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Diary of Jenice M. Klee, 1943

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Creator: Jenice M. Klee

Biographical Info: Jenice M. Klee served in the SPARs from 1943-1946.

Collection: Jenice M. Klee Diary

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Sept[ember] 27, 1943

This is the last day for me as a civilian in Seattle. Heard my program for the last time for many a day. I really can't believe I'm really a Spar. This can't be happening to me. Well it is.

Went downtown and finished shopping. Saw Josie and Anne for the final goodbye. They're giving me some stationary with my name on it. I'll sure miss her. She went skating and her father drove me to 3rd Ave.

The Hayes and Louise Cramer came over to bid me adieux and I was the proud percipient of a box of lozenges. Around nine Mildred called and I walked down and met her. She gave me a beautiful box of blue stationary Airmail weight. Then we walked to the Woodland Creamery and had a sundae. Walked her home and finished packing.

Tuesday Sept[ember] 28 [1943]

I really dashed this morning. Had to be down at the Alaska building by 9. Dad rode my bags to the station with Mother while I went to the Alaska Bldg. Lo and behold Thelma Olsen was there. Virginia Schmidt told me about her. I went on to Cameron and Co. and said goodbye to them. We left there at 11 and in the market I telephoned Doris. Verna informed me she was still abed so, knowing she would never be able to make it by traintime.

Mother gave me a gardenia to wear and we stopped by for a hamburger which made me 15 min. late. We had to wear an arm band with the SPAR on it until she became familiar with our faces. Our chaperone is Miss Roberts Sec[ond]. Class Yeoman. I almost broke down at the station but managed not to. (Must make a note of it to conductor. This locomotive sways too much.) They can't do this to me. We all marched in single file to the train and entered the third coach down. No one was allowed beyond the gates. A sailor took our picture of the girls on the steps waving goodbye. Then on the train and away. Left at 12:30. Straight thru [sic] to Portland and then to Eastern Ore.

My partner is Lois McCaw. Her husband is getting a divorce. She told me a lot about herself. She lost her baby at 2 mo[nths]. Worked at the depot for a year. Since her husband worked for Boeing-Pan American [airlines] he fell for somebody else. Tough.

Slept in the upper berth and froze. Lois had the blind over the open window but it wasn't enough. A grand bunch of girls. Rita and Margaret are very nice.

Wed[nesday]. Sept[ember]. 29 [1943]

Breakfast at the ungodly hour of 7:30 so I was up by 7. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, fried potatoes and buns. Also took my orange.

Have passed thru [sic] Ontario, Nyssa, and Caldwell, Idaho. Then we skip to Pocatello and thru to Kansas City and Missouri.

Dinner was at 6:30 yesterday so it was well I had that hamburger.

Nothing but barren brown hills and sagebrush.

No Denver, Colorado. Stopped at Glenn Ferry, Idaho and was able to get off the train for half an hour. The soldiers were already off and that certain one that had talked to me this morning was outside my window. He would meet me outside. A horrible little town. We had a cake in the local grocery store. Barely finished mine. Most of the girls had already gone so out I come and here was 4 soldiers including that certain one.

He asked me for a bite from my apple and then I dashed off saying we stuck together. They think Miss Roberts is mean cause we can't talk to them on the train.

The town is only one street with a crummy theatre. We would walk by the sailors and soldiers and they shouted "You'll be sorry".

We sat down in the shade of the trees and then got on the train. As I leaned my head out the window some sailors and soldiers came up and talked to me. Very amusing. One started a spiel about going home for 7 days and the soldier gave his name to Thelma.

For dinner we had fried chicken with gravy. (On 2nd thought it was stewed) That soldier from Tennessee eyed the empty chair at our table and sure enough sat down opposite me. Mell later told me he wanted my name but she didn't know it.

My name wouldn't have done him any good to know. We donated some candy to the boys. I wish this soot would stop coming thru [sic]. Wrote letters.

I got to sleep in the lower tonite [sic]. We changed to No. 5 opposite Thelma and Irene. I peeked out at nite [sic] at the towns we stopped at.

Had a nice long chat with D.D. in her berth. Her girl friend didn't have much to say. Her boy friend came down on the transport from Alaska with the Army nurses who are pregnant. They would tell the sailors how it happened.

That's what that sailor meant when he told me not to join.

(Now I know why people don't want to travel if they don't have to.) About half of the girls smoke. Luckily we can open the windows. And so to bed.

Thurs[day] Sept[ember] 30 [1943]

Third day on train. Got up later and didn't have time to comb hair before breakfast. Eat in bedroom slippers. Went to sleep after breakfast, what with The Curse I feel terrible. Seems nice to send free mail. The conductor told me I looked lonesome what with no one opposite me. What's up, Doc.

Am now in Wyoming. Green River horrible town. Stopped at Cheyenne and just walked around in the station.

The new girl came on at Dennis Colorado. She is married and goes by Margaret MacDonald. Lois is in Mell Glenns compartment now as she spends most of her time over there. Margaret will sleep in the upper.

We were in Denver for over an hour and couldn't leave the train. Soldiers came up and we talked to them. Put a blanket around me and looked out the open window for awhile.

Fri[day] Oct[ober] 1 [1943]

We are now in Kansas. Mush for breakfast again, and eggs & potatoes. The porter didn't make up No. 5, 7, 9, & 11 bunks. Some of the girls having taken ex-lax didn't feel so well. Neither did I but not that reason. Gee men are lucky.

Stopped in Kansas City and their station is much prettier than Seattle's. Bought some violet perfume, (we're stopping) a little tom tom made by Indians and a copper totem pole book mark. May send them to Joe. Also some hand lotion. A M.P. came up and we marched downstairs in the station where some tables were set up and had dinner at 4:00! Some soldiers sat opposite. Very good to have men opposite us again.

Slept a lot today. some U.S.O. [United Service Organizations] women gave us some doughnuts at a stop here. We didn't get to see the Miss. River, passed at nite [sic].

Gradually getting rid of the cookies. I could give my life for one of these—(drawing of a hamburger). Need I rite [sic] more? Happy am I, I'm always happy, happy am I, I'm always gay—oh yeah.

Sat[urday]. Oct[ober]. 2 [1943]

Had breakfast in St. Louis [Missouri]. We stayed all nite [sic] here. In the station we ate. The berths on the other side were left as beds this time Nos. 6, 10, and 12. Went to sleep in Thelma's upper berth. Lunch was in Evansville, Ken[tucky]. Roast beef for lunch at last. Wrote 2 letters. Bought Cecil Brown's story "Suez to Singapore" for $1.49.

The negroes live in squalid hovels. Not very far from train tracks either. And white people. At one particular station some little boys were selling popcorn and sandwiches and I fell for it.

Well— when I opened what was purported to be chicken salad and found that horrible conglomerate baloney. Was I perturbed. So went the day. Dinner was in Nashville, Tenn[essee] after seven. Roast pork this time. Most of the girls had string beans but I had salad instead. Sherbet and ice cream imagine.

Then finally we got to walk outside the station. We walked about 3 blocks and I bought two apples and 2 sacks of chips.

Some soldiers were following us and one soldier told me I was a sucker, in fact he told the others they were too. That really perturbed. I'd like to have bashed his ignorant head in.

Also bought a candy bar. One soldier walked with his arm around Mariel. She looks tough and wears ear rings with her slacks. She is rather cute. Her eyebrows are too thin. Not that it makes any difference. Just commentin' [sic] you know. Back to train. Rita told me I was the quietist girl on the train. Why couldn't I be noisy. Bye bye. Colored waiting room.

Sun[day]. Oct[ober]. 3 [1943]

Breakfast on train again. Scrambled eggs. Slept with Irene on her bunk for awhile. Played checkers with Phyllis. Of all the states I like Georgia the best. Had breakfast after 10. Over two hours in Atlanta and didn't get off. Lenora is an odd girl. Doesn't talk much.

Bought some Orange Blossom perfume in Jacksonville [Florida]. The Station wasn't very good. A drinking fountain had the sign "colored," printed thereon. A colored waiting room is segregated from the white.

4 Oct[ober] [1943]

Finally arrived in Palm Beach. Had to carry our bags a ways and two Spars put our bags in a little truck. Then a bus came driven by a sailor and we all piled in.

The palms are wonderful. The hotels and hospitals are the tallest buildings. The hotel is not so palatial as the gov. took all the furnishing out. But still nice.

One Spar came and gave us a discouraging outlook.

We went to the Ships Service and I bought candy, Fitch shampoo and strawberry soda. A little soda fountain is in the same room and also has sundais [sic]. Run by the ships service girls.

I have bunk No. 3 an upper. Nadine Baker, Mildred Self, Irene Sempson, Dorothy Daniel, Thelma Olsen are bunk mates. Had breakfast of musk melon, and bread.

Lunch at 11:30 and we had classes from 12:30 to 3:30. Hot sticky heat.

Ens[ign]. Williams is our Co[mpany]. Comm[ander]. She is very nice. I'm in Co[mpany]. 91-6- Room 524.

A Spar from Tacoma came in & gave us the low down. We're all quite glad we came now.

Bed at 10.

The classes are rather hot and boring. Learning all about the C.G. [Coast Guard] Organization and how formed. L[ieutenan]t. Isely, Ens[ign]. Murray and Ens[ign]. Lewis. One platoon leader No. 1 has a horrible attitude. She yells attention every time a officer walks in the room. So went the day.

Tues[day]. Oct[ober]. 5 [1943]

Altho[ugh] I didn't tell the girls I did hear the bugle. I was so tired I didn't realize we should get up. Took my curlers out in bed.

My clothes were hanging on the bed post so I scrambled into them. We were late but I was the first girl out.

Inspection comes any time of the day from 8:00 to 5:00. The wastebasket has to be empty too. tests began at 8:00. We filed into the auditorium. Platoons 1, 2, 3, and 6. The first was a classification sheet. Education and etc. Then a Social Studies Test. "What year did Columbus discover America? And 3 tests.

The arithmetic test was horrid. Square root and all that sort of stuff. Now in room before lunch. Tests again in afternoon.

That Kaump looks mean. We are hear [sic] to serve the Coast Guard and not ourselves. Pooey.

The mechanical test was rather difficult. The mathematics were horrible.

Tomorrow our physicals. Oh happy day.

Wed[nesday]. Oct[ober] 6 [1943]

We are comparatively slow compared to the girls in the other room 523.

