldn't work on Institute as forgot to bring my book. Oh curses. Well the show was "The Very That of You" and I didn't go. Read "Congo Doctor." Oh-la-la. Rita did most of the cleaning. Well she did.

Sat[urday] Dec[ember] 2 [1944]

Warren had the afternoon off. I felt in a rather despondent mood. I said he could have it so after I came back he went. Sometimes I shudder to think of what he has told he has seen. Ye gods. I've learned a lot but it ain't good.

Went to Pix for "White Zombie" and "The Black Doll." Woo Woo. I remember seeing the zombie away back years ago.

Had a chicken dinner.

Sun[day] Dec[ember] 3 [1944]

Slept very late. Arose and ate chicken .

Rita & I ate with a telephone operator. Well I heard Frankie on the hit parade.

Went over to Sally's apartment. Oh yes Ruth Hudgins sister was here visiting Audrey Radford last night.

Left after 4 and wrote in this then went over and we ate together. Then back & wrote some letters.

Sally and I went and saw John Gilbert in "The Big Parade." We came over at 8:20 and gave the man a dollar. He gave us a card and we went in. then the show had already started. It was very good. When he came home minus a leg it was heart-rending. Back to Escanola and we drank hot chocolate.

Mon[day] Dec[ember] 4 [1944]

Since I forgot my assignment lessons I had to stay in tonite [sic] and work on it. The movie was "The Very Thought of You" with Dennis Morgan. Coming to the Earle. The course should be in now.

Tues[day] Dec[ember] 5 [1944]

Payday and only $36 dollars. Went with Janet and Millie to the Keith's for "Tall In the Saddle." Then worked on my course again.

Wed[nesday] Dec[ember] 6 [1944]

Am handing in the course tomorrow. Probably will be too late. Tough!

So goes it. Rita went to a dance tonite [sic]. It was good to be alone.

Thurs[day] Dec[ember] 7 [1944]

Mr. Meehan's door was locked so I waited for 10 minutes & left. Then I ate at Fords and shopped. Just bot [sic] a woodburning set for Darlene. I didn't want to wait to get it wrapped so left.

The list was posted for 64's. I got one for N. Years.

Handed course in at noon. Too late I betcha [sic].

Fri[day] Dec[ember] 8 [1944]

I got the afternoon off today. Mr. Shaw brot [sic] me the book Evangeline yestiddy. Never read it before. Finished it before 4:30. Bot [sic] 2 presents. A box of candy for parents & some bath salts for Arme.

Oh yes got a library card for the Three Musgeteers [sic]. Mr. Show doesn't approve of Congo Doctor. Mailed the pkges too. Rained a lot.

Rita cleaned up after I left to see Bob hope in "Princess and Pirate." I waxed the floor.

Sat[urday]. Dec[ember] 9 [1944]

Hutchinson found out that I didn't got my pass. Tough! Warren got the afternoon off.

I stayed in tonite & washed hair & cloes [sic]. I can't take the test. So I asked Miss Murray. Course in too late. Rita went to dance.

Sun[day] Dec[ember] 10 [1944]

Ships Store closed tomorrow. Bot [sic] cheese & pkg [package] of Dermetics for Mom. Watch is coming soon.

Bobbie & Janet moved their bunk against the winds.

Opened the weenies & heated them while Janet made postern. Rita joined us in Janet's room & they actually talked.

Tomorrow is the test.

Sally and I saw the French picture. "They Were Five" with Jean Gavin. It was fairly good.

Dec[ember]. 11 [1944]

Well I didn't tell him I couldn't take the test. I asked him about Eleanor and he said it was okay for her to take Sp X3c [?]. Then I saw her later and she had talked to him early that morning.

He asked me at noon why I didn't tell him. He went to Miss Meyer, but I know she won't help.

The show was "Meet Me in St. Louis" with Judy Garland. I take my lessons at noon now. No disturbances.

Friday it is "Frenchman's Creek"

Dec[ember]. 14 [1944]

Went shopping with Sally. Have the cutest pair of green skating shorts in back(?).

Saw "Tall in the Saddle" with John Wayne the 12th I think. What's the diff.

Dec[ember] 16 [1944]

Stayed in washed and read "3 Mus."

Dec[ember] 17 [1944]

Practiced on the piano & went with Willie to see the workshop's "The Man Who Could Work Miracles." An English picture so rather odd of course. Sally came in after it started. She didn't care too much for it.

Hutch did something to his foot Friday nite [sic] and wasn't at work on Sat.

I've borrowed $20 from Warren. Isn't that awful. And I haven't paid Mr. Meehan since the 15th. Ain't I awful.

Dec[ember] 18 [1944]

Ministry of Fear

Dec[ember] 22 [1944]

Dough girls

Fri[day]. Dec[ember] 22 [1944]

I showed Warren my pictures & I noticed he kissed it. I wonder what's wrong with the man. Mrs. H called & his foot swelled up so he can't put his shoe on so he won't be in. Mr. Shaw will be gone too. Oh goody.

Sat[urday] Dec[ember] 23 [1944]

Office party. I had 2 shots. Felt very good. Eddie got me one & then kissed me. He found out I hadn't kissed Warren & took me in the room. And Warren kissed me. He had a cigarette in his mouth & when we came in the room he said What's going on here- "And up and kissed me."

Once we were alone and he did it again. He asked me why don't we get together and I said I can't. I'm a man hater. But not very convincingly.

Went for a few seconds to Capt. Zoale's office. And Clack came in the office with mistletoe. What a thrill.

Andy is still in the hospital. By the time I reached the barracks, no more "drunk" feeling.

Had cards from Della and Grandma & Thelma $1 & $10 lucky me. Happy me. Went over & saw Sally.

Sun[day] Dec[ember]. 24 [1944]

Slept late. Visited Willie. Sang at 8:30 in the truck. Went over to Escanaba & there were 26 of us. Sang for Waesche. He invited us in & we had eggnog and fruit cake. Anyway then some Spars & I looked in his den. He had a picture of Frank Knox and Pres Roosevelt both signed. Then to Stratton & she invited us in. Sang for Canadian Wacs & L[ieutenan]t. Lawrence invited us in.

Then back and to midnite [sic] mass. Left at 1:40 & so to bed.

Christmas Dec[ember]. 25 [1944]

Opened packages two pr pajamas, 2 b[o]xes writing paper, carton of cheese & cookies, 2 socks & soap.

Ate down in the lounge.

Visited Willie & we went over to the Smithsonian Institute or was that Sunday.

Went & practiced and saw "Thin Man Goes Home."

And so Merry Christmas.

Tues[day] Dec[ember]. 26 [1944]

Rita came home & was very tired. I got the afternoon off & had a lesson. Rita went to bed early so I did too. Later got up & took a bath.

Thurs[day] Dec[ember]. 28 [1944]

Saw "Sign Of the Cross" with Colbert, March & Landi. Very good.

Dec[ember] 30, Sat[urday]. [1944]

I went shopping. Have a new compact and was over at Sally's. Helen came over & we all went on a blind date. The guys were jerks. 5 of us. Really 6 but 1 guy left.

Went to the [drawing of knife] and [drawing of fork] restaurant drank and up to the Navy dance. Filled to capacity so rode out to Conn[ecticut]. Ave into a dump the Tap Rounder & finally back.

Sun[day] Dec[ember]. 31 [1944]

Practiced awhile. Washed & at 9:00 went with Janet to "Winged Victory."

Over after 11 & we had a midnite [sic] snack in the lounge. That's how I spent N[ew]. Years Eve. Rita had a date with a midshipman.