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Description: Diary entry describing an instructional meeting for members of the Red Cross assigned to France. The entry states that twenty male and thirty female volunteers met at Union Station in Washington D.C. to begin the journey to France.


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Sept[ember] 28 [1918]

Sat[urday]. Conference at 9:30 A.M. Capt. Carson gave instructions to those going overseas. Another conference at 2:30 P.M. and Miss Grenthet, who had been to France gave us a talk on conditions there, etc. Instructed to meet at Union Station, Washington, D.C. at 10 P.M. At 10 P.M. all were there, fifty girls and twenty boys, under command of Capt. Carson & Capt. Mahoney. At eleven o'clock, we boarded train for N.Y. and went to bed.

Sept[ember] 29 [1918]

Sun[day]. Arrived in N.Y. at 6:30 A.M. dressed & went to Penn Sta[tion]. for breakfast. Breakfast over, we walked to Hudson [River] and took subway to Hoboken, N.J. There, necessary business & routine for sailing were gone through. Wanted me to take No. 13—for picture. At 1:30 P.M. we with Capt[ian]. Mahoney taking lead, proceeded to Lackawanna Sta[tion]. for lunch. Lunch over, we took ferry to N.Y. Arrived in N.Y. & were given passports for English liner "Caronia" [The RMS Caronia was a large passenger liner owned by The Cunard Line which was converted into an armed troop transport in 1914]. Assigned to stateroom B—6, berth 4. Roommates Jeannette Blum & Ethel Bohon. Explored deck & boat a little. Dinner at 8 P.M. Soldiers entertained us with songs. Went to bed & slept like a top. Turkey & plum pudding for dinner.

Sept[ember] 30 [1918]

Mon[day]. Arose at 6:30. Was awakened by sound of water & discovered we were moving down N.Y. harbor. Passed Statue of Liberty. Breakfast at 8 o'clock. At 9:45 A.M. had drill in life boats. Donned life belts on arriving. Looked charming! Anchored at 10 A.M. Glass was found in candy, from canteen. Boat started about 2:30 P.M. Past N.Y. harbor and Coney Island, also Sandy Hook & drifted about into broad Atlantic. Were accompanied by U.S.S.S. [sic] "Michigan" [a South Carolina class battleship] & "Washington" and five other transports which formed our convoys. Harbor was guarded by zeppelins & aeroplanes. Boat closely guarded & all lights out on deck at night. Slept well that night.

Oct[ober] 1 [1918]

Tues[day]. Second day out at sea & I am not yet seasick. Calm sea and air is warmer, because we had hit Gulf Stream. L[ife]. Boat drill at 10 A.M. & during that time a man jumped overboard. He was picked up by warship. Several shots were fired for practice. No more excitement as yet. There are nearly five thousand people on our boat. Joined by three other transports from Newport News, Va. Had tea in tea room at 4 o'clock. Dinner & to bed. Clocks were turned up ½ hr.

Oct[ober] 2 [1918]

Wed[nesday]. Feeling fine. Sea was beautiful, deep blue. Boat rocks a little more. Played five—hundred with girls. Lunch. Cloudy sky and rain in afternoon. After dinner, were entertained in drawing room by line privates, Roach & an Italian, who sang for us. Another played piano and it was most enjoyable. Rained hard that night.

Oct[ober] 3 [1918]

Ocean seemed calm and boat moved quietly. Boat drill, five hundred game & French class. Promenaded deck. I felt sick & went to bed about lunch time. Ship's doctor called & he ordered me to remain in bed. Steward brings me food, to room. Late in afternoon, sea got rough & boat rocked a great deal. Negro soldiers sang in drawing room but I did not get to hear them.

Oct[ober] 4 [1918]

Still in bed. Doctor called this A.M. & says that I still have fever. Have "flu," so frightened. Cannot yet go on deck. Ship still rocks frightfully. Many sick. Many cases Spanish influenza among privates. Something got wrong with machinery on ship behind us, so we had to slacken our speed. People have been very kind coming in to see me & reading to me. Danced on deck this P.M. but of course, I did not participate.

Oct[ober] 5 [1918]

Doctor ordered me to remain in bed. Had much company. Negro died & after ceremonies was buried at sea. Was wrapped in flag. Other vessels lowered flags to half—mast. Called on some of girls to volunteer to nurse some of men who were sick.

Oct[ober] 6 [1918]

Sun[day] — went on deck & remained there all day. [RMS]Caronia nearly ran into [USS] Geo[rge]. Washington. Lovely day. Met L[ieutenan]t. Metzger from Mobile, Ala[bama].

Oct[ober] 7 [1918]

One week ago since we first set sail from N.Y. harbor. 5 boys dead. Played cards, etc. wrote letters, also.

Oct[ober] 8 [1918]

Haven't been eating breakfast. Feeling better. All enlisted men were brought up on A & B decks to hear concert. They are to be given every day in order to cheer them up. 380 are sick and 6 are dead.  Boat steering S.E. Drifting around, awaiting convoy. "Michigan" left us in night.

Oct[ober] 9 [1918]

Four buried at sea, making total of 15. Grand concert held at night, in "sah—la—mon—jay." (dining room).

Oct[ober] 10 [1918]

Thirteen buried at sea. Most of men sleep on deck. Medicine scarce. Did some typing in P.M. Very rough sea at night. Boat rocked.


Oct[ober] 11 [1918]

Friday — Our cruiser left us early this A.M. & sailed back to America. Ten sub—chasers [small surface vessels that were specially equipped to destroy submarines] heave into sight, early this A.M. & surrounded the transports. Beautiful day. Kept life preservers on every minute. Slept in clothes, etc. No. dead brought total up to forty six. Typed a little for Dr. Goodyear.

Oct[ober] 12 [1918]

Sat. & Columbus Day. Were in Bay of Biscay, early this A.M. Water very rough. Thirteen soldiers dead, making total of sixty—five. Wrote some cards. Arranged for lunch, to eat after landing. Walked & talked with Lt. Westfall — M.T.R. He is from Dayton, O. Expect to land Sun. "[USS] Leviathan & [RMS] Aquitania" are two transports.

Oct[ober] 13 [1918]

Total deaths while on trip were 72. Safe in Harbor of Brest. Everyone happy to see land. Cited land ahoy 3 A.M. & saw light house. Anchored about 10 A.M. Observation balloons guarded harbor. Discarded life preservers. Rumored that peace was declared. Everyone excited. Afternoon tea. Was upon hurricane deck with Lt. Westfall, Jeannette & another officer, a great part of day. Dance in evening. Tea—room decorated with French, American, & British flags. Lt. Col. [Lieutenant Colonel] Groninger engineered affair. Good time. Deck illuminated. City of Brest looked fine, lighted at night.

Oct[ober] 14 [1918]

Breakfast 7 A.M. Boarded lighter "San Luis" about 9 A.M. & went to Brest. Went in truck to station. Lots of fun. Everything quaint. Boarded train. Saw children in wooden shoes. Very old city. Saw fortress of Napoleon, American camp and hospital. Boarded train at 10:30 A.M. Funny, long train with compartments that accommodated six passengers. Traveled "premier classe." Saw American boys & they were glad to see us. Stopped at St. Brieux, and wine, apples, coffee. Country was beautiful. Saw old manors. Boys of medical detachment of Syracuse on train, came from Brest. We left several girls & boys in hospital at Brest. Gave us loaves of bread as long as train, almost; it fell on my head. Met French officers who had been wounded. Told us interesting tales. American captain told us about turning point of war at Chateau Thierry [part of the Second Battle of the Marne]. Sat up in compartment all night. Passed thru Le Mans & Rennes. At Rennes, talked to some American boys. Went up to Restaurant La Gare & had dinner about 9 P.M. Stayed in Rennes [France] 'till 12:40.

Oct[ober] 15 [1918]

Reached Tours [France] about 12:30 P.M. La Gare patrolled by American M.P. [Military Police] L[ieutenan]t. Ellis & Sgt. Wallace escorted us to "L'Hotel La' Central." Some went to L'Hotel Negociants. Jeanette & I had nice room. Miss Fox of Y.W.C.A. [Young Woman's Christian Association] in charge. After luncheon, J & I walked around town. Wrote letter to A.J.M. Jeannette's brother & Mr. Spade called in evening. We walked to Barracks. Doctor called & left me medicine for cold.