This morning we were issued our clothes. First we went into a shoe shop and a girl brought us our shoes in a box and we tried them on. Then to our hats. I only got a dark blue one as they didn't have my size in the others. I got 1 shirt and a purse, scarfs [sic] and 2 cotton uniforms. Went into the alteration dep[artment]. and was fitted. Got a pair of rubbers, sneakers, etc.

Mess was pretty good.

The physical was like the one in Seattle. A sailor took the blood out of my left arm. Agony.

The shots weren't too bad. My arm aches now (left). The fire drill came at 6:30. It was raining and we had to dash around the hotel into the drill field. I don't like the sailor who drills us. The hat looks like a zombie on me. Well.

Cos. 91-92 are having a try out audition tonite [sic].

Thurs[day]. 7 Oct[ober]. [1943]

If I don't feel tired every morning I ain't natural.

First aid today. O be joyful. The Ensign Kempter is blonde and I am favorably attracted to her. But not to the class. I finally learned how to tie a square knot.

At first I thought I wouldn't take my bathing suit but am I glad I did. Mrs. Williams marched us down in lines of 3's to the Sun and Surf Club. About 2 long blacks and the cars had to wait for us. Ha ha.

The patio is beautiful with those palm trees forming a feathery ceiling above the floor. We put on our suits and then Ens[ign]. Nissen sat on a table and we squatted in front. She had a white blouse and shorts on. Girls in bathing suits were sweeping up. The duty detail and they get a swim afterwards. They can't do that to me.


We are not allowed in the club room but we are in the dressing rooms. We can even bring our dates here. She gave us the rules and there we sat with the rain pelting down. Finally stopped and sat and I dashed to the ocean. A little section of it in front of the club has jettys [sic] marking the boundary we didn't go much above the knees. The waves were marvelous.

One whistle means clear the area and 2 means find your buddy.

Then Dot and I had a shower and into the pool. Only a short time & then she blew the whistle. I went directly in and here Dot had waited for me outside. Why doesn't someone tell me these things.

Very annoying having the radio and not being able to hear it.

We couldn't go to our rooms after we got back as it was time for mess so I had to cart my notebook, towel and suit to the table & back.

Good lunch too. We sat in the room and gabbed and at 12:30 went to Ens[ign]. Isely's class and so on. Murray gave us a diagram of the insignia of the Navy and its relation to the other services. Lewis quit 1/2 hr earlier and we had to sit their [sic] until time for drill.

The drill master this time really knew his stuff. He drilled us on "To the rear march." He was a C.P.O.  [Chief Petty Officer] and walked like he was conceited. He swayed his hips in a rather peculiar fashion.

At 6:45 we had a meeting in the library, on our duties. I wanted to go to see "Palm Beach Story" again but had to go to the meeting at 8:30 again and didn't get off until 10:45. First the security watch and then the mates. I'm mate of Second deck north after Merial. From 3:00 to 11:00.

New cadets are on that floor. Think I'll go see her before I come on. Have to go eat at 11:00 and 5:00. Lois and Greenlee have mate duty too. I was the only one in the room to get it. The rest have maintenance. Only 3 days of mate duty tho [sic] thank god. Orderly would be worse as I don't know where everything is.

Got back in time to hit the hay. And good night.

[drawing of a face w/ tongue sticking out]

Fri[day]. 8 Oct[ober]. [1943]

Wrote a 10 page letter. Feel like I had been up all nite. After mess we cleaned the room. Have to sit in my room and be on call until 1500. Oh happy day.

Visited Merial & she said it was boring. Relieved her at noon. On at 3. The cadets are very nice. Mrs. Williams came up after 10. When I said yes she said sir after it. Faux Pas. Twice she came.

Studied my First Aid and C.G. History.

Went to the window & watched the Spars march by.

The End

Sat[urday]. Oct[ober]. 9 [1943]

Gee was I tired this morning. But the show must go on.

Today being captains inspection I cleaned the bathroom.

At a quarter to 8 we went to the basement for tests. The tests were easy but I didn't get all the questions.

Then we trooped to the library where a picture was showing to some Spars. Then we dashed to the north mess where we bandaged each other. Being close to mess we had to move again to Room N. A boring class.

We dashed to the room and scrubbed and cleaned. Sandy and Nadine got down on their hands and knees with wet cloths and scrubbed the floor.

Ens[ign]. Williams and Ens[ign]. Keller came to our room first. When Mrs. Williams looked in the closet and the ironing board fell down. They barely looked around and doubled up when they were in the hall. Then we had to stand at our bunks until the other rooms were inspected and Erskine blew the whistle.

We practically collapsed. Williams said ours was the best inspection of a boot company since she has been inspecting. Which pleased us immensely.

Sewed on some name tags for an hour. Mess was good.

Irene and Sandy and some others sang and played around a piano. Now I wished I had gone, [be]cause they're such very good singers. Ahahah.

Some of us went to Ships Service and descended on sodas.

Remind me to buy "Lady Be Good" "I Can't Give You Anything but Love Baby" and so on far into the night.

Ascended a tortuous route and clambered on my bunk in the dead of nite [sic] after lights out. We do have fun tho [sic].

[October] 10 Sunday [1943]

Of all things Self turns on the light to see what time it is. The mate came around and said Turn off the lites [sic] girls its only a quarter after 5. We got to sleep till 6:30. Whoopee.

As time goes by things are better.

Church was at 10:00. Lent my garters to Irene as I put anklets on. Then Bonnie came in and said I should wear longers so I changed. Wore our civilian clothes. Very boring.

Just stayed in our room the rest of the day. We had turkey today. Mess was at 5:30 instead of 5.

Oh yes ships store(?) had the pleasure of my company again.

So ended the day. Read some.

Mon[day]. 11 Oct[ober]. [1943]

Duty today. Oh goody. Diary I have rather neglectful of late. A new girl named Ada Sturk is in 525 now with Bonnie. Nick name is Mickie. She is married to a Victor Sturk and 6 kids in the family. If she didn't feel like working in school she didn't. Rather independent. Wants to go to Col. again. Wise girl. Will be 21 on Dec[ember]25. Blonde, blue eyes and rather cute. Writes poetry, whistles and sings. Went to duty at 1 and mapped a corridor with Irene & Stewart. We had started on another corridor and it was wrong. Supposed to report for our selection interview at 8:00 with Kaump and we didn't get done & 10 min[utes]. late. All the other girls were there & Nadine had the papers about the schools with her.

So Irene & I trooped downstairs and talked to Miss Carlson who gave us a note. A girl took our papers into another room where three girls at little tables sat talking to the seamen before Kaump talked to us. I'm in Yeoman unfortunately. No choice. Then back to duty. Mildred, Nadine & D.D are in Cooks and Bakers. Irene & Thelma in Stonekeepers.

Irene and I put wastebaskets into the 5th floor rooms that didn't have any. I had 13 left over.

After mess we are secured until 1300 (1:00 to u).

Then five of us swept the patio. Stewart was sweeping the stairs and called me over and there lay an empty liquor bottle. Hmm.

The breeze was dancing merrily and playing havoc with the leaves. Brown came out and took Stewart and Eileen with her. Stewart hates Eileen and tried to pull her name plate (minds wandering).

Gladys and I finished the patio and the rain started pattering. Really was tired after all that sweeping. [Picture of two "stick" women sweeping]

Mickie came over and tried to make an aerial out of hairpins but we did get a station at Miami. Even with an aerial we can only get two stations. If we pay her a 25¢ she will put up our hair for us. She read a letter from her husband who is in the South Seas and sent a picture of the native women. He is very intelligent and writes beautiful letters.

That's all.

Tues[day] 12 Oct[ober]. [1943]

That first aid is useless. Makes me wanna [sic] go to sleep. "The white corpuscles turn and devour their red brothers." The girls think she talks down to us as if she were teaching grade school or there abouts.

Marched to Sun and Surf. Erskine led us. I think she is cute. The exercises Nissen tot [sic] us were strenuous but perfect for what ails me. Tough. Ensign Isely rather intrigues me. She laughs like she was forcing it but oh boy.

Ensign Murray has such merry eyes but not the face to go with it. That chief petty officer is the best one yet. She's older and says rather funny things.

Ensign Steward is nice too.

Off we go into the wild blue yonder. When day is done & shadows fall I think of you. (This is my part of my vagaries).

So went the day. Visited Mickie's room. Gave me a picture of her. Oh night.

Wed[nesday]. Oct[ober]. 13 [1943]

At six I leap out of bed onto the carpet heralding the rising sun. [Picture of stick woman jumping off top bunk]

Maint duty again mustard at 8 on 25 deck and stationed in linen room. Then at 8:55 we mustered on mezz. and was shot [picture of a gun] again.

Then to clothing locker but my suit was not there. Tough! Had to put our blouses and ties on for our pictures. Mine will be horrible. What can I expect.

First we segregated the linen into bins [drawing of bins labeled 'shts' 'towels' 'slips' with bags of laundry beside them] and took a sheet & tossed the 24 sheets in it & tied it [drawing of sheet tied into a bag] thus & so 25 towels into a sheet and 24 slips into a case. Mariel stayed the afternoon with me but Gladys, Bib, D.D. & Mildred & Nadine rode over to W.P. [West Palm(?)] Beach to work in the laundry. We had to count the towels and sheets for interview. After study hall Irene & I went to the Club Biltmore variety show put on by Cos. 81 and 82. Mickie sat near us. The sailor that was M.C. was very good. A girl sang Ciribiribin and two sang a duet of Indian Love Call. Two sailors had two mandolins and sang some corny song. A girl from Boston warbled "Stormy Weather." A cute blonde did "You Made Me Love You."

At 9:30 it finally ended and we trooped back.


Thurs[day] 14 Oct[ober]. [1943]

Classes today. Oh boy that Sun and Surf is super dooper [duper]. [drawing of sunshine and waves] Those exercises are perfect for me. I sat right on the end of the first row in F.A. More interesting this time.

Study hall tonite [sic]. We saw pictures today. On how to salute, the ranks in the Army. George Montgomery and Richard Cromwell were in it.

Then back to Room "N" again and a specialist passed out pictures of C.G. activities. Dogs, the life boat, self righting and baling, etc.

That C.P.O. [Chief Petty Officer] is so nice for drilling. We learned how to turn corners sharply and flank march. [Drawing of stick woman with long feet] (feet rather grew)

Wrote Jean in study hall. Haven't heard from her for so long. I like her tho [sic].

A hurried scramble into bed as usual. The top bunk still squeaks horribly. And so ended the day-  or didn't it.

