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Letter from Catherine Cayle to friend, 1945

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Description: Cayle recently received an overseas assignment and but can’t say where for security reasons. She writes of the social scene onboard ship, including concerts, visiting the recreation room where she listens to records and drinks Coke, which is a luxury. There have been delays with the mail.

Creator: Catherine Cayle

Biographical Info: Catherine Cayle served in the Army Nurse Corps from 1942 to 1945.

Collection: Catherine Cayle Letters

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Full Text:

7 April 45

At sea -

My dear Mrs. Dickson -

When you & I were buddies in the solarium on 4th Floor little did I think that one day I'd be writing to you from the deck of a ship on the high seas - which I guess only proves what you don't know does you no harm.

We got orders Mar. 10th and we went out a flying - where we went or how I can not tell you at this point for security reasons - for the first few days I was horribly sea sick and believe me, that is an illness! But, now I'm fine and I love every minute of it - the only bad feature is the heat and it's intense.

I am in a state room with 17 other nurses - we have wonderful accommodations in fact I'm beginning to wonder how the Navy manages to treat us so well.

I have met some grand people we amuse ourselves with card games song fests - concerts by the ship band & recorded symphonies - I have been talking with an Ensign of this ship's company & he takes me to this recreation room to listen to records & have a coke - the latter is pure luxury because for most of the passengers coca-cola is practically extinct.

How have you been feeling? I do hope well and also your family - You have certainly had more than your share of trouble, it's about time you have some peace of mind.

I haven't had mail in over a month & I know my mother isn't receiving my letters & that worries me but other than that I'm in the best of health.

May God bless you always,