Oct[ober] 16 [1918]

Sgt. [Sergeant] Wallace said that we need not report to Provost Marshall's office. Miss Fox took "bunch" sightseeing. Went thru [sic] Garden of Musee [de Beaux—Arts]. Saw evergreen tree 154 yrs. old, orange trees 3 centuries old, & roses in bloom. Went thru Cathedral of St. Gatien [Cathédrale Saint—Gatien de Tours]. Saw Jeanne D'Arc's picture & shrine & many beautiful things. Next went to Mademoiselle Hermary's. Was in her house, very quaint. She accompanied us to Convent, where we saw original wall of Tours. Saw breach in wall where Normans tried to enter city, & shrine of S[ain]t. Martin [of Tours], who saved city. Walked same path that Julius Caesar had walked. Went to Loire River & saw laundry boats where French women were washing clothes. Saw statues of some authors & tower where [Henry 1] Duke of Guise leader of Catholics was confined by Huguenots [French Protestants] & from which he escaped to Loire R[iver]. in boat. Walked through shopping district. After luncheon, Jeannette & I walked to la gare by Palace de Justice & around city. Tea at 4:30 P.M. several French ladies were present. While eating dinner, A.J.M. came to Hotel to see me. Very surprised. We went out together & talked over old times.

Oct[ober] 17 [1918]

J. & I went out to Barracks and had pictures taken for passes. Went to Commissary, saw draftsmen. One draftsman died. Saw Mr. Hiller, who had come from Eng[land]. Dir[ector]. Had lunch. Wrote letters. J & I walked across Pont Bonaparte & saw Loire River. Came back, dinner, took walk with A.J.M.

Oct[ober] 18 [1918]

Jeannette & I went to dispensary, got medicine for cold. Went for shampoo but no go. Reported at Barracks at 2:30 P.M. assigned to Lieut. Hart. Planning Sec[tion]. Worked until 5:45. In evening, phantom party at hotel. All dressed in sheets & pillow cases. Danced, sang & were entertained by Y.M.C.A. entertainers. Ended party by singing "Marseillaise" & "Star Spangled Banner."

Oct[ober] 19 [1918]

Sat[urday]. — A.J.M. took Jeannette & me to Gaumont [Film Company] movie on Rue de Nationale. All written in French but Jack's knowledge of French gave us the trend[?] of the story. Many Americans present. Some French wore straw hats and drank wine from bottles, during intermission.

Oct[ober] 20 [1918]

Rained all day. Was awakened by ringing of church bells. Mr. Blum & Mr. Sapola were to take Jeannette & me to castle. Owing to rain, did not go. Same & Mrs. Weingartnet went to Musee and saw beautiful paintings & statuary. Stopped in ice cream parlor & had "la glace" [a frozen French treat] which tasted like "chocolate ice." Went to French—American movie. Interesting. In evening, Mr. Hiller called & we had five hundred [a popular card game] party.

Oct[ober]21 [1918]

Saw many German prisoners, marching to lunch. Read letter from L[ieutenan]t. Westfall, said his company was going to pass thru Tours, [France] soon. Working for L[ieuatenan]t. Hart. Like work. M Knechel, M. Weingarteu & self went to dispensary. Met some doctors from states.
Oct[ober] 22 [1918]

Trucks arrived. Unpacked. Pauline, B. Abercrombie, Dreadley, Jeanette,& I danced Paul Jones dance in parlor.

Oct[ober] 23 [1918]

Worked hard. Missed AJM at gate. Very dark when we got out. M[ada]me. Suis came to see about French lessons. Miss Aldrich & I went to Officers' Club dance with Lieut[enant]. Soloman. Good time & pretty place. Lots of officers but few girls.

Oct[ober] 24 [1918]

Sick & remained at hotel all day. Breakfast served in bed. Bathed, washed hair, mended, etc. had French lesson from M[adam]e. Merari. Misses Berg & Kaufmann came from Brest [France]. Berg in our room for night.

Oct[ober] 25 [1918]

Worked all day. Cut stencils. Day was cloudy. AJM. came to see me. We visited a French family. Great fun. They spoke a little English and I spoke some French. Played piano and sang our national airs. Home and the gate was locked. I rang for the janitor and he let me in, after waiting for 1/2 hour. Jeanette and I were looking in a window, on our way home from work. Suddenly the window moved and, placing hands to head, we exclaimed "Oh". A Frenchman passing, exclaimed "Oo, la, la". Soon many Frenchmen were looking at us, laughing.

Oct[ober]26 [1918]

Sat[urday]; worked at office; AJM. walked home from work with me. L[ieutenan]t. Soloman took me to dance at Officer's Club. Met Lieutenant. Thomas from Virginia; there. Danced until 11:30 P.M. To the hotel; talked late.

Oct[ober] 27 [1918]

Sun. Slept late. Went to meet AJM. He and I went to dinner, and spent the afternoon together. He got very ill; late in the afternoon and had to go to bed. Sent for the doctor; He pronounced it "la grippe" [influenza]. I remained with him until 7 o'clock.

Oct[ober] 28 [1918]

Mon. Worked at the office. Moving everybody around. Jeannette moved to Beaumont B[arrac]ks [located in Aldershot, England]. I had to go to the hotel alone. Stopped at noon, to see AJM.

Oct[ober] 29 [1918]

Tues[day]. Worked. Wrote letters at night. Miss Fox had a little social gathering in the parlor, and served salad and chicken.

Oct[ober] 30 [1918]

Worked. AJM. still sick. Called to see him.

Oct[ober] 31 [1918]

Thurs[day]. was sick in morning. Remained at home until noon. Went to see AJM. and took him a plant. Read to him. Worked in the afternoon. At night, went to see "La Tosca" [a drama written by Victorien Sardou] with L[ieutenan]t. Soloman. Music all in French, but the gowns were beautiful. Fine time. It was at Municipal Theatre, Rue de Scellerie.

Nov[ember] 1 [1918]

Went to lunch at Officer's Mess. Had a jazz band. Had a Hallowe'en dance at the hotel, for the officers. Dining—room decorated with flags, holly & autumn leaves. Pennants of Signal Corp, Quartermaster and Ordnance. Many present. Fine time.

Nov[ember] 2 [1918]

Worked in morning. At noon, M. Kelly, M. Marshall, M. Knechel and self went to a Franco—Italian Café, for lunch. Had omlette and rice, very good. Walked a little farther to a park. Saw swans, etc. "tres bien" [French for "very well"]. Had dance in the evening, for the enlisted men. Many present. Had fine time. Met Sgt [Sergeant]. Halverson from Utah & Sgt. Geo. Lea, from Brooklyn. Austria signed peace armistice [The Armistice of Villa Giusti signed on November 3rd, 1918, sought to end hostilities between Italy and Austria—Hungary].

Nov[ember] 3 [1918]

Slept late in the morning. Arose, wrote letters, did some laundry work. At noon, saw AJM. Met Mr. Sprenkle from California. AJM. and I went to the "Alhambra" vaudeville show on Rue de Nationale. Actresses from Paris. All in French; fairly good. Saw many American soldiers with French girls. At night, I mended and read some.

Nov[ember] 4 [1918]

Mon[day]. Worked at office. Sgt. Halverson walked to work with me. Went to Hostess' House (Y.W.C.A.) [Young Women's Christian Association] for luncheon. Good. At night, Sgts [Sergeants]. Halverson & O'Neil went with E. Aldrich and me, for a walk. Meantime, AJM. called me to see me. Left letter saying that he is going to Loire—et—Cher [France]. for indefinite time. Miss Fox slightly scolded us for being out so late, although it wasn't late. She tucked us in bed.

Nov[ember] 5 [1918]

Tues[day]. Rained all day. At night, studied French. Took walk with Misses Kelly & Knechel on Rue de Nationale. Bought cakes & chestnuts. Ate them in my room; danced.

Nov[ember] 6 [1918]

Wed[nesday]. Sgts [Sergeants]. Peters & Bailey called on Eva A. & myself. Played "five—hundred" [a card game]. Nice time. Miss Fox asked boys to leave early.

Nov[ember] 7 [1918]

Thurs[day]. Rained all day, as usual. Went to Hostess' House for lunch with Misses Abercrombie and Eva. At night, Sgts. Halverson, O'Neil, Lons and some others called. We danced and sung; had a nice time. The Y.W.C.A. Hostess' House is giving a dance to the Ordnance girls & enlisted men, Nov[ember]. 9. Rumored that Germany is planning to sign peace armistice.

Nov[ember] 8 [1918]

Fri[day]. Worked. Still rained. Got some chocolate candy from commissary. At night, L[ieutenan]t. Thompsonform Montgomery, Ala[bama]. called at hotel to see me; owing to its being Fri[day]. night and against regulations of hotel, he had to leave almost immediately, after lecture from Misses, Fox, Proper & Sweet. Moved some of our things & celebrated Jeannette's birthday. Misses Kelly, Winegartner, Abercrombie & Knechel were present. Gay time— wine, c, etc. Quartermaster girl temporarily stayed in our room. Spilled bottle of wine. Rehearsed French in bed.