Fri[day]. 15 Oct[ober]. [1943]

So hard to get up. I think Nadine is cute, so's Mildred.

Dorothy came in and told us we had Sun and Surf today, and duty on Sat[urday]. then. I hope its Maint[enance]. again. We had our dental appointments. Nothing wrong with mine. Yoohoo. Got [unreadable] and Arm's stationery. Gold printed. Hmm. Pretty.

Our tests were in Room "N" with the nice bobbed hair cut specialist and gave us the test. I put the arc in the wrong place on the rating drawings. I didn't do too bad in the others. Mickie has been rather tired lately. She didn't get the chance to rest up after she left the hospital. Too much heavy duty. She left the class after the second class. Missed a test then.

As we had the drill at 8:00 we went to our rooms and fooled around. D.D. received 6 letters and the box of chocolates her grandfather sent. I've had about 3 pieces.

Had meeting at 8:30 for watch meeting and Daniel, Huber and I were appointed to Ships Store from 5:30 to 8:00. We were very mad about it after a full day of duty.

I was in the bathroom after taps and had to slumber[?] in the dark.

Sat[urday]. 16 Oct[ober]. [1943]

Of all things the mate came and woke us up at 5:30. I finally arose and we straightened our drawers and dusted the closets before mess.

We took rags and went over the rug and swept that way. We volunteered for Sun and Surf duty. The 6 of us — Daniel, Sempson, Klee, Huber, Powell and Self. Brown didn't expect us and told us we'd miss captains inspection and we were glad. We saluted the quarter deck which was Cap[tain]. Isely and Sempson said "Seaman Sempson and detail requesting permission for Sun and Surf." She gave us the command "Hands Salute" which we did and then "Ready to" and we dropped them. Being boots she told us what to do. Isely is nice kinda cute too. Get going Klee — We walked down there (what do you expect — a ride). We got buckets of sand and brushes and scrapped [sic] the walls of the pool. The surfmen were around. Mariel didn't put on her bathing suit just swept around the patio. We missed captain's inspection as we hurried back before 1:00. I dashed to the alteration room before 12 but they were closed. Darn it! We waited for towels to take back to the pool with us. The surfman named Ellen was there scrubbing. After awhile she gave us a rest and we dashed to the ocean and Eileen, I and Irene went dipping. Lots of girls came down. I carted my bathing hat down but didn't bother to go back and get it so my hair got wet.

Then back we went. I took the left wall self had been scrubbing and she & Eileen went to the deep end. I can't put my weight behind my scrubbing and she let us quit before 4. The rest of the girls here in the hotel were relieved after 1:00 and we swimming till almost 4:30. As Self didn't want to get her hair wet and Mariel was just wading they didn't want us to swim. My hair was sopping wet.

Erskine held a meeting and told us we would have special duty as we weren't satisfactory and called it "shore liberty." A tremendous yell surged upward from our throats. She gave us hits & etc. The dance was at 8:00 and Sandy, Self and Irene went. As I didn't have my uniform I washed my hair and listened to Sinatra. What a wonderful night. Taps.

17 Sun[day]. Oct[ober]. [1943]

Tonite [sic] was so cold. Finally I got up and put my pajama top on. My watch said 2:20 so I took Sandy's watch to the light and nearly 6:30. Well I clambered back and the day started.

Bananas for breakfast. Yippee! Sunday we tear our beds apart and we felt so proud in our uniforms. We lined up in the quarterdeck and the officer lined us up and walked in front and back and inspected us. Then we saluted her and handed our liberty cards to the quartermaster and marched out.

We started out and then walked across the bridge. [drawing of stick woman in uniform walking] We finally found a restaurant and D.D. and I sat in one table and the other 4 sat on the other. Had meat balls and spaghetti. Yum Yum. Then DD and I went off and visited a curio shop and I bought O.B. perfume, green & blue earrings and 2 sea horse pins (red-green). Had our pictures taken (4 - 25¢). Mine I had tinted but they don't resemble me. We walked to the park and finished my roll and then to a theatre "Bomber's Moon." Annabella and George Montgomery- "Follow the Band." Lean Errol, Eddie Quillan. Then for a hamburger and the waitress mistook our order and brought 3 hamburgers but I kept 2 of them and a double order of french fries.

We walked back and those goons of soldiers pointed their camera at us thru [sic] the window. Those drips. A P.O. stopped his car and asked us for a ride. I declined. We'd be there soon enough.

We got in at 6:29 and I immediately stripped. Went to the seventh floor to Ruby Davis room to find out the room No. of Norma Mills as I had borrowed her uniform. Ruby was writing letters and we gabbed awhile and the little girl that was mate asked me to secure(?) her while she went for the flash lite [sic].

An ensign called and I forgot to write the message now as I can't remember her name. Laugh!

The other girls had gone to the Servicemens Club and danced. Had a strawberry soda at Ships Store. [drawing of woman with giant belly] (gruesome ain't I).

Sat reading the funny papers. Smokey Stover is sure funny. Wore my pajamas tonite [sic] as it is getting colder here.

Lights out, ladies.

18 Monday Oct[ober]. [1943]

We were so sleepy this morning none of us leaped out of bed.

Had duty too at 8 and the girls were leaving. Designated to tramp over to Sun and Surf Club. Keyes, Stawe, Stewart and I. First we swept the ladies and mens locker room and then took pails of water with disinfectant in it and mopped up. Stewart is cute I think. She really was working hard today. Then we had to sweep out the cabanas (officers beach quarters) and Stewart found a green cocoanut and darned if she didn't break it open. Rather tasted like a nut. Wonder what the officer will think.

We decided to stop for a "coke" on the way back. Demerits if we're caught. Well we walked into the drugstore and all got a coke but Stewart got a cup of coffee. It was so hot so I poured some coke in it. Then we dashed out before the class started back. Some ship company girls were in the drugstore too. Got my two uniforms today. The girl that ok'd my uniform sed [sic] it was too short. Tough! Went to 514 and Stawe said the others weren't back yet from being issued their clothing. Well I waited and when I came back to the room the girls were gone. I dashed back to quarter deck and Regan sent me up to 9th floor. When I opened the door there was Williams talking to some boots. I shut the door and waited and when the girl came out I asked for Brown. Up on the 10th floor. I trotted. She then told me to go to Sun & Surf anyway.

When I dashed to the quartermaster they hadn't logged out yet. I sat with Stewart — mentally unbalanced.

Then I saw Stawe and the others hadn't been thru [sic] the clothing shop yet. Well we finally got the towels and Stawe, Stewart and I started without Keyes. Then to Sun & Surf.

We scraped the lawn and started sweeping the street outside the club. Stawe told her we had to leave at 4:15 to get our wool blankets but we already had them but we told her that to get out of work. Clever you know. [drawing of stick woman with large head] Only 17 towels were there.

Some soldiers from Morrison field put on a show called Sad Sacks Quartette. A fat guy was very good. When he looked at the dead guy, & said "Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get those peepers.

A tall cadaverous fellow imitated Charlie Chaplin and another one sang. The cute soldier played good boogie woogie on the [drawing of a piano]. Master of ceremonies tapped. If they only wouldn't last so long. Taps.

19 Tuesday Oct[ober]. [1943]

Classroom routine as usual. At Sun and Surf Intermediates had to play either volleyball or baseball. The pool happened to be very shallow and we had to wait our turn at the ocean. I didn't bat because I'm not very good at baseball.

I never get enough of the ocean.

Learned all about the C.G. organization of districts and saw the picture of "Miss Blackout" and left for mezzanine to get our $25. Sent $20 home.

Mrs. Williams told us to be careful where we went on liberty. Tough! At a deck meeting. We get liberty again. She sure is peachy. Erskine is getting married soon.

Bye Bye.

20 Wednesday Oct[ober]. [1943]

Our boot training lasts until Nov[ember]. 6. New boots coming next week.

I think that's the cutest song "Top of the Morning."

"Be kind to your web-footed friends

For a duck may be somebody's mother

He lives in the rain and the swamp

And where ever it is damp

Now you may thing that this is the end

Well it is."

To the time of some marching song.

Bib sure makes everyone peeved at her. Her sore arms she babies them. (Can't take it.)

Eileen, Liefering, Me, Mildred and Bib swept out the patio. Went to clothing at 1:00 and I have to come back later when my size. Well the others didn't come back until after 2. I wanted to go back but Eileen told me not to be a sucker.

We finally went down and Brown told us we were secure until 3:30 when we emptied the wastebaskets on Mezz, Quarterdeck and first.

We were writing letters in our room and the command was given to go to library and see "This 'n' That" given by a Mrs. Strickland. We were hopping mad. Mr. Strickland was M.C. He sang "Easter Parade" and "You'll Never Know." And was slightly off key. His little daughter sang "Am I Blue" and "Sugar Blues" "I left my sugar in Salt Lake City." She was cute and made up like a tough dame. I don't like to see little kids exploited like that- tough. A Mr. Hayes talked too fast while being a magician. That snide joke "Jack and Jill went up the hill" To fetch a pail of water." Jill came down with two dollars do you think they went up there for water?" and after he dropped that he went right on.

"My father was a Confederate but he wore a union suit."

"The wedding cake was heavy but the candles made it light." Tough! [drawing of a cake with candles]

He had bells and played a tune to the accompaniment of the piano while we sang. A little boy Cicero sang too. He rolled his eyes so cute. That magician was rank tho [sic]. Two girls toe danced. Finally ended tho [sic].

Ens[ign]. Thompson introduced Mrs. Strickland and she spoke in the microphone. Didn't get up until after 9:30. [Drawing of stick woman running]

I must away.

21 Thursday Oct[ober]. [1943]

Classes again.

Learned artificial respiration in F.A. Just used the floor and rocked. [Drawing of stick woman on the floor]

Marching to Sun and Surf I felt queer and when I disrobed I found out why. I'd gone too far to turn back so in the ocean I went. Nothing happened. That ocean is so wonderful.

Last but not least, an oil tanker was blown up by some nefarious means and we can't say anything about it. [Drawing of ship blown apart on the water] In fact our mail will be censored so we won't say anything about it. Tough! The ship could be seen from shore and our 200 people were on it. Whew.

We saw a movie about buoys in color and a miniature harbor had been built for the movie. Quaint. The movie "Lady Bodyguard" was shown. Watch meeting again.

Well that's all I guess.

22 Friday Oct[ober]. [1943]

Mate duty again at second deck north. Secured Lovass at 9:00. Monotonous ain't it.

Those cadets are so nice. That one cadet sure had it tough. Being quartered with the Waves and not being able to join the Spar activities.

Had to secure Lovaas at 9:00 for clothing and gone an hour. I missed Regimental Review anyway.

Daniel and Baker were on duty also. Mildred called me up to tell about the clothesline across the bunks the blanket sure makes the bunk warm. Tough!        And so g'nite.

23 Sat[urday]. Oct[ober]. [1943]

Oo-la-la. Captains Inspection and Sun and Surf. That First Aid is so boring. Let Mildred use my bathing hat so I didn't have a dip. You know why.

The girls divided into teams and played baseball in the sand. I was in the cheering section. A recreational swim followed.

Irene being in sick bay again so she was crying and the girls had been so busy cleaning last night out our drawers that they sent her back.

Room 525 was the first. We knew Ens[ign]. Williams was there as we heard the sound of her voice before body came into view. In walks this Lt. jg [Lieutenant Junior Grade] before Williams and directed a course for the windows. I heard her slam the windows down in the next room and knew we hadn't dusted it. She ran her white gloved hand over it turned to Williams with "Hasn't been touched at all." She looked at both. Williams looked in first closet and L[ieutenan]t. looked under Nadine's bed. "Pretty ragged looking bed. Dog ears its called. We stood then and Erskine passed by once. Lorraine was mate. Poor girl.

As soon as the whistle blew we dashed out. Eight rooms were caught not standing at attention before whistle blew. Erskine posted the notice and lo and behold we were restricted for rest of day. Lois McCaw came in and a lamp shade was left under a bunk and we were restricted for that. Very disgusting to say the least.

We had fun tho [sic]. Bib went to Ships Store for us and so did Mickie. She brought us five cokes. Wasn't that nice of her.

Spilled some coke on my shirt and immediately rinsed it out. Ironed them too. None of us wanted to go dancing anyway.

Bye Bye

24 Sunday Oct[ober]. [1943]

Liberty again. Yippee. Church of course first. We dashed around like mad getting ready. Tough.

The chaplain told us a story about some girl, 22 who jumped from a window and smashed her body to pieces. I looked at Mildred, and she was smiling and it set me off. I laughed inwardly though. The others in the row looked at me with something akin to disgust but I couldn't help it. We were in the last row so it was all right. The booties were in front.

Irene and Mickie went together. Irene's mouth is covered with fever blisters and she hated to go out with them. Sandy had a date with the sailor of former week end George. We went to mess and had chicken. Yum Yum. We missed the 1:00 group as we forgot our liberty cards and had to dash back for them. Tough. Finally got back at 1:30. Anyhoo Dorothy Lee entrained for Miami.

Nadine, Mildred, Daniel & me traipsed over the bridge but we couldn't find the U.S.O. Three soldiers stopped us and asked us to go to this party outside of the city where 200 soldiers were and only a few Spars. They were waiting for a truck and told us to go to the U.S.O. and wait for them. We signed in and went below for refreshment. Eileen started dancing but the rest didn't. Finally the bus came and we piled on. Some spars were already on, and soldiers too.

I and two others put our knees on the bus seat and leaned on the window. The countryside is rather flat and great stretches are uninhabited. [Drawing of her on the bus looking out the window] The estate is very close to the highway. The grass is dead and no other houses for blocks. Sir Harry Oakes, who was murdered this summer (I believe in Bahamas) supposedly by son in law de Marigny and on trial for life. Wife believes in him though. Tough ain't it. We piled into a room and soldiers were sitting on floor and standing. A soldier with a replica of Charlie McCarthy and very good he was tho [sic] amused the crowd. He called up one soldier named Nemo who was rather an odd one. Looked moronic even. I plunked into a chair beside Bonnie and after the performance repaired to the powder room.

Meandered to patio for sandwich and on the grass stood gazing forlornly around. Two soldiers came up and remarked on how lonely I looked. One got me a coke and down to the stables we went. He picked the burrs off my stockings. Told me he appreciated my wearing the nylons for them.

The ground was like white sand on the beach, and plants growing in it too. Don't see how tho [sic]. Casimir Zielinski and Bud are their names. They wanted me to go [drawing of a horse] riding with them but my clothes were not appropriate so I declined. Cas told me he ever saw a girl get so silly on coke. He don't know me. Off they rode and sat there I on the steps that led nowhere. [Drawing of stick woman on stairs] Suddenly around the corner the horse came and into his stall. Cas appeared and it seems the horse turned left while Cas expected him to go ahead. Over he went and I missed it. And I mentioned it before him too. He rode up to the horse and same soldier dashed beer on the horses flank to show off.

A little negro boy there had a pencil mustache on. The grooms name was John David Lincoln.

Back we went and a lady drove us the rest of way. When Begeo saw my skirt he said a snide remark. Their sergeant. Dear reader. White from steps.

Another coke on balcony looking toward the ocean and then Mildred appeared. Almost 6 and time to go. Out we dashed. Gave him my name and looked at the statue of Ponce de Leon with coke bottle nestled there in arms. Cass poured the coke out. Fountain not running. We girls piled in and some soldiers got in too. I took my hat off and the wind whistled thru my locks. It was fun. Arrived at 7:50. The soldier drove up to 1st floor and then around to Quarter deck.

The soldier was D.D. date sitting next to her and made a date for next Sunday. A religious fellow for me. We gassed back and forth and made our beds. Had a sundae at S.S.

25 Oct[ober]. Monday [1943]

Beginning our 4th week.

Had to move from library to auditorium for First Aid. Kempter showed us how splints were applied.

Learned more of the crawl at S and S. I sure can't breathe properly. Tough. Our teachers told us we did very well in our tests. Irene's lips are better now.

Haven't had Ensign Murray for awhile. Tough. Oh I wish I were home.

Ben Bernie has passed away but don't know how. I'm a super tomorrow wanted a soda but unfortunately S.S. closed.

Were at watch meeting until 9:15. Am wearing the [drawing of a undershirt ]for nightgown. Handy.


25 October 1943

Being as how today this is five days I won't be so accurate.

Final in First Aid comes this week. Irene has no duty or Sun and Surf till next Monday.

Same old routine. Still have no white hats.

Guess I'll send my clothes home next week.

26 October [1943]

Our last week of duty. Bonnie, Margaret, Eva, May, Gladys, Bib, Mariel and me were sent to clothing locker. Gladys and Bib were in the suits room. Me, Eva and May handed the playsuits and etc. to the new boots. It was rather run. Ruby the specialist on our counter is rather attractive. From Ships Co. and striking for S.K.

The girls can't go out every night and haven't such a good deal after all. The boots were interesting. The sizes are really deceiving. Regan told us we would go their Thursday too. Tried to write a letter in Study Hall. That Ships Co. gal spotted me. End of writing. Must stop buying candy.

27 October [1943]

Pictures of swimming instead. Sun and surf is really rather tiresome at times. In the pool again. The breathing exercises. Practically drown myself.

Stewart is still around. She's cute anyway.

Eileen pushed Shoe's hat up in the corridor after turning her around. Mariel dared her after Eileen voiced the inspiration. Shoe just glared at her. Nary a word.

Rather quick tempered. The specialist in Org. [?] class projected slides on the wall showing how ships were built from the keel up.

Then the "movie" sailor projected a picture in the shadow box [drawing of shadow box]. A ship plowed thru the surging seas and a voice from the ether designated the different parts of the ship. We have the diagram of a ship she gave us. Poop and forecastle are eliminated in modern ships. Very interesting. Drill is still the same. We march for our first regimental Friday. And we ain't too good yet.

28 October [1943]

Clothing locker again. A chief yeoman was on watch and regaled the girls with accounts of girls who embraced in front of hotel and their escort asking for name at the g'bye time. Another drunken trainee accused guard of blinding her with flashlite [sic] cause she stumbled on curb. Rather amusing eh what. Inventory today. We stayed on two hours (about) and helped count the depleted stock. Size 10 was completely out. Such small girls were in this company.

After study hall Irene, Bib and I hurried to library where "Lady Be Good" was in progress. Started at 7:30 but could not be excused from S.H. R. Young was playing on piano in scene we happened along. Lasted till 9:30. A scramble into bunk ensued.

29 October [1943]

We're almost sure we'll have tests today. But we studied anyway. Had bandage tests in F.A.  She paraded around room to see the bandages were right.

A 3-page test followed. Rather easy. Had to go to Room D afterwards. Forgot to give us artificial respiration. Tired to help Bib who couldn't remember last question. Nadine prevented me. Kempton on platform. The (shorthand?) easy. Didn't realize 60 [unreadable, but likely shorthand for "words per minute"] slow. Did 48 words in typing but now I think maybe I figured wrong. If dispatch says 140 S.K. 40 Y. Some girls will probably go where they don't want to.

Tough. No tests after all. Mrs. Williams came in classroom and we marched to library. Ens[ign]. Lewis lectured us on events in Europe and slide pictures of maps were shown. Then Ens[ign]. Murray lectured on our uniform and how to take care of it. A Ships Co[mpany]. specialist lectured on rest of Captain of the Port. Drill started at 3:45. We mustered in platoon formation in hall and Erskine met us in hall and followed to field. Others came out and we marched to the field. Brennen followed and Mrs. Williams, Erskine led. We saluted twice and some girls were "Ready To" for the staff commands. We marched in front of the captain okay and the chief gave us the command "left flank" first 3 rows march. It wasn't clear enough and we got mixed up.

We marched to the drill field and Mrs. Williams said she was pleased. The chief told her we were the best company marching down the field Ruby Davis visited us.

Dinner finally at 6:10. Mrs. Williams came on the floor and Mildred ran into the room to get us. We didn't hear her voice. She glanced in some of the rooms. [Drawing of smiley face with big eyes]

Our blankets are folded on to our beds now [Drawing of folding blanket] If some people would only make up their minds on rules.

30 October [1943]

Halloween party tonite [sic]. Breakfast at 7:30. I stayed in bed extra minutes. Our Company pictures were taken in the patio.

I sat second from right and in first row. Some of us had to go in the north mess and bring out 12 benches I guess.

The camera was panoram[ic]. Swung around . [Reference to a "full rotation" panoramic camera"]

We dashed around upstairs and on to Sun and Surf. The ocean was prevalent with jelly fish and the waves were not big. Tide out you see. Someone got a stick and we pierced the fish and slug them on the beach. [Drawing of a jellyfish] The feelers were pink and the "flower" arrangement was outlined with pink. Yvonne had great welts on her back. It landed square on her back. Mrs. Williams inspected with Marino and I had to open my bag for her. I was so nervous she had to repeat her question.