Nov[ember] 9 [1918]

Sat[urday]. Worked all day. Light went out. I left at 5:15 P.M. to go to hotel and move. Moved to Hotel Regina. I room with J. Blum in room 5. Eva Aldrich and Miss Dudley have room 6. F. Dudley changed our plans with Miss Fox, consequently she got my room. Attended dance at Hostess' House, in company with Gordon Halverson. Good time. Eva went with O'Neil, and Lones.

Nov[ember] 10 [1918]

Sun[day]. Arose at 8:30. Breakfast. Eva and I fixed up our rooms. Met Sgts [Sergeants]. Peters & Bailey and went with them, on car to Azay[—le—Rideau, France]. Walked by the Cher river, after which we had dinner at a farm—house. Bailey had baked pumpkin pie and it was fine. Went to Chateau L'Azay [Chateau d'Azay—le—Rideau]; beautiful. Caught car; car trouble; arrived at hotel late. Gordon and O'Neil were there and had supper with us. Eva, O'Neil, Gordon, and I took walk across bridge and by Loir river.

Nov[ember]11 [1918]

A memorable day in history of all world. At 11 A.M., fighting between Germany and Allies ceased and Armistice was signed. French decorated with flags. Left office early. Big parade and celebrating that night. L'Hotel de Ville & Palace of Justice were lit up. Fireworks were displayed and people made merry. Most everybody drunk. Went with Miss Proper and bunch of girls to see the celebrations. Beaucoup fun. "FINIS LE GUERRE." [French: "End of the War"] Met Henry Portyridal from Brookline, Mass[achusetts].

Nov[ember] 12 [1918]

Tues[day]. Worked. French still celebrating. At night, Jeannette & another friend of Gordon's, Sgt. Carr, Gordon and I went out to celebrate. Got horns, flags and had some fun. Back at 10 P.M.

Nov[ember] 13 [1918]

Wed[nesday]. Misses Moran & Ceaggett came from Brest [France]. Folks of Tour [Tours, France] still celebrating peace. Chaplin of Base Hosp[ital]. #7, came in with trucks and took crowd of us out to hosp[ital]. to dance. Bunch there were chiefly Boston boys. Decorations were hung by German prisoners and were beautiful. Confetti was concealed in ceiling & fell as we danced. Rec'd [received] souvenirs[?] & programs which were very nifty. Nice program rendered. Served ice cream, doughnuts, sandwiches, & coffee. Danced until 11 P.M. when we went home.

Nov[ember] 14 [1918]

Thurs[day]. Worked. Abbey, Evie & I had lunch at Restaurant "Moderne." Menu in French but we read it. At night, had date with Henry Portyridal from Brookline, Mass[achusetts]. L[ieutenan]t. Soloman called to see me & I went to see "Blois Revue" with him. Geo. Lea & Sgt [Sergeant]. McPoland were in it. "Bueu[?] show". Henry Portyridal has been at Chateau Thierry [The Battle of Chateau Thierry occurred on July 18, 1918, and was one of the first major actions of the American Expeditionary Forces] & told many interesting tales of experiences there. Fine chap. Had letter from L[ieutenan]t. Westfall, he is at Bordeaux [France]; is coming to Tours [France].

Nov[ember] 15 [1918]

Fri. Eva & I went to "Franco—American" lunchroom for lunch. Very good. Gordon & I went to see show.

Nov[ember] 16 [1918]

Sat[urday]. Went out with Gordon.

Nov[ember] 17 [1918]

Sun[day]. Gordon Halverson & I went to Chateau Luveyne [?]. Fine old chateau. Gordon plucked a rose from garden for me. Visited old church & old lady's store, where we got pictures. Got beaucoup chrysanthemums. Had date with L[ieutenan]t. Soloman that night. Gordon was peeved. Went to Theatre "Francais" & had dinner at Hotel Universe.

Nov[ember] 18 [1918]

Mon[day]. Worked. Weather rainy. No mail from home yet.

Nov[ember] 19 [1918]

Tues[day]. Do not remember.


Nov[ember] 20 [1918]

Wed[nesday]. Had little party at Hotel Central. Comprised of Gordon H., F. O'Neil, Sgt. [Sergeant] Gottewald, Hugh Lones, Bailey, Curley, etc. Danced & had a good time. Geo. Lea & Mac Poland sang & entertained. Other party got mixed up with ours and Foxie bawled us out about it.

Nov[ember] 21 [1918]

Thurs[day]. Do not remember.

Nov[ember] 22 [1918]

Fri[day]. O'Neil called to see Eva & brought letter from Gordon, saying he was sore about Wed[nesday]. night affair. Portyrada went to Brest [France].

Nov[ember] 23 [1918]

Sat[urday]. Met Portyrada & he & I, in company with Miss Foreman started to Beaumont Overlook by Gordon who accompanied me. Danced & had good time. Gordon reconciled.

Nov[ember]24 [1918]

Sun[day]. Eva, O'Neil, Gordon, & I went to Vouvray [France], on car. Walked thru [sic] pretty lanes, visited wine—cave. Dinner with boys, that night, after which we played cards at hotel.

Nov[ember] 25 [1918]

Mon[day]. Had date with Portyrada. We sat at hotel & talked. He was telling me of his experiences at front. He expects to leave for States soon. Fuze[sic] of lights at hotel blew out & frightened me.

Nov[ember] 26 [1918]

Big fire at Hotel Regina. I had decided to go to bed early so suppose that the reason. Had made cocoa on oil stove & prepared for bed. Due to oil stove being turned too high, in Miss Otto's room, caught room afire. When discovered, all second floor was on fire. I grabbed clothes from wardrobe & hurried, through dense smoke, downstairs. Nearly frantic Mr. Bailey took out my trunk & suitcase. Fire Dept [Department]. of Tours [France] appeared with their brass helmets on, and extinguished remaining flames after our brave American soldiers had done lots. So excited could scarcely sleep that night.

Nov[ember] 27 [1918]

Wed[nesday]. Attended dance at Hospital #27. Fine time. Met many nice boys. They served sandwiches, doughnuts, & coffee. Met Sgt [Sergeant]. Pedro.

Nov[ember] 28 [1918]

Thurs[day]. Our National "Thanksgiving Day." In morning, shopped a little, made candy. Eva, Foreman, Jeannette, & I had lunch at Franco—American. Gordon & O'Neil called on Eva & me. Brought beautiful flowers. Orchestra came to Hotel Central, late in afternoon. We danced. At night, Eva & I went with G. & O'N. to dinner. Fine dinner. Went to show afterwards.

Nov[ember] 29 [1918]

Friday. Met Portyrada at noon & he leaves for U.S. Sunday.

Nov[ember] 30 [1918]

Sat[urday]. Gordon, Lones, Eva, & I went for a walk. Dance at Aviation Field & Trianon Park Theatre. Special invitation to American girls.

Dec[ember] 1 [1918]

In morning, I and several other climbed Charlemagne's Tower [The "Tour de Charlemeagne" is one of the two remaining original towers of the Basilique de St—Martin in Tours, France] . Quite old & high. When on top could see all over surrounding country. Had pictures taken in front of it. Went to St. Martin's Church. Beautiful structure. Special services for Americans. Sermon in English. Dinner at Hostess' House, Dudley, Eva, Foreman, & I. Gordon & I went to St. Avertin. Beautiful sunny day. Saw Le Cher river & beautiful old homes. Got lost coming back & walked to Tours. Dinner at hotel with Smiley, Lones, Gordon, Abbey, Eva & self. Sang & played cards afterwards.

Dec[ember] 2 [1918]

Worked. Rumored that some of the girls are going back to States "tout—de—suite" [French language: "right away"]. Lt [Lieutenant]. Hart sick. At night, I remained in, taking bath, mending, etc. Letter from Lt. Westfall, enclosing picture in uniform.

Dec[ember] 3 [1918]

Tues[day]. Nothing exciting. Went to ball at Base Hospital #7. Had tarts and coffee. Met many nice boys, De Laura, Campbell, Green, Daugherty, etc. Aviation Orchestra. Went in trucks.

Dec[ember] 4 [1918]

Nothing exciting. Rained. Rec'd [received] letter from AJ Male, asking me to come to Blois [France], Sun[day]. Got permits to go. Sent Courier Hill. At night, wrote letters.

Dec[ember] 5 [1918]

Worked. Jeannette & I went for walk at noon. Busy all afternoon. At night, some boys from hospital were to come but were sick. Took bath & mended.

Dec[ember] 6 [1918]

Date with Gordon. Took walk along Loire River.