My wet bathing suit folded on the top made a spot on the clothes cover. Tough!

D.D. and Baker gathered our clothes together and were going to washing machine them. First we traipsed to S.S. but too long a line so traipsed to men's store by cafeteria and bought 2 [drawing of pencil] pencils and 2 news papers.

Anecdote about Flynn there!!

We stood in line at clothing and after 20 min the girl informed us we couldn't try them on as clothing locker was closed. Back up there to S.S. Almost an hour in line for sundaes. I had the delicious concoction of marshmallow, choc sauce, 4 small scoops of vanilla and choco[late]. ice cream.

Then the kids went up stairs and found out that the girls could not wash that time. The hours are 8-10 and 1-3. Irene and Sandy dressed for the Halloween party. I dashed down and looked out on the patio. The boys and girls were standing around and a spot lite [sic] glared on the band. Lights out at 11:30. Mildred, Nadine, and Daniel went to bed first. Daniel was asleep by the time Sandy, Irene came in. Washed 2 blouses. So went the day and nite [sic]. [Drawing of carved pumpkin]

31 October [1943]

We stayed in bed extra minutes longer.

I dozed in church. Daniel and I left at 11:30. Irene and Sandy left at 11:00 & 11:30 respectively. Well he wasn't there. Liffring and List were waiting also. So we went in for dinner at 12:10 and mustered in the auditorium and had to wait for the new booties to eat first. We were rather put out.

We dashed up and Mildred & Nadine changed for the U.S.O. Well there he was. He had come a little while after we went in. We came out at 1:30. His friend had to rush to hospital to see another friend.

Well on to Sun and Surf where the line was too long. On for a walk picked up a [illustration of a coconut] coconut. Daniel decided for a bike ride and I decided a swim for me. Saw Mickie writing letter on beach. We chatted awhile and I went into the water. Jelly fish ran rampant. Luckily I didn't touch any. Almost ran my face into one. Got hastily to feet and yelped. Girls laughed. Lawrence sat near me on the beach then I went. I didn't sign in and the sailor asked me if I had signed in. Must after this. Only in about 1/2 hour and tried to find another coconut and two soldiers on bicycles stopped me. Jim and John. Wanted to get another girl and go to a movie. Knows Violet Askers so must tell her hello for him. Bought Esquire & 2 others. Hair lacquer, Chen You and black ink and tooth brush.

Sand for grass is widely used here.

We're lounging around here in dishabille. Had a grilled cheese sandwich with 14 french fried potatoes and c[hocolate]. milk.

Lights out.

1 Nov[ember]. [1943]

No more maintenance for us.

Mess at 7:08 now. Made rather a mess of things. Lee went to clothing locker at 8:00 and Platoon 6 followed at 8:45. We stood in line with our slips and Ens[ign]. Melom kindly informed us that Tuesday was our day. Well, Erskine made the announcement that if 91 did not make an honor company they could blame the girls that went to the clothing locker. And did we feel dumb. Tough!

A first class boatswain lectured on the Morse code to us in the library. And some girl was dozing and he informed us that ours was the first class to be that way and he didn't care if we don't learn the codes. Well who does.

In study hall, the boots had to go to the variety show in the library. Compulsory entertainment. ha! ha!

Drilling is every day now with the 92's. Ens[ign]. Williams stood and watched with Brennen. MacIntyre drills us too. The pile of letters I have to write.

2 November [1943]

Stayed in bed lots longer. Oh how I hate to get up in the morning.

Sun and surf the same as usual. I used to like it but now its rather monotonous.

Missed half of first aid cause clothing locker took so long. Have my two wool suits now. Oh goody! Needed 2 extra white anklets. Sandy's cotton suits fit like a sack on her and a goony fitter she had.

The ship's company girl was awfully slow in making the receipts. I was talking to the yeoman in front of me. She owed over her $200 clothing allowance. I hope I don't spend as much as that.

No one knows as much as whether we have tests or not. Tough!

I waited for Sandy and finally she came. At 10:30 Greenlee, I, Sandy trooped into library. Went to Kempter and Sandy did a respiration to Gladys and I to Chadwick. I had 25 which means 12 pressures per minute. Chadwick had 35 so she had to do it again.

Talked some on heat & sun exhaustion.

Haven't had any lectures by Isely. Murray told us about what constituted our uniform.

Then down to Room "N" for a correspondence lecture by a specialist who came from Irene's home town. Mandan, North Dakota.

Study hall again. Wrote a letter in Morse code to Nadine.

Wrote 7 pages to Mildred. Took shower and in bed. [Drawing of woman lying down with "the end" on her skirt]

3 November [1943]

Regimental meeting tonite. Sun and Surf. How monotonous. The girls wore their sneakers and I had regulations. That exercise of rocking on my stomach hurts my pelvic bone. Tough!

Pork chop for lunch. [Drawing of pork chop] Yum, Yum.

In the library the C.G. Academy at New London was unfolded before our eyes. In color too. Very interesting.

"Safe guarding Military Information was the second. Showed a ship being blown up.

Ens[ign]. Stewart talked about landing barges. Int'restin'.

Down to Room N again. Miss Wagner of ship's company lectured about honors and customs when dignitaries visit ships or stations.

Drill for 45 minutes. The tall southern sailors drilled first and Faley ended. The drill masters were there looking us over and Faley coached us. "When we get up there I'm going to give you a halt." Pretty good Joe.

Didn't mess till 5:40. The rivalry is pretty hot and thick now. The drill master likes "92" best. Erskine came on deck and gave us a few pointers in her white suit. We'll know Friday.

Just before 7:00 the order came full dress uniform. You can imagine 5 people scurrying around. Off went my play suit. On came my shirt and skirt. Sandy had gone with Jean for a sody [soda] so down I trotted for her. Hadn't been served yet luckily.

Lee came in and Daniel told her not to bawl Mildred out and Lee went in huff. Anyway we had to wait till 92's were seated in library. 91's on right side. Lt. jg [Lieutenant Junior Grade] Moon in the absence of Crowley spoke to us. Read off the surnames of the girls. All of 524 were placed in their desired school. Blake, Eva, and May were put in ship's company and were they perturbed.

Ens[ign]. Reddick came upon the dais and led us in song. Then the girls who are shipping out this weekend were sent to Room N with Miss Berthinger for instruction.

Then the end of meeting and we filed out. I jumped into playsuit and then had to change to uniform again. The play of Co. 91 was delayed. The girls had benches lined with pillows and spreads. Sandy sang two ditties, "I'm in the Mood for Love" "You went away." I personally know, believe and like her vocal renditions better than Irene's.

Irene imitated Virginia O'Brien in "I can't give you anything but love, baby." "Lady Be Good."

Lee spoke like she was writing a letter which was rather amusing. Two sailors only, in audience.

Finally at 9:30 it ended. I dashed and bought me and Sandy a freshly mixed coca cola. Then down again for Irene and Daniel.

And so lite's [sic] out.

4 November [1943]

Tomorrow liberty.

Went to First Aid and turned in our F[irst].A[id]. books. Our chits were returned too. Two pictures were shown us. "Navy men of Medicine" and "Pasture and Exercise." And then we had to write our comments about the picture if it is of interest to the Spars and etc.

Ens[ign]. Murray lectured us and she told us "a wolf is a wolf in or out of uniform." She told us not to go out alone and basically we were the same and so on. Ens[ign]. Stewart flashed map on the screen and lectured about the doings in Europe.

Then we trooped out of the patio and down to Room "N" where a questionnaire was given us. What did we like or dislike about boot training? What did we like about Personnel, Organization, Activities, What improvement could be done for the workbook?

Then out to drill and we weren't so  No drill I forgot.

Were then to meetings of school. Yeoman met at auditorium. SK in library and Cooks & bakers in galley.

Went to see "The Great American Broadcast" with Sandy, Bib, Irene & me. Alice Faye, John Payne, Jack Oakie and Caesar Romero were in it too. Lasted till 9:30 and then a scramble.

5 November [1943]

Our last day together. We sure felt very bad about leaving. Sandy and Nadine got our linen.

Left the station about 9:30 or was it nine. Mickie and I first went to the dime store. Some beautiful Florida Christmas cards were on display so I bought a pile. She bot [sic] her husband some socks and shirts.

At a jewelry store she bought a $5 costume ring for her 29 y[ea]r. old professor sister. Its white Palestine mother of pearl with painted flowers around it. I saw this pearl ring and it's the first ring I ever wanted. [Drawing of ring]

We ate at Nancy-Marie's. Irene, Mildred and Nadine were there too. Had fried chicken yum-yum. Bought perfume and more pictures of Florida.

Stopped at the drug store for my pictures and had a soda.

Co. 92 is the honor company. Ens[ign]. Eagan was presented with an award but what I didn't know. A big write up was accorded them in the newspaper.

Moved to our new quarters afterwards. I had the girls write in my diary. My new room is 367, Yeomen 11. Sheldon is Co. Commander. Made my bed first and then brot [sic] the suitcases.

Mrs. Williams and Erskine came on deck. Mrs. Williams was given a $50 bond and Barnhart too. No more bonds are to be given as it is the same as accepting money. Bib is so excited about leaving for California. We sang the songs for Mrs. Williams from Co. 91 show.

And so to bed in my new quarters.

6 Nov[ember]. Sat[urday]. [1943]

This morning I had the dusting job. The girls are grand. Also swept the 524 quarters. Met Sandy there. The girls left their washing there.

The officers said our room looked fine. Bicycling with Mickie from 3:15 to 5. The homes here are wonderful. Simply out of this world. Lost my I.D. card but too tried to go all the way and look for it. Dog followed us.

Ate dinner at Palm Beach Plaza. Lt. Kaump stopped us and wanted to know who we were. Still had our boot hats on. Fried chicken again.

A ships Co[mpany]. girl was eating all alone so she joined us. In charge of the band instruments and plays a big horn. Very petite and engaged to major overseas. Been here since June. Lost my I.D.

Mickie and I walked on the drill field and a drunk sailor reeled toward us and told us to "vamoose." The [drawing of moon] was shining and dance in progress. We had a very confidential chat. The sailors started to cluster with their mates so we walked up to 5th and I heard "Frankie" sing a bit.

Taps til 11. Most of the girls really were polluted with liquor.

7 November Sun[day]. [1943]

Liberty for Co. 92 started at 9:00. 3 girls here are Catholics. Margarette, Loretta & Antonia. Tony sleeps under me.

Expected to write lots of letters but only one & 1/2. The cookies from J & N are delicious. Wanted to see "Stage Door Canteen" but I couldn't see it all before 9:30. Bernice rode over with me and forgot her wallet. So I loaned her a dime and back she went. Left at 5:30. Borrowed a white hat.

Saw "Ghosts on the Loose" "East Side Kids" and "Hard Guy" Jack La Rue. He sure looks like a killer. Well he is. The Arcade Theatre is halfway down the arcade and buildings line the walls.

Very queer I must say. Managed to see it all and a sailor wanted to stop and talk to me but I was past nine so I fled. Oh men- you base creatures.

8 November Mon[day]. [1943]

At last the start of yeoman school. Had our regular muster on the drill field and held salute until "Banner" had been played. Blouses too. Oh hated accoutrement.

I was first. And then typing and our professional subject books were issued in the auditorium. I like Aileen better now.

Got my wool suit in clothing and it doesn't fit tite [sic] in the waist but I kept it anyway

A boot told me she was supposed to have an operation and she didn't want it here. Tough! Here- heaven forbid. One white hat here now.

1:00 started the afternoon off. First dictation, English and professional subject. Typed "4" letters of C[oast].G[uard]. letters and then study in auditorium.

Now I'm just waiting for mess, and it is one. Study hall is very late. 8:15-9:15. Twenty minutes from 7:50 to 8:10 for arithmetic. Bye Bye.

9 Nov[ember]. Tuesday [1943]

[illegible] in the morning and study in the same room. Eileen sat next to me. I like her better now. That Cady is a goon. He lectures like he doesn't want to. Rather nice looking but slightly on sissy type. How can they afford to give us a free hour from 11:00 to 12:45. Generous! Transcribed the 80 (I think) not perfect. The English teacher is rather cute but what a boring subject. Sun and Surf from 3 to 5. "Cusider" the Ensign teacher is witty and better than Nissen. Drill again. One time less than Boots. Stillwell drilled us. A nice time of eve to drill but I could have employed the time better. Eileen and I went to the north mess hall and were released earlier than the other advanced. Mate caught me out after [drawing of light bulb] out.

10 Nov[ember]. Wed[nesday]. [1943]

Same old grind. Kirker and I stay in bed longer than the others. [Illustration of bunk with person asleep on top]. "Oh how I hate to get up in the [drawing of sunrise] morning. Manuel (I know him so well you know) didn't see us today. A ships co[mpany]. gal is our instructress from now on. Has those [drawing of glasses] horn rims. Eek! Cady is so sarcastic. Not malicious tho [sic].

After English Eileen and I traipsed to auditorium forgetting prof. were in room G. Well we were excused and came to our rooms and noticed no one else was coming up either. Beginners & advanced were excused from study and we went and dressed. I dressed for the first draft at 4:45.

Stood in line at Morrisons Café & had fried chicken, custard pie, roll, lyonnaise potatoes, spaghetti and macaroni cheese all for munificent sum of 75¢. Very reasonable.

The "Stage Door Canteen" entertained me. That Cheryl Walker is a stone faced gal. No emotions.

Met Jean and friend and had coke with them before I went in. She is leaving for Cal[ifornia]. presently. A yeoman took "Oscar" and was sent thru [sic] paddling line. Ha! Ha!

11 Nov[ember]. Thurs[day]. [1943]

Same routine.

Should have had typing instead of study after [shorthand]. Miss Britt came in and took over.

The ocean claimed me but we didn't get to swim very long. Couldn't find my sneakers & ran off with another's. Sand case!

New driller tonite [sic]. From Brooklyn & Coxin Panther goes with me. Very crude fellow. "Stuck in that belly." "Don't look at my kisser." And he mumbled his commands so we were sadly mixed up. In our study hall too.

Bernice and Loretta washed their hair before 9:30.

Bye Bye

Friday 12 Nov[ember]. 1943

Cant remember. Study as usual for Prof. Quiz tomorrow. Somehow it worries me.

Sat[urday]. 13 Nov[ember]. 1943

Went shopping at 3:00 with Tony. Traipsed over to U.S.O. and mailed two cocoanuts to Josie & Mildred. 81¢ for hers. Whew. I printed "From a nut to a nut" and the woman asked me if I wanted to leave it on. Rather shocked she was. I said "yes" and she decided to cover it up with the card & thumb tacks. Then we shopped. Had eats at Kresses. Left white gloves in there. Dashed back with Tony and 15 minutes late for mess so had chicken sandwich at Palm Beach Plaza. Showed her the sea shell shop. Proprietor was there & told us about the celebrities Gloria Baker Topping, Gloria Vanderbilt and Mr. & Mrs. Harry Oakes have been in there too.

Went in then. The quiz was rather hard. Got 75 raised to 85. A little girl said to us "I bet I know what you want. I bet you want to buy a sergeant" or words to that effect. We were rather shocked. Peaked in at the dance and Tony danced.

14 Sunday Nov[ember]. 1943

Typed my quiz this afternoon. Tony had lunch with some boots. Kirker had a date in Miami with her brother. Didn't leave until 2:30. Saw "Devil Bat" and "Siren of the South Seas" at the Arcade. Saw Nadine with a soldier. Saw a bicycle charm in the jewelry store next to Arcade. Bought another sea horse. Sounded off for Mariel in watch meeting. Wrote 1 1/2 letters and lolled around.

15 Monday Nov[ember]. 1943

Had watch at 3:00 to 5:00.

One of the boots got sick and was vomiting so I took her down to sick bay. The elevator girl brought her back. When Alma came on the girl got sick again and had to be taken down. The hours went fast.

Prof. quiz is rather hard. Cady is the most sarcastic thing. Our room hasn't been ship shape yet on week days.

Bye Bye

16 Tuesday Nov[ember]. 1943

Finished the Prof. quiz. Sun and Surf. We came up here after our classes. Panther told us to change to swimming suits, sneakers and terry robes. We marched to the new building and doffed our robes. Open air dressing rooms now. Exercises on beach with Miss Geiser. Cusider there too. I played volleyball. Others went in pool and obstacle course. Not so tough. Shower must be taken with suit on.

Dismal day.

Bye Bye

Wednesday 17 November [1943]

I didn't go out tonight. Went to Mickie's room and had dinner with her. Met in mess line. Wrote letters just two. Heard Mayor of the town with Barigmare.

She hasn't very nice roommates. Teachers, rather stuffy. Cook's and Bakers is nice tho [sic]. Easyier [sic] than SK.


Thursday 18 Nov[ember]. [1943]

Due to inclement weather [drawing of rain] we didn't have muster in the morning or Sun and Surf or drill.

Even snow fell. The rain came down in sheets and obscured the township across the lake.

Typed some letters with Eileen in Room F. She left her Parker there and is now writing with a cheap pen.

That's all now.

Friday 19 November 1943

Same old grind. That Manuel is a sleeping looking individual. We have a tabulation exercise to do on our own time.

Just think we see Cady for the last time for a day today. That seems a little mixed up.

Studied for Prof. & washed my hair.

20 Nov[ember]. Sat[urday]. [1943]

Payday today. Had a coke with Tony in the little cubby-hole by the mess rooms. We were acting so silly and stopped in time as an officer jogged past.

Eileen and I collaborated on the test. I got Exec Officer wrong. I had C.O. instead. Anyway, I got 98. I was sure he saw her take the paper off.

Ensign Kempter and Ensign Nissen were doing inspection for amidships and weren't thru [sic] at 2:00. We had been inspected by Rutledge and the other girls were washing clothes and stuff and we stood at ease.

At 2, fire drill. Sheldon and others were in robes. Kempter & Nissen finished when we got back on deck.

Jack [?] went around saying we wouldn't get liberty. Crowley called up in fact. Then at 3:00 we were informed we could. Eileen was restricted, the whole room in fact.

Ensign Marino made me get out of line for long hair. Then I pinned it up and still couldn't go out. Then I went upstairs rolled it and Williams was then O.D. Then she told me to wear my wool and my shirt wasn't fitting me right & I had to tie my tie again. Of course Mariel and Greenlee hadn't waited.

I went to the music store and bought $7.50 of sheet music. Got the bicycle charm. Its darling. $4.40. [drawing of bicycle] Had papaya juice, sweet and orange juice like. Ate at Walgreen's and talked with another Spar. Then as I looked into this jewelry store Mariel, Eileen and Gladys were there. In I went and we went to the Service Men's Canteen. It was after 6. Eileen got out at 5:00.

We watched them dance and play pong ping. Eileen had to meet Johnny at monkey cage so I left her and while walking toward the Florida theatre two soldiers accosted me. One said "Haven't we met before?" I said "Have we" and went on. I put the dollar down and he sidles up to me and said "two" with his dollar so that's how my date began. "Best Foot Forward" with Lucille Ball and Gaxton. Reallee [sic] good. We stayed and watched them sing the first song over and 'lo and behold a quarter to 10 when we left. He wanted to dine somewhere but I had to get back. There were other Spars aboard. As we were watching I heard taps sounding. He let me go as I could make better time by myself. I said "I'm sorry" and off I dashed. Just barely made it.

Took a shower and then goobye [sic]

21 Nov[ember]. Sunday [1943]

This was really a dull day. Alma and I didn't leave till 6:30. The others left before. We typed our lesson and I slept an hour.

Guida Henderson was late last nite and has her liberties taken now.

We rode over to W.P. on the bus and stepped off by the pier at Worth Avenue. Hedley's eating place is there where Toni and Alma ate once. A sailor came out and told us no one is allowed on pier after a half hour after sun down. So back we walked. A baby shark la on the pier. I kicked a fish into the sea. The surf was wonderful.

A police car came along and picked us up and we got off by the Casablanca and I sent a cocoanut to Darlene. A soldier came up between us and startled me. Back to hotel and thence to bed.

22 Nov[ember]. Monday [1943]

Ah! delicious sleep.

Will I ever get enough! No. No more Cady now. Thurston I can see will be more capable of explaining things to us. The admiral is coming this Friday and at a meeting this evening Sheldon informed us we had to have a Review on Thursday and Sat. Rooms ship shape Fri[day]. & Sat[urday].