Dec[ember] 7 [1918]

Private dance at Hotel Central. Orchestra from Aviation Field. Gottwald, Lones, Bailey, Smiley, Suderson, Tupper, Curly, Wallace, Banta, & Hamilton were present. "Corned Willy" quartette sang for us. Fine time.

Dec[ember] 8  [1918]

Sunday. Jeanette & I left Tours [France] on 6:50 A.M. train for Blois [France]. Bummed our way on train. Met Lts [Lieutenants]. Littel & Bruns. Male & Corp. Hill met us at Station. Went to Hotel du Chateau where had social party. Our party, Littel & Bruns decided to have convention at Hotel La Salle, Chicago, Ill[inois]., USA, July 4, 1920. Visited Chateau [de Blois] in P.M. where Catherine de Medici [Queen Consort of France 1547—1559] & Henry VIII [incorrect, most likely referring to Henry III] had lived, and Duke of Guisa was killed. Quite interesting & historical. Saw church where Jeanne d' Arc had attended & square where she collected her troops for ensuing battle at Orleans. Went in Cathedral, walked by Loir R[iver]. and all over Blois. Train was an h[ou]r. late. Met Wright & [blank] from Engers [Germany]. St. Pierre de Corps & they escorted us back. In bed at 9:30 P.M. Wonders! I think something will happen.

Dec[ember] 9 [1918]

Nothing exciting. Felt tired & weary. Remained at hotel, danced "la peu" talked & retired. Heard today that we shall soon move to Paris. Oh joy!

Dec[ember] 10 [1918]

Francis Gottwald called & had dinner with me at hotel. He & I attended show at Trianon Park. Good time. Saw Maj[or]. Gen[eral] [James Guthrie] Harbord was awarded medal by French Gov[ernmen]t. We had holiday to go see it. Rained hard.

Dec[ember] 11 [1918]

Wed[nesday]. Gordon Halverson, Hugh Lones, Smiley, Anderson, & Tuffer & girls had little dance at Central. After that, Eva, Hugh, Gordon, & I went to Cosmoegraph movie when they were having intermission.

Dec[ember] 12 [1918]

Thurs[day]. Jeannette & I studied French in park, at noon. At night, Eva & I had French lesson. Has bad[?] clothes.

Dec[ember] 13 [1918]

Pres[ident]. [Woodrow] Wilson landed in Brest [France]. At night F. Gottwald, Lones, Smiley, Jeannette, Eva & I went out together.

Dec[ember] 14 [1918]

Pres[ident] [Woodrow Wilson]. landed in Paris. Worked. Jeannette & I went to Commissary at noon. Heard band. After dinner J. & I took walk. Dance for officers at Hotel Central. Saw Merry—Go—Round on street.

Dec[ember] 15 [1918]

Gordon, Eva, Hugh & I went to [Ville de]Larcay. Some time.

Dec[ember] 16 [1918]

Mon[day]. Worked.

Dec[ember] 17 [1918]

Gordon called. Went to Trianon. Too crowded; walked by La Cher River.

Dec[ember] 18 [1918]

Had a private dance at Hotel Central. Met some Aviation lieutenants.

Dec[ember] 19 [1918]

Thurs[day]. Eva, Hugh, Gordon, & I went to Trianon Park.

Dec[ember] 20 [1918]

Fri[day]. Attended dance at Aviation Field. Met Mr. Boulemet from Mobile [Alabama] & Mrs. Rose, Y.M.C.A. woman from Mobile. Fine time. Hugh & Gordon called on Eva & me. Attended private dance at Hotel Central.

Dec[ember] 21 [1918]

Sunday— Eva, Jeannette, & I went to Orleans [France]. Hard time getting by M.P.s [Military Police]. Orleans is great city. Met Lt. [Lieutenant] from Paris on train. Saw Jeanne' d' Arc's [Joan of Arc] statue, visited Natural History Museum, Jeanne' d' Arc's Museum & Cathedral [Cathedrale Sainte—Croix]. Gordon met me at train.

Dec[ember] 22[1918]

Mon[day]. Made candy & attended party at Hostess' House.

Dec[ember] 23 [1918]

Tues[day]. Christmas Eve. Got off from work at 3 P.M. Went to Ranne's Bks [barracks] with Gordon; too crowded. Went to Hostess' House & sat in firelight. W.A.Cs [Women's Army Corps] came & serenaded. Came back to midnight mass at Cathedral. W.A.Cs celebrated at Regina. Served them hot chocolate. In bed at 2 P.M.

Dec[ember] 25 [1918]

Christmas day. Pres[ident]. [Woodrow] Wilson ate Christmas dinner with soldiers at Chaumont. Slept 'till 12. Had lunch. Had open house & Christmas tree for French orphans. Great crowd. Orchestra; danced. Served doughnuts & coffee to crowd. Big dinner with Gordon at hotel. Danced afterwards. Trianon Band serenaded.

Dec[ember] 26 [1918]

Thurs[day]. Worked. Half holidays. Had first rehearsal for Ord[inance]. show. Private dance for boys at Hostess' House.

Dec[ember] 27 [1918]

Fri[day]. Rehearsed. Went to bed early.

Dec[ember] 28 [1918]

Sat[urday]. Big dance at Hotel Central. Many boys from Aviation Field #2.

Dec[ember] 29 [1918]

Hugh Lones, Gordon Halverson, Eva, & I went to Fondette[s] [France]. Had nice time & dinner. Back early.

Dec[ember] 30 [1918]

Mon[day]. had afternoon off from work. Rehearsed for play.

Dec[ember] 31 [1918]

New Year's Eve. G., H., E., I went to Fondette. Par bon. Great time at "L'Hotel de Ville."

Jan[uary] 1 1919

New Year's Day. Holiday in S.O.S. Eva & I went to visit Chateau d'Amboise. Owned by duke of Orleans, exiled heir to French throne. Dinner at Hostess' House.

Jan[uary] 2 [1919]

At work. Practice for "For The Boys." Dance at Hostess' House. Orchestra from Aviation Field. Fine time. Gordon went to hospital. Francis Gottiwald was there.


Jan[uary] 3 [1919]

Worked. Went to hospital to see Gordon. Had been operated on. Went to bed early.

Jan[uary] 4 [1919]

Sat[urday]. Went to see Gordon at hospital. Very rainy. Mr. Forrester from Aviation Field took me to show.

Jan[uary] 5 [1919]

Sun[day]. Slept 'till noon. Lunch at Franco—American. Saw Lieut[enant]. Parkins from St. Pierre de Corp there.  Went to see Gordon at hospital. Took some dictation for him to his sis[ter] & brother. Took walk & some American officers flirted with us. Francis Gottwald called that night.

Jan[uary] 6 [1919]

Mon[day]. Rainy as usual. That night went to dinner with some casuals. Trianon Park. Went to see Gordon.

Jan[uary] 7 [1919]

Nothing of importance. Went to see Gordon. Bathed & studied French.

Jan[uary] 8 [1919]

Called to see Gordon. Dance at Base Hospital #7. Met Red Cross lady, Mrs. Fulkerson.

Jan[uary] 9 [1919]

Thurs[day]. Gave dance at Hostess' House. 2nd A.I.C. [Second Aviation Instruction Center near Tours, France] Orchestra. Meyers, Schneider, Forrester, Boulemet, & Gottwald were present.

Jan[uary] 10 [1919]

Gottwald left for States. Many folks left. Packing up ammunitions for shipment to U.S. at office.

Jan[uary] 11 [1919]

Working still in Machine Guns & Small Arms Section. Busy on history. Dance at Base Hospital but did not go. Very Rainy. Boulemet, Forrester, Jean., Eva, & I had fudge party at Hostess' House.

Jan[uary] 12 [1919]

Nothing doing. Eva, Jeannette, & I went to Blois [France] with Monsieurs Schneider & Riback. Fine time. Schneider & Riback had dinner at hotel with us. W.A.C.s [Women's Army Corps] entertained us in parlor with songs, etc.

Jan[uary] 13 [1919]

Monday. Stayed in that night. Miss Fox left for Nice [France]; from there, she goes to London [England].

Jan[uary] 14 [1919]

Tues[day]. Still working in Machine Guns & S.A. Sec [Small Arms Section]. Had picture taken at office.

Jan[uary] 15 [1919]

Wed[nesday]. Ethel Bohon had fudge party. Danced and had good time.

Jan[uary] 16 [1919]

Thurs[day]. Had dance at Hostess' House. Fine time.

Jan[uary] 17 [1919]

Friday. Schneider of Trianon Park orchestra took me to see show. "Battle of Bourges," given by W.A.C.s [Women's Army Corps] from Bourges.