We didn't have any study hall and dressed up we marched over to Flagler Park all of us across the bridge by the little park and then to Flagler Park to seats. On Station WI OD over it came. Adm[iral]. Waesche spoke & so did Stratton. Half an hour. A quarter after 6 it started. Our chorus sang two songs. After the program we sang with the orchestra. A Navy blimp hovered overhead and a Spar spoke. The first broadcast from a Navy blimp. At 7 Fred Waring came on. They sang "You Are Always in My Heart" What Is This Thing Called Love" "White Christmas" and "Coast Guard Forever." Then backed we march. A long line across the bridge.

No study hall.

23 Nov[ember]. Tuesday [1943]

Same as ever. In Eng[ineering]. We lost half an hour as the electricians fixed the lights. The ocean was swell today.

Didn't go to the dance tonight. Cut a birthday cake [unreadable] by Lt. Crowley. Loretta, Toni and Benny attended. I wrote a letter. Dashed up to see Dee Dee.

24 Nov[ember]. Wed[nesday]. [1943]

Same old grind.

No study hall. Wrote letters and saw "Oklahoma Kid" with Humphrey Bogart and Toni. We bought sandwiches and cookies & munched them. We almost saw "Phantom of the Opera" but it had been changed. We walked to Walgreen's then and had a hamburger. No onions what a queer place. Bought Kleenex and Toni left hers.

25 Thurs[day]. Nov[ember]. [19] '43 (Thanksgiving) [1943]

Turkey and cranberries, sweet potatoes, nuts, apples, and etc. We ate at a quarter to one and didn't get thru till 1:30 so no transcription class. We had as much time to eat as we wanted.

We cleaned our rooms and I and several others cleaned the classroom "J." Coming up I dashed in & saw the last of the picture "Quiet, please. Murder" with G. Sanders and Dick Denning.

We gave a review for the captain and marched twice for him. Rutledge didn't secure us till after 8.

26 Fri[day]. Nov[ember]. [19]'43

The admiral arrived at 5:30. Going to mess we saw the band and officers waiting for him. But the line passed on and I couldn't wait.

L[ieutenan]t. Rutledge and McCabe inspected our rooms today.

We stood by and I washed my hair Thurs[day]. Nite [sic].

27 Sat[urday]. Nov[ember]. [19]'43

Marched for the Ad[miral]. We waited about 1/2 hour and heard the motorcycles leading the cars. Of all the gold braid that marched out. In whites too. About 18 inspected us. Some civilians too and a truck with a platform on it had a sailor on it taking pictures. Didn't see any newsreel pictures tho.

Toni and I went to the restaurant in "Testas" at Palm Beach and had spaghetti, I had fried potatoes and a salad and barely finished it. Toni had a bottle of ale. Then we walked to West Palm & had a glass of orange juice.

After mess we lolled around and at 8 marched to patio and sat there for 2 hours listening to Adm[iral]. Waesche and Margaret Smith. They were good speeches. Smith stumbled over the word U.S. Coast Guard and called it Ghost Guard. Some of the girls were rude & littered. Finally they let us go. Programs were issued but I didn't get any extra.

Bye Bye

28 Sun[day]. Nov[ember]. [19]'43

Oh hail blithe Spirit. Well if I would keep up with this diary it wouldn't be suck a task to write in it.

Sun and Surf I visited with Ellie a boot that Toni met while in recruiting office in New York. We had mess here and I typed and wrote a letter to Gloria and then we went in the 1:30 draft. The officer with Kempter was playing ball and while we were dozing the ball landed on my stomach. The waves were not rough. Ellie wouldn't on the sand cause it would dirty her suit. We left before 5. I got some film Saturday and took pictures.

We went to the Rialto and saw "So Proudly We Hail" and "West Side Kid." They were rather corny in "W.S.K." Donald Barry was a toughie.

Clandette Colbert and Veronica were good. We left at 9:15 and on the boat we found out liberty only till 9:30.

We barely slid in at 9:30 but we made it. The O.D. officer was not sitting at her desk.

29 Nov[ember]. Mon[day].  [1943]

Today we had Battaglio again. What a sissy. We have a new [illegible]teacher too. Rather inexperienced.

So long.

30 Nov[ember]. Tuesday [1943]

Ah! liberty tomorrow. Our 4th week now.

Sun and Surf was fun Gareis gave us calisthenics. The ocean was rather calm. Tough! Sent my charm home.

St. Ouge drilled us and we weren't very good. Graess- for him we do fine.

Thurston is a pretty good egg.

1 Dec[ember]. Wed[nesday]. [1943]

The last month. I didn't go on liberty today. Kocman didn't either.

When we arrived at our decks again we had to move. I came up during [illegible]and got my spelling book. Some of the rooms had to move.

We're now in 346 amidships. Loretta and Kirker being on liberty I cleaned the head out, and moved the closet.

Ellie and another boot came down and we talked. Korman went to the 101-102 "Boot Folly" Play. I wrote a letter.

She told us about a girl carrying a suitcase across the stage and she said "I'm taking the case to court." She came back carrying a ladder. "I'm taking the case to a higher court.

I rolled on the floor at that one. Elwell came in and stared. Some girls got so sick they heaved downstairs.

Lorretta put on her brown bathing suit. M-mmm

2 Dec[ember]. Thurs[day]. [1943]

No Sun and Surf again. We had to put on our suits, terry robes and stockings with sneakers. I stayed in the intermediate class and didn't go to ocean. Climbed the cargo net. Very interesting. We'll never be honor co[mpany].

3 Dec[ember]. Fri[day]. [1943]

Eileen and I studied and she washed her hair before I had answered all the questions. Test again tomorrow. We made out pay receipts. Oh joy unconfined.

4 Dec[ember]. Sat[urday]. [1943]

At 8:50 we got our pay. (This didn't happen today but I forgot to write it) When Eileen went to quarterdeck for no. of pay rec. Moon grabbed us & said "Are there some girls here without jackets? Eileen gibly talked her out of it. Didn't have time.

We got by tho [sic]. Our passes haven't come for Miami yet.

5 Dec[ember]. Sun[day]. [1943]

This morning Lucky brot [sic] our passes up Toni and I left at 10. A taxi drove us over, there were 5 other Spars in it. Charged a quarter apiece. We got our tickets and the conductor said "all right" and motioned to me, on I went. The territory is similar to the rest of the land here.

Miami is beautiful. Toni and I ate in Child's restaurant with Whitney and De Moss.

We walked thru the park and left at 6:00. Sent home some fruit. $7.00.

On the bus we laughed at a Spar sleeping on an Ensign's shoulder. There was another one that slept on a soldier's shoulder. We opened the windows and the wind ruffled our hair.

6 Dec[ember]. Monday [1943]

Our fifth week. James for professionals. Very few notes on him. Very dark.

7 Dec[ember]. Tuesday [1943]

Got to go to swimming today. Cusater made us do side stroke. Lots of sand in my hair. Drill was not too bad.

Sun and Surf ain't what it used to be.


8 Dec[ember]. Wed[nesday]. [1943]

Started typing the forms for Prof. Almost go to sleep during [illegible]Went out for liberty. Had the pictures taken at Tooley-Myron. Will mail me the prints.

Stood in line at Morrison's cafeteria and along came Aileen, Mariel & Greenlee. Went to Booth's café then. Had fried chicken and was very good.

Went to Patio Grill then and had a Tom Collins. Put so much sugar in it that the girls couldn't drink it and I didn't finish it either. 45¢

Then to Servicemen's Center. I met John's Aileen and they all left. I read a comic book and when I left a sailor accosted me on the street. I told him goodbye & he walks beside me. He bought me a soda and then we sat in Flagler Park. He was perturbed at the thought of arm rests in the chairs. A struggle ensued. He gave me his address & vice versa. Then he took my pen and wouldn't let me have it. Finally I go.

The girls roared when I told them.

Dec[ember]. 9 Thursday [1943]

We found out today that we are honor comp[any]. Very surprised we were. Keanney drilled us. Said "You'd never know it" that we were the Honor Com[pany].

Dec[ember]. 10 Friday [1943]

We did pretty good in review too. Our lines were strate [sic]. We meet James tomorrow for Prof. questions. Study hall again. Typed a lot anyway.

Dec[ember]. 11 Saturday [1943]

Didn't go out today but stayed in and typed. Rather monotonous. Took 3 h[ou]rs for James to dictate the answers to the questions. What a waste of time.

Dec[ember]. 12 Sunday [1943]

Didn't go to typing till after 2. Took my music and played for half an hour. Then typed till 5:30. Alma & I decided to go to "Thank Your Lucky Stars." Too many in line so went to Rialto. "Let's Face It" and "Rubber Racketeers" was on. Saw half of second feature. Second rate. Bob Hope very good. Little boy hollered out Baby at us when we crossed in front of seats. Then some boy kissed me on the cheek when he went up the aisle. I laughed and it was so funny.

Then we had a coke and bought sandwiches. She didn't want to take the ferry and the wrong bus. She didn't look to see what it was. Well she recognized the landmarks and we got off and phoned the taxi at West Palm. Two army officers were there. We waited on corner and then a man came by and drove us to P.O. He stopped to see if he had some cards and clock said 9:30 then. Well we were late 3 minutes. Moon wrote the time down and up we went. If I had only taken the ferry. IF!

Toni hadn't any dinner so she ate rest of sandwiches.

Dec[ember]. 13 Monday [1943]

Test tomorrow. Studied in the head till 12:00 with Alma, Loretta and Kirker. Just have to pass, you know. Typed some of my notes. Lots to do yet.

Dec[ember]. 14 Tuesday [1943]

Went to room B and stayed 3 hours. Didn't look at any notes and Alma didn't come to deck till after mess. Will be told tomorrow about everything. The test wasn't too hard. Looked at Aileen's paper a few times. Good thing I did. Typed some more.

Dec[ember]. 15 Wed[nesday]. [1943]

When we were thru at 4:00 couldn't leave decks. A fire drill ensued. Then we were sent to G and the results were posted. Aileen got 92 and I- 93. She got her rating and I did not. I just knew I wouldn't. Brown, Mekus, Stewart, Kirker, Lawrence, Wolbarst, and 11 of us didn't all together. It was hard looking at their happy faces and knowing a few weeks earlier I could be that way too. Newman finally came down. Kirker, Alma and I drew Wash. D.C. Kirker & I didn't want it but now we're glad. Finally got on liberty. Mailed some fruit to Della and Thelma. Aileen and I ate at Booths saw Mariel and Gladys.

Dec[ember]. 16 Thursday [1943]

We had [illegible]I think and typing. Notes were not handed in today. still not finished. Preston got her rating after all. A ghoul from the transportation office talked to us. I'm paying my own way. Reminds me of Frankenstein. Really he does. No reply yet to the S.D. Still mail is slow now.