Jan[uary] 18 [1919]

Sat[urday]. Went to see Gordon at Hospital. Gen[eral]. [John Joseph] Pershing came to Tours [France]; decorated Maj[or]. Gen[eral]. Harbord. Took bath & went to bed.

Jan[uary] 19 [1919]

Miss Marshall & I took train for Paris, arriving there at 12:30 o'clock noon. Passed thru [sic] as French at Austerlitz station. Went up to North part of city & spent most of <i>après medi</i> [afternoon] looking for Hotel Petrograd. Thru [sic] aid of M[ilitary].P[olice].s & Soldiers' Club, found it at 35 Rue Caumartin, near Madeline Church. Got a room. It was formerly Hotel St. Petersburg, but name was changed after war began there. We went to L'Eglise Madeline [a Neoclassical Roman Catholic church]& Place de Concorde [a major public square], where German ammunition taken in war is displayed. Had dinner at hotel, after which we went to see Mary Pickford [famous actress] in movies on "Champs Elysees Ave." Very tired that night. Met Mr. Lochert, Y.M.C.A. man from Portland, Ore.

Jan[uary].20 [1919]

Awake at 8 A.M. in beautiful Paree [Paris]. Ate breakfast & went on Cook's sight—seeing trip over Paris. Many English and Americans were in carriage. Carriage had sleighbells on & driver wore high hat. In morning, passed thru [sic]shopping district, Gardens of Tuileries, House of Duke of Richelieu, Homes of old royal families, Louvre, Church of St. Gervais[et—St—St—Protais Church], Church of Madeline, Grand Market, Grand Palais & Petite Palace & many other places. In P.M. saw President [Raymond]Poincaire & Marshal [Ferdinand] Foch, who were riding. Passed President's home, residential district, Arc d' Triomph, where 12 avenues radiate from, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sarah Bernhardt Theatre & Maxine Theatre, Trocaders, Eiffel Tower, Ferris Wheel, Latin Quarter, where schools & colleges are, Invalides, Parliamentary Buildings, Peace conference bldgs [buildings], etc. Crossed beautiful Seine river, saw church that was shelled during war & where 105 people were killed. Saw many places that were damaged from shells & air raids. Saw sirens on tops of bldgs & blue signs on doors where during air raids, people took shelter. Left station, Trai d' Arsay, at 8:05 enroute for Tours. I bought French tickets & we had no trouble getting past M.P.s. Everybody thought we were French & some American soldiers flirted with us. We laughed up our sleeves. Got in compartment with two Aviation Lieutenants, Burns & [blank] who were going to Angers. Train arrived in Tours at one o'clock. Some exciting time in Paris.

Jan[uary] 21 [1919]

Tuesday. Not much doing. Attended a fudge party.

Jan[uary] 22 [1919]

Wed[nesday]. Mabel Abercrombie gave a little party & dance & I attended it with Forrester. In bed early.

Jan[uary] 23 [1919]

Thurs[day]. Had dance at Hostess' House. Ansorg, Lones, Boulemet, Forrester, Reynolds, Schneider & Meyers were there. Some colonels were present. Had Marine Jazz Band. Fine time. Did not work in afternoon. Morning at office.

Jan[uary] 24 [1919]

Friday. Schneider, Jeannette & I went to Trianon Park & saw "Kick In" played by a N[ew].Y[ork]. stock Co[mpany].

Jan[uary] 25 [1919]

Sat[urday]. Jeannette & I did not work in morning. Arose at 11 A.M., took bath, dressed, had lunch at Hostess' House. Went to office in P.M. & remained until 4:30 o'clock. Beaucoup mail. Jeannette & I went to Red Cross Dance at 2nd A.I.C. [Aviation Instruction Center] M[ilitary].P[olice].s stopped us at hotel door & would not permit us to go to Hotel Central without brassards [milltiary armbands]. We had to put handkerchiefs around arms & camaflouge [sic].

Jan[uary] 26 [1919]

Sun[day]. Arose at 9 A.M. Breakfast. Built fire in grate, washed hair & few articles of clothing, cleaned shoes, etc. Lunch at Hotel Central. In P.M. went to see Gordon at hospital, in company with Jean, Eva, & Hugh. Had tea at Hotel Central & enjoyed concert consisting of recitations & songs. French lady sang in French. At six o'clock Harold Meyers called & Eva, Hugh, Harold, & I had a dinner party. After dinner, Harold & I went to American Cosmograph movie show.

Jan[uary] 27 [1919]

Worked. Snow on ground when I got up. Wrote some letters.

Jan[uary] 27 [1919]

Worked at office; not much doing. At night, Eva, Jean and I had little social gathering. Bed early.

Jan[uary] 28 [1919]

Worked in A.M. In P.M. Harold & I went to St. Avertin [France], where we spent afternoon, by warm grate fire. Had dinner there & after returning to Tours [France] went to Hostess' House. In bed early.

Jan[uary] 29 [1919]

Worked in M.G. [Machine Gun] & S.A. [Small Arms] Sec[tion]. Busy. Left office at 4:30 P.M. Took bath.

Jan[uary] 30 [1919]

Eva & I attended show at Trianon.

Jan[uary] 31 [1919]

Attended dance at 2nd A.I.C. [Aviation Instruction Center] Y.M.C.A. Good time. Had real cow's milk to drink.

Feb[ruary] 1 [1919]

Sat[urday]. Ordnance Eng[ineers]. Div[ision].'s force is being reduced. Many officers & soldiers sent to Mehun[—sur—Yevre, Framce]. Officers' dance at Hotel Central. Decorated in hearts. I did not attend. Spent evening in parlor at Hotel Regina playing piano, etc.

Feb[ruary] 2 [1919]

Was at Hotel Regina most of day. Attended tea at Central Hotel in P.M. Eva was taken to Hospital #120, day before.

Feb[ruary] 3 [1919]

Jack Forrester, Sgt [Sergeant]. Selin, Jean & I attended Trianon. Played "A Pair of Sixes" [a motion picture starring Taylor Holmes and Robert Conness].

Feb[ruary] 4 [1919]

Ordnance gave a dance at Hostess' House. I went out with Gordon.

Feb[ruary] 5 [1919]

out with Gordon.

Feb[ruary] 6 [1919]

2nd A.I.C. [Aviation Instruction Squadron] —34th Reg't [Regiment] had 18th mo[nth]. Anniversary dance at Hotel Negotions. Curley & Bailey took Eva & I there. Good time. Served real ice cream.

Feb[ruary] 7 [1919]

Out with Gordon, Eva, & Hugh. Went to Hostess' House.

Feb[ruary] 8 [1919]

Dance at Base Hospital #27. Fine time. Decorated in hearts.

Feb[ruary] 9 [1919]

Sun. Eva & I went out with Hugh & Gordon. Taking pictures, across bridge. H. & G. remained to dinner. We played five hundred in parlor at Hotel Central.

Feb[ruary] 10 [1919]

Attended Ordnance Show with Gordon, Eva, & Hugh, after which we went to [indecipherable] Eng[inee]rs' dance at Red Cross Canteen. Served three—course dinner. Jean & I were transferred to Audit & Property Sec., Administration Division, Bldg. A. Beaumont Bks. Working for Lt. Armour & Lt. Breck. Gordon left for Nice [France], on leave.

Feb[ruary] 11 [1919]

Orders for Paris read "Feb. 14" L[ieutenan]t. Helverty of Adj. Gen.'s office changed them to Feb. 12, so Jean & I could go together. Rushed to hotel, bathed, packed grip for Paris.

Feb[ruary] 12 [1919]

Intended taking 8:52 A.M. train for Paris, but owing to our not having all necessary papers, had to go to Bks. [barracks] 66 & get them. Went to Base [hospital] #27 & had teeth cleaned & fixed. Took 3:31 P.M. express for Paris, reaching there at 9 P.M. Adventurous trip. "Col. Le Bluff" & Capt. [blank] tried to get us to ride to our hotel in his machine; refused & two second looey's [lieutenants] assisted us to A.P.M.'s [Army Personal Management (?)] office, afterward to taxi & Hotel Petrograd, 35 Rue de Caumartin.

Feb[ruary] 13 [1919]

My second time in "Paree" [Paris]. Jean & I went to Grand Opera to get tickets for Henry VIII [an opera by Charles—Camille Saint—Saëns] or Faust [a grand opera by Charles—François Gounod] but could get none. Met a Sgt. & he showed us where Follies Bergeris is & took us to Opera Comique, where we heard "Tales from Hoffman" [an opera by Jacques Offenbach] M. Knechel had come from Tours [France] that day. She wanted to go but could get no seat. Went to Au Printemps & Galleries Layfayette, where we spent the day & did some shopping. Saw beautiful things.


Feb[ruary] 14 [1919]

St. Valentine's Day. Mabel K. lost watch in subway. Mabel Knechel, Jeannette & I went on metro or subway to "Bon Marche." Beautiful store. Purchased bag & several articles. Had luncheon there. Called taxi & went to Y.M.C.A., Hotel Pavilion, where we started on a sight—seeing trip to [Palace of] Versailles. Saw several boys I knew. Lost Jeannette in subway. Took train to Versailles & arrived there at 2:45 P.M. Wonderful palace there. Saw table on which peace treaty is to be signed. Back to hotel. After dinner, Jean & I visited Mabel at Hotel Canada. Two Sgts. [Sergeants] Were there.

Feb[ruary] 15 [1919]

Sight seeing. Stopped at Grand Opera but could not get tickets for "Faust." Two K. of C. [Knights of Columbus] men assisted us. Went to Louvre [Museum], in which saw the original Venus of Milo & several masterpieces. Walked thru [sic] Tuileries Gardens. Went to Pantheon le guerre & saw most wonderful painting of war pictures. Picture was painted by two Frenchmen & was began when war begun & just completed. It represented all Allies. Saw [Les] Invalides but too late to see Napoleon's tomb. Tried again to get tickets to Opera, but in vain. Walked around street awhile. Paris is quite dead at night, on outside; guess its lively inside, tho [sic].

Feb[ruary] 16 [1919]

Our last day in Paris. After breakfast, Mabel, Jean, & I took taxi & registered out at A.P.M. [Army Personnel Management (?)] Then went sight—seeing in a taxi. Went to see St. Gervais Church [St—Gervais—et—St—Protais Church], which had been bombed. Then went to Notre Dame [Cathedral]. Services were being held there. Looked through church, which was beautiful. We then passed Hotel de Ville & Palace de Justice on way to Eiffel Tower. Went to Tracadero & heard them practice. By this time driver was impatient & said "Je manger" [French Translation: "I am going to eat"]. Rain was pouring. We had him take us to Invalides & then let him go. Soaked us in the bill & chgd. [charged] us the price of a meal in addition. Saw Invalides but did not get to see Napoleon's tomb. During our taxi ride, driver tried to kill us by letting a tramway nearly run over us. Had lunch at Hotel Petrograd & partied to Tuai d' Orsay. Was met there by a Lt. [lieutenant] from Va. [Virginia], who got us a good seat on train. Pleasant ride on train. Met two French officers. Pouring rain when we reached Tours. Had dinner at hotel, took bath & went to bed early.

Feb[ruary] 17 [1919]

Monday. Very tired. Worked. Forrester came to Hotel & remained awhile.

Feb[ruary] 18 [1919]

Attended dance at Hospital #27. Good time.

Feb[ruary] 19 [1919]

Moving day in my section. We did not work all day. Jean & I slept late, did some chores & in afternoon lounged around & stewed figs at M.P.'s Bks [Military Police Barracks]. At night, attended dance at Hotel Negociants, given by 1103rd Aero Sqd [Aeronautical Squadron]. Good time.

Feb[ruary] 20 [1919]

Reported for work on 4th floor, Bldg. [Building] A., Bks. [Barracks] 66. Had just finished straightening up. Dirty office. Francis & Eva went to Paris. Bed early.

Feb[ruary] 21 [1919]

Fri[day]. Jean worked for Col[onel]. Ames. I did special work for Maj[or]. Davenport & Capt. Brest. Beaucoup Madamesoilles in office. Hugh & I had engagement at night but too rainy, so it was postponed.

Feb[ruary] 22 [1919]

Washington's Birthday & a holiday in A.E.F. [American Expeditionary Force] at Tours. Arose late, Jean & I ate lunch at Chinese Umbrella, only American restaurant in Tours [France]. Had ice cream. At 4:30 P.M., twenty—five girls from our hotel boarded trucks enroute to Meyer, a village 38 miles from Tours & near Le Mans. Arrived there at 6:15 & proceeded to officers' mess. After arranging for everybody's eats, we sat at long table, each girl seated by officer. I forgot this is supposed to be a dinner dance given by 26th Yankee Division [an infantry division], which includes, Vt [Vermont]. Me [Maine], & Mass [Massachusetts]. We at American cooking. A five course dinner was served. I made horrible face trying to swallow the oysters off the half—shell. Cider (as they called it, but champagne as we called it) was served. After dinner we proceeded to Hotel de Ville, where a large band was playing, and we danced until 11:30. We arrived back in Tours about one o'clock, very tired but happy.

Feb[ruary] 23 [1919]

Sun[day]. Slept late. Had intended going to Chenoneeaux [sic] [Chenonceaux], but owing to rain, our plans were changed. Miss Marshall & I had lunch at Franco—American lunchroom. In afternoon Jean & I went to Base Hosp[ital]. #120 to see Harold Meyer. Hunted all over for him but could not find him. No record of him. Rode back to Tours in Red Cross Ambulance. Dinner at Hotel Central. At night, Jack Forrester & I went to Pathe F'rere's cinema. Bon soir.

Feb[ruary] 24 [1919]

Mon[day]. Went to work at Bldg [Building] A. Office is up in garrett. At night Hughes Lones called to see me.

Feb[ruary] 25 [1919]

Tues[day]. Eng—Div. [Engineering Division] is moving to Bks. [Barracks] 66.  Jack F. & I celebrated his 18 months in A.E.F [American Expeditionary Force]. Had dinner at "Cuissacr" strictly French & I had to "parle"(?) [French Translation: "Speak"] to waitress. Delicious meal.

Feb[ruary] 26 [1919]

Plans are being drawn up to reduce personnel & send some enlisted men home. Very busy. Capt. [Captain] Brest goes to Giertes. Took bath & read some.

Feb[ruary] 28 [1919]

Fri[day]. Maj[or]. Gen[eral]. Harbord of S.O.S. was decorated by Belgian Govt [Government]. I witnessed entire ceremony at Bks. [Barracks] 66. Very interesting. Two other generals were decorated also. Purple ribbons were tied on their necks. I stood right by them & saw their medals which were beautiful. Day was sunny. Hugh & I attended "Lets Go" at Trianon.

Feb[ruary] 27 [1919]

Thursday. Worked. Gordon came back from Nice [France]. Met me after work, ate dinner at hotel with me.

Mar[ch] 1 [1919]

Sat[urday]. Dismissed at four o'clock so enlisted men could get ready for inspection. Attended dance at Base Hosp[ital]. #27, with Gordon. Met Sgt. [Sergeant] Davis. Good time.

Mar[ch] 1 [1919]

Sunday. Wanted to go to Chenonceaux but it rained. Miss Marshall & I had luncheon. Jeannette & I attended tea at Hotel Central. Jack ate dinner with me that night & we attended grand opera "Rigoletto" [opera by Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi] at Municipal Theatre.

Mar[ch] 3 [1919]

Mon[day]. Hugh & I went to dance given for R.T.O.s [Railway Transport Officers] at Hotels Central & Negociants. General Pershing came to Tours to inspect S.O.S [?]. I wore my blue serge suit with insignia on it & looked like uniform. Stood in rain waiting from 9 till 11 o'clock. General came about 11 o'clock & inspected all including girls. Ord. [Ordinance] Quartermaster, Signal Corps & Red Cross were there. He gave us nice speech & gave a tribute to girls. Movie men took pictures. Had rest of day & went home.

Mar[ch] 4 [1919]

Tues[day]. Gordon called.

Mar[ch] 5 [1919]

Wed[nesday]. Hugh & I went to la gare to meet Eva but she had come. Jeannette & I went to Marine Dance at their Bks. [Barracks] Saw Sgt. [Sergeant] Davis & met Sgt. White. Bum time. Rode in trucks. Jeannette was transferred to Major Davenport's office.

Mar[ch] 6 [1919]

Thurs[day]. Capt[ain]. Brest returned. Felt very tired. Bathed & did laundry.

Mar[ch] 7 [1919]

Sick in bed. Slightly but Capt[ian]. Green called on me while making his morning calls. I covered my head, he said I had insomnia. Ha! Ha. Gave me salts. Gordon, Eva, Hugh & I went to Trianon Park.

Mar[ch] 8 [1919]

Sat[urday]. Worked. Got off at 3 P.M. Gordon was to take us for auto ride but could not get the car until 6 P.M. Eva, Hugh, Gordon, I & chauffeur rode out into country. Had dinner at little old French place. Champagne & everything. Lovely stroll along Loire [River] in moonlight.

Mar[ch] 9 [1919]

Sun[day]. Arose late. Lunch at Hotel Central. Tea at hotel with Gordon & Hugh. Dinner there; sang & played.