Dec[ember]. 17 Friday [1943]

We were supposed to have an hour free today. instead we had to fill out pay receipts in room C. Arbour reeled off the amounts. I drew $57.00. Part of clothing allowance.

Then back to deck to dress for pictures. I brought my music and Eileen played it. We got in the picture just in time. Nice and rainy too. They took 2 of them.

We went in the pay line and I dashed up to the deck & got my coat on, then forgot hat and liberty card. Went to Personnel office and they told me I should buy my ticket by Sat[urday]. and to let her know.

Went shopping and sent telegram, bought sea shells and then didn't have time to see movie so Eileen & I started back.

Reg[emental]. Rev[iew]. was called off as it was raining.

Had graduation and marched in proud as punch. Isely gave diplomas. They were slightly mixed up and Loretta got mine. Grade 3.80.

Bought 2 glasses of wine at party. Alma phoned for taxi but gone by time we got out. Finally got one & Alma left before party was over. Fun tho [sic]. Toward end of evening I danced with officer.

Lights out at 1:00.

Saturday 18 Dec[ember]. [1943]

Had liberty as usual. Alma lucky she stayed in. Rec[eived]. $10 from home & letter from Josie and E.F. again. My hero! Tore down to Comm. Office for telegram and got money in West Palm. $100 if you please.

Saw Jean Arthur & John Wayne "Lady Takes a Chance." Wasn't as good as expected.

19 Sunday Dec[ember]. [1943]

Went to quarterdeck and bidded [sic] goodbye to Toni, Loretta and Kirker. Douglas chased me out. At ten I got liberty card and worked checking in liberty cards till 4:00. Wrote and packed the rest of time. The girls who didn't have coats had to be in by 5:00. Bartholomew was officer.

Berdelman is L[ieutenan]t. now. Saw Eileen and she gave me a friendship ring. Was I surprised. Yes indeed!

20 Monday Dec[ember]. [1943]

Left at 9:30 with Madeline Grey. Had to wait for train. A girl drove us over. Silver Meteor. Met a nice soldier who wanted me to sleep with him but I declined. Then his buddy was in my seat with Grey and I was chased out of two seats before I finally settled down. Eddie told me I was conventional and shouldn't expect any favors. I told him I wasn't asking for any.

21 Tuesday Dec[ember]. [1943]

Eddie talked to me before the train docked. Madeline went on to New York. Bought a little bottle of liquor for poppy yestiddy [sic]. Cute too. sat in bar a lot too. Food was good. Got the Pittsburg train with Connie from Florida. A sailor and soldier talked to us and bought dinner. They carried our bags and a soldier that Connie got acquainted with going to Fort Wayne took mine after that. Jim was his name. Bob Dalton soldier, Bill Franklin sailor. Couldn't find seat on train so ended up in washroom. Put paper on floor and Jim and Connie spread coats over them. I sat on the ledge but when they turned the heat on it got uncomfortable. Sat on floor with back toward heat and had to move. Ended on wash sink. Very dirty too. Sailor tent me his P jacket to keep legs warm. Finally got up and soldier let me have his seat. Toes were numb. The sailor told me to get up and suddenly there I was on his lap. Oy yai yai. I slept a little bit. Less than an hour. Then had seat to self. I saw Jimmie kiss her when I looked at them once.

22 Wednesday Dec[ember]. [1943]

Couldn't find Connie's bag so we were in head when train stopped. She got out when train started again and had to get off at Indiana Harbour. I couldn't find my bag then. Sailors teased me and finally I went looking again. Same soldiers were standing in front of it and didn't see it before. Mailed it to her at Chicago for 40 cents. Went in restroom & cleaned up. Shirt filthy. Hair also. Cleaned hand and they were dirty after I finished combing them. Writ [sic] in diary & wrote letters. But didn't write all I should. Checked my bags. Walked over a bridge over a river in Chicago. Icy and wintry blasts were blasting. Saw two pictures "Destroyer" with E.G. Robinson and "Dangerous Blondes" with Evelyn Keyes. Then I walked back. Oh yes a boy annoyed me. He kept pressing his knee against mine and moved his hand along me but didn't actually do anything. I told him "Would you mind keeping to yourself" and he then shifted. And darn if he doesn't do it again. I moved 2 seats away and then he moved. I moved again & then he moved out of the row entirely.

I washed my hands again and left my ring off. I didn't remember it again till I had a short nap & while eating dinner I twisted it on my finger. Of course it was gone. She will never know. Got a Sereen [?] Romance & while reading it a 1st Lt. started talking to me. He is going to Seattle too. He tried to get me a berth but I would have had to change my ticket. So saw him off on the 10:45 train. He told me I was cute and a screwball. Took my address & said he would see me Xmas day. I hope not, although I like him.

Finally got my bags and dropped the magazine en route. Sat on the outside with a man. Nice seats tho [sic]. Managed to sleep fitfully.

23 Thursday Dec[ember]. [1943]

The porter here is very witty. Has a bag especially for wastepaper so the chairs & floors will be nice & clean for Xmas.

Another one comes thru [sic] with hot coffee and cold sanwiches [sic]. Bought my dinner of fricasseed chicken but didn't enjoy it much. (Writing this on the train). The girl in front of me is on the wrong train as she wants to go to Everett and this Milwaukee train doesn't go thru there. An ensign was teasing me about sleeping so much but can't help it. The man got off and a girl took his place but she moved again so I slept laying down tonite [sic].

24 Dec[ember]. Friday [1943]

The porter came thru today and said it was Xmas eve morning. Jolly fellow.

The landscape is mostly bare hills, some trees.

Slept during the day. Reading Cecil Brown's story "Suez to Singapore." Veree int'restin [sic].

Got off at Butte for the first time on the train. Bare hills. Mining town.

Got two free candy bars from girls with baskets slug from necks with cigarettes too.

Helped a sick girl dress. Sinus tracable [?]. Changed into a blue shirt. White is down right filthy.

A sailor (drunk) annoyed me. Wanted my name & finally I slapped him when he put his hand on my knee. He finally left but when he came back I left but he squeezed me as I went by so I gave him a resounding smack on the head.

A soldier told me he had left. I dashed and washed my hands. A soldier asked me if that what they taught me in the Spars. He was very obnoxious. Going to Bremerton. Pooh!

A soldier came thru with oranges & walnuts. I took orange. Some sailors talked to me and were looking for liquor. They wanted some of my little bottle but I wouldn't give it. They told me I was rugged.

Sat[urday]. Christmas [1943]

Went thru Ellensburg [Washington] and Cle Elum [Washington]. Monotonous country. Arrived at Seattle 12:30. Weren't many people in the station. Phoned at the U.S.O. A soldier was before me. Got some chocolate éclairs. Yum Yum.

They were happy to see me and Della was there. When Wally came in I surprised them. He was overjoyed. Grandma & Darleen came over.

Mandells dropped in when Della was ready to cart us up to Thelma's. Her cold was too bad.

Wanda is as tall as I. 16 now. Junior doesn't care for girls in uniform. Tough!

I finally went to bed. Showed them my man tailored pajamas.

Sun[day]. Dec[ember]. 26 [1943]

Saw Josie & Annie today. Their boyfriends were there. Josie is serious with Chuck Matthews. He is going to send her a ring. Annie's sailor is nicer looking.

Jennie is home now and working at Boeing's. Going to have a baby and Larry is the culprit. Chuck & Josie walked home with me.

Monday Dec[ember]. 27 [1943]

Saw Josie at 1:00. Mom went with me. Errol Flynn in "Northern Pursuit" entertained us.

Chuck made the remark that "he sure goes after them" in the Roosevelt when they were there before and the preview was flashed on. He sends me. Simply marvelous

Tuesday Dec[ember]. 28 [1943]

This afternoon we rode over & saw Betty Lou. She has a bum knee. Infection started and she has to use crutches. Her baby is adorable.

She smiles & laughs. Betty put her in a little swing and she weighs an awful lot. Big for 8 months.

Went to Jose's and her aunt & uncle were there. Chuck gave her a crass with a diamond in the center.

Annie gave her some records and slips from mater and aunt. Lost wallet [unreadable]. Saw "Laurel & Hardy" in Jitterbugs.

Wednesday Dec[ember]. 29 [1943]

Seattle looks the same

Went to town again. Saw Thelma at noon. Bought some red shoes had they dyed at Fredericks.

Helen Carson from Ballard is drawing pictures of people at the Bon. She really went somewhere with her art. Visited Mrs. Henry.

Saw Josie at Rhodes.

Thursday Dec[ember]. 30 [1943]

Stayed home all day. Mrs. Harding didn't seem to be home. Very odd. Played piano & records. Soap operas.

Friday Dec[ember]. 31 [1943]

So many things have happened in 1943 for my 21st year. I shall always remember it as perhaps a deciding factor on my future life. Of course joining the Spars has everything to do with it. I'll never be the same again.

Met Doris at lunch. Last night betty Lou phoned me and she saw Errol's picture was in the Star. Came down from Alaska from entertaining troops. Dashed into the times and was I thrilled. Soldier gave him a blue fox.

Contacted Mildred to go to show over in Uni[versity]. district "Thank Your Lucky Stars." Very good. Errol sang a song "That's What They Jolly Well Get" in a barroom. [Drawing of mustache] — mustache he wore.

Doris took me to see Bev who is running an elevator.

I couldn't persuade Mildred to ride up to beacon Hill where parents were partying with Bristals. She was so-o tired from being at Penthouse with Todd's Thurs[day]. Nite [sic]. (So accommodating) Tough!

Got new pen today as mine fell from pocket in train. We had beefburger sauté and I had waffles. Didn't wear hat, anklets & tweed coat.

Arrived home 11:30. Phoned mater, got taxi. Phoned back "one when available so I called to cancel & lo & behold it was on its way.

Driver was rather perturbed to find me going way up there. When I mentioned the Spars he turned asked me how old. 'Thot [sic] I was a 14 year old kid. I was flabbergasted. I told him he didn't get a good look.

The low shoes did it. Fare was $1.80. Wally poured me a drink but I couldn't take it. Don almost called me for a date at the Flamingo Highschool nite [sic] club but that I was too old. Heck. We had to leave before it was over. Bed at 3:00. What a wonderful New Years. She served potato salad & etc. dad got a cold. Tough!

We rode home & Wally et Margaret came in & left at 3:00.