Mar[ch] 10 [1919]

Mon[day]. Audit & Property Section is to move to Mehun [Mehun—sur—Yèvre, France]. Jean & I remain here. Bathed & did laundry.

Mar[ch] 11 [1919]

Tues[day]. Saw Gordon at noon. He & his friend took Jean & I for auto ride & had lunch at Fondette. Gordon called & he, Eva, Hugh & I had dinner at Croix Blanch hotel, old hotel built by Charlemagne, for his wife. Fine dinner. Explored castle; bats flew around top. 1893. Some time. Gordon left on 2:46 A.M. train for Italy. Hated to see him go. 1 hr. late for work.

Mar[ch] 12 [1919]

Wed[nesday]. Jean & I took long walk in the country at noon. Trees were white with bloom. At night, Sgt. [Sergeant] Davis called & we took walk in moonlight.

Mar[ch] 13 [1919]

Hugh had Marine Jazz Band at Central Hotel & we danced till 10 P.M. Sgt. [Sergeant] Davis was there.

Mar[ch] 14 [1919]

Fri[day] night. Eva & Hugh, Davis & I, Jean & Sgt. [Sergeant] Herman went to Trianon Park Theatre. T.M.C. show. Eddie Cox starred. "American Doughboys wound up Watch on Rhine" latest production.

Mar[ch] 15 [1919]

Sat[urday]. night. Big dance given for Y.D. [Yankee Division]  26th  [Infantry] Div[ision]. N[ew]. England States, at Central Hotel. They came down in trucks from Economy, distance of 50 miles. Served real ice cream and cake.

Mar[ch] 16 [1919]

Sun[day]. Slept 'till 10:30. Took bath & washed laundry. Lunch at Hotel Central. Oeufs [chicken eggs] & ice cream. Oh boy! Tea at Hotel Central & dinner. Movies at Trianon with Jean, M. Knechel, Foreman.

Mar[ch] 17 [1919]

St. Patrick's Day. Band played Irish airs. Audit & Property is to move to Foley, this week. Worked hard. Went shopping after work & purchased that. Called on Miss Foreman at Hotel Regina & saw her souvenirs from Germany.

Mar[ch] 18 [1919]


Mar[ch] 19 [1919]

Trianon Park with Eva, Hugh & Mr. Davis.

Mar[ch] 20 [1919]

Dance at Hostess' House, Buranger Boulevard with Mr. Albright of Transp. Corps.

Mar[ch] 21 [1919]

Met Jack Gillespie of Trans[port]. Corps. Went to Theatre Francais. Gen[eral]. Williams was decorated with D.S.C. [Distinguished Service Cross] also a Cpl [Corporeal].

Mar[ch] 22 [1919]

Jeannette & I go on leave to Biarritz, France. Passed thru Bordeaux spent Sunday there. Breakfast at Hotel Bordeaux. Saw mummies there. Left for Biarritz that P.M. Old Roman Arena.

Mar[ch] 23 [1919]

On way to Biarritz [France], passed thru Dax [France]; saw snow—capped Pyrenees [Mountain Range] in distance. Reached Biarritz 8:30. Rooms at Hotel Le Fevre, on beach of Mediterranean.

Mar[ch] 24 [1919]

Took fine promenade along beach, seeing hotels, mt. [mountain] scenery, etc. Dance at Hotel Princess, given by some boys who were leaving.

Mar[ch] 25 [1919]

Fine auto trip thru Pyrenees between France & Spain, in company with 3 sgts [sergeants]. Dinner in mts. [mountains] at Hotel Central. At night, attended dance at Hotel San Juan.

Mar[ch] 26 [1919]

Shopped. P.M., visited Bayonne [France]. 20 min. ride by train. Saw Cathedral, Arena, stores, etc. Had real ice cream. Dance at Y.M.C.A.

Mar[ch] 27 [1919]

Visited light house along beach. P.M. trip to Spanish border in German car. Took pictures on International Bridge & Hendaye [France]. Attended dance at Y.M.C.A. at night.

Mar[ch] 28 [1919]

Went to Bayonne [France]. Shopped; visited Cathedral Museum, etc. with nurses.

Mar[ch] 29 [1919]

shopped in Biarritz [France]. In P.M. went to Spanish border with Jeannette H. Nessell & Mrs. Erskine. Pictures taken with Spanish guards. Visited Casino at Hendaye [France]. Chocolate in Hotel La Plage. Met Sgt. Cassidy, who took me to dinner that night. Big dance at Casino in Biarritz. French, Spanish, English, & Americans attended. Theo[dore]. Roosevelt, Jr. attended.

Mar[ch] 30 [1919]

P.M., promenaded along beach with Krisher & Dixon. Saw oriental chateau; beautiful Arabian architecture, cushions, rugs, etc. At night met Cpl. [Corporal] Clark Eichilberger & Chas. [blank] from Gievres, who were staying at hotel; went to movie with them.

Mar[ch] 31 [1919]

C. Eichelberger & I visited oriental Chateau & tubercular hospital for French soldiers. Attended K of C [Knights of Columbus] dance in evening. Dance at Hotel der Palais. Fine hotel.

Apr[il] 1 [1919]

That A.M., registered out but stayed until 5:45 P.M. Clark & I went sightseeing in Biarritz. Luncheon at Hotel; Jeannette peeved. P.M. Clark & I went to Bayonne. Left Boyonne [France] for Tours [France]. Met secret service man in disguise. He invited us to dinner on train.

Apr[il] 2 [1919]

Still on train for Paris. Passed thru as French. Stayed at Hotel Petrograd. Shopped at Au Printemps, Bon Marche, etc. Tired at night & chatted with folks at hotel.

Apr[il] 3 [1919]

Left for Laon [France] on Belgian border with sgt. [sergeant] & cpl. [corporal] Passed thru devastated regions. (?) Chauny [France] & Abbecourt [France]. Reached Laon about 1 P.M. Laon badly wrecked railroads blown up & bridges bombed. Visited German cemetery at Laon Cathedral & other ruined places.

Apr[il] 4 [1919]

Good sleep at hotel, that night. Plenty of food. Started back to Paris at 1:15 P.M. Saw trenches, dug—outs, barbed wire, etc. on way back. Refugees returning to home. Reached Paris at 5:30 P.M. Attended dance at Y.M.C.A. at night, about six miles from Paris; rode in trucks.

Apr[il] 5 [1919]

Shopped in A.M. Attended wedding at church of Madeline. French. Visited Versailles in P.M. Went thru Royal Palace of Louis XIV. Saw room where Treaty of Peace will be signed. Too k pictures in garden. Promenaded on Champs Elysee. Departed on 8:05 train for Tours. (as Americans).

Apr[il] 6 [1919]

Reached Tours at 1:05 A.M. Everybody in Hotel Regina had attended Ordnance Ball. Some ball too. Went to see Hugh at Hsp. #27. Smiley & Freil came to tea at Hotel Central & dinner, too. Took walk along Loire River.

Apr[il] 7 [1919]

Back at work. Can't get in mood. Movies at Central Hotel. Saw Clara K. Young in "House of Glass." Beaucoup fun.

Apr[il] 8 [1919]

Went bicycling; saw Carl Ansorg.

Apr[il] 9 [1919]

Nothing doing.

Apr[il] 10 [1919]

Ordnance dinner party, celebrating 6 months in France. All present, except those travelling in show. Real ice cream. Theatre party at Trianon. "Under Cover."

Apr[il] 11 [1919]

Decoration by French, at Bks. [Barracks] 66. Marshall Petain officiated. Col. [Colonel] King & Brig. Gen. [Brigadier General] Rice & Maj. [Major] Miller decorated in Legion of Honor.

Apr[il] 12 [1919]

Off early from work.

Apr[il] 13 [1919]

Went to [unreadable] to see Clark. Rainy. Went to Romorantin [France]. Met Sgt. [Sergeant] Fans of Cal[?].

Apr[il] 14 [1919]

Dance at C.P.W.E. [?] #1. Met Ted Eichelberger & Reddy. Rode home in Cadillac.

Apr[il] 15 [1919]

Dance at Hosp[ital]. #27. Jack G. & Hugh still in hosp[ital]. "Smiley, the gold bricker" was there.

Apr[il] 16 [1919]

"Stop Thief" at Trianon P. Theatre.

Apr[il] 17 [1919]

Went bicycling.

Apr[il] 18 [1919]

Nothing doing. Eva was sick. Started to battle front. Spent day & night in Paris. Stayed at Hotel Latetia. Went to Trocadero, at night.

Apr[il] 19 [1919]

Went to Rhein & Chateau Thierry with R[oyal].C[anadian]. girl, Miss [unreadable].

Apr[il] 20 [1919]

Attended Easter services at Notre Dame Church. Left on noon train for Verdun. Changed at Bar—le—duc & spent night at Hotel du Commerce. Met some R.C. girls & lieuts [lieutenants]. Saw vaudeville given by 82nd [Infantry] Div[ision]. at Y.M.C.A.

Apr[il] 21, 1919

Left in French auto[mobile] with 2 lieuts [lieutenants] who had fought in Argonne & R.C. girls, for Verdun[significant French—German battle]. Reached Verdun at 12 & had lunch at Y.M.C.A. Hot chocolate & beans. Started for Argonne Forests. Passed thru Bras, etc, totally destroyed. Went thru Argonne [significant German—American battle], saw dug—outs of Germans & I got bayonet & maps in dug—out of a German Colonel. Went in, Dead Man's Hill & Mont Faulcam [sic] [Mountfaucon was the site of a major American victory]. Threw hand grenades & everything. Detonators & shells all over ground. Saw graves of all kinds of soldiers. Took many pictures. Went back to machine at 7:30 P.M. & stared back to Bar—le—duc. Reached Bar—le—duc at 10:30 P.M. Had dinner at Grand Hotel. R.C. girls left for Paris.


Apr[il] 22 [1919]

Spent A.M. looking at chateau etc. Purchased Verdun medal. Dinner at Hotel du Commerce with 2 lieuts [lieutenants]. & left on 1 P.M. train for Paris. Nice ride to Paris. Reached Paris 6 P.M. Dinner at Hotel Petrograd. Bed.

Apr[il] 23 [1919]

Shopped at Bon Marche. Left on 2:30 train for Tours. Fine trip to front.

Apr[il] 24 [1919]

Dance at Hotel Central for enlisted men. I invited Sgt. Reddy. Met Sgt. Nichols, nephew of Brig. Gen. [Brigadier General]  Attebury of M.T.C. [Motor Transport Corps]Fine time. Sgt. Nichols [Sergeant] took me home. Marine Jazz Band.

Apr[il] 25 [1919]

Not much doing at office.

Apr[il] 26 [1919]

Afternoon off & went to St. Radegone [Sainte—Radegonde] with Sgt. [Sergeant] Nichols. Visited pottery factory.

Apr[il] 27 [1919]

Jeannette, Sgts [Sergeants] Goff & Nichols & I went to Chateau Chaumont, in big touring car. Had dinner at Hotel du Lion'Or, at Amboise. Back to hotel at 11:30 P.M.


Apr[il]. 28 — Dance at Hotel Negociants by M.T.C. [Motor Transport Corps]—attended with Sgt. [Sergeant] Nichols. Flashlight [flash—lamp exposed photograph] taken of bunch.

Apr[il] 29 [1919]

Decorations in Order of Bath [British honorary order of Knighthood] by Gen[eral].  [David] Henderson, British; also Order of St. Michael & St. George [British honorary order of Knighthood first introduced in 1818]. Gen[eral]. [William Wallace] Atterbury decorated. Rained beaucoup [It rained a large amount].

Apr[il] 30 [1919]

Going home in 6 wks. Had date with Sgt. [Sergeant] Nichols. Went to dinner after work & Trianon.

May 1 [1919]

Bks. [Barracks] quarantined in, for indefinite time.

May 2—May 3 [1919]

Eva & I left on evening train for Gievres [France]. Clark & Sgt. [Sergeant] Faks met us & took us to Y.M.C.A. Bks [Barracks], where we spent night.

May 4 [1919]

Sunday in Gievres [France]. Clark, Fahs, Eva, & I had breakfast at Bks [Barracks]. First time in Bks [Barracks]. Mouse intruded. Ride on Canal boat. Missed train at night & stayed in Gievres [France] again.

May 5 [1919]

Breakfast at Officers' Mess; pancakes, eggs, etc. Took A.M. train for Tours. Went to work in P.M.

May 6 [1919]

New Army rule would not let boys out of Bks [Barracks].

May 7—8—9 [1919]

Dance at Gymnasium

May 10 [1919]

Date with Sgt. [Sergeant] Nichols

May 11 [1919]

Packing trunks to go home. Jeannette, Sgts. [Sergeants] Goff, Nichols & self went walking in moonlight.

May 12 [1919]

Eva & I left for gay Paree [Paris, France]. Arrived at Hotel Petrograd at noon, but too crowded, so went to Hotel Trianon. After lunch, went shopping. Bed early.

May 13 [1919]

Slept late while Eva & Jeannette went to Rheims [France]. Shopped all day.

May 14 [1919]

Shopped 'till late that day. Took 8:00 P.M. train for Tours [France]. In compartment with American boys, had lunch, consisting of cheese & beef sandwiches, "triple six," etc. on train.

May 15 [1919]

Back in Tours [France]. Went to office, rec'd [received] final pay & rec'd [received] orders for U.S.A. Miss Marshall & I attended show at Trianon, "What Makes the Wildcats Wild?"

May 16 [1919]

Getting ready for long ocean voyage. Sent box of clothes home by express. Farewell party at hotel but I wasn't there. Went to Bks. [barracks] & told friends goodbye. Left that night at 5:18 P.M. enroute Brest [France]. Big Ordnance lunch, including Col[onel]. Ames, came to train to tell us "Goodbye & Bon Voyage." Left Tours [France] "forever." Goodbye. Col[onel]. Newell of T.M.C. [?] took care of us. Country beautiful with flowers & trees. Arrived at Le Mans [France] at 9 P.M. Had lunch at Red Cross. M.P. [Military Police] took us over city in machine & showed us sights. Took train at 12 P.M. for Brest.

May 17 [1919]

Arrived in Brest [France] at 18 A.M. No accommodations at Hotel Continental, so we were taken to Hostess' House. Not room enough for all. Lunch. Saw Sgt. [Sergeant] Frazer & he took us thru chateau & dungeons [Most likely in reference to a tour of Château de Brest]. Owing to failure of Lt. [Lieutenant] to take us to other Hostess' House, had to walk about 8 miles. Spent night there; many Luxembourg & French brides waiting to go to L'Amerique [America]. Are to leave on "Honeymoon special."

May 18 [1919]

Were taken in machine to Reg. office at 8 A.M. Had hot buns & coffee at Red Cross Canteen. All preliminaries gone thru [sic].  ("Real Dollars")  Maj[or]. Auchinclass, Base Ordnance Officer, met us & gave us letter of introduction to "Capt[ain]. Billie Roper" of Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm, ship on which we sail. Got on lighter with many nurses, 89th [Infantry] Div[ision]. & some casuals & after band had played "Homeward Bound" & other airs, left for our good (pas bon) ship. Reached ship & were assigned last to, Deck E (rooms pas bon). About 5000 troops & 20 war brides on board. Had lunch;— "Army chow". We went to office & wrote letter to Col[onel]. Ames, stating conditions & treatment we had received. Spent most of day in bed. "Geo[rge]. Washington" sailed into Brest. Sailed at 8 P.M. for U.S.A.

May 19 [1919]

Sailing. Promenaded deck. Sea sick & everything. Eva & I remained in bed. Could get no doctors, nurses nor food.

May 20 [1919]

Awake with room flooded. Pipe had bursted [sic]. Eva had fainted. Trying to get help. Cap[tain]. Roper came on inspection tour & was indignant at conditions. Arranged for having us moved, after bawling out the Brig[adier]. Gen[eral]. & some doctors. Still seasick.

May 21 [1919]

Room moved to Deck D. Eva still in bed. I still sea sick but tried to get up on deck.

May 22 [1919]

Feeling better; better attention. Doctors & nurses for Eva.

May 23 [1919]

Promenaded; danced at night with sailors on upper deck. Band plays all day.

May 24 [1919]

Saw zeppelin & passed it in P.M. It is sister ship & same tonnage as this. (Conditions for boys are better than those coming to France). Eva came on deck. Attended dance & show given by soldiers & sailors in dining room. Bed.

May 25 [1919]

Lovely weather & calm sea. Rumored that we reach N.Y. [New York City] Tues[day]. 8 A.M. Had breakfast , movies, etc.

May 26 [1919]

Mon[day]. Nearer land. Made W.E.F. [?] Service badges. Danced with sailors at night. Army officers jealous.

May 27 [1919]

That A.M. nearing N.Y [New York]. Everybody excited. Potatoes & gravy for dinner. Saw land at 2 P.M. Looked thru [sic] glasses at Coney Island & Long Island. Passed Statue of Liberty at 4 P.M. Waited for [USS] Leviathan to pull out before docking. Three "Welcome Home" ships came out in harbor to greet us. Threw fruit & cigarettes to our ship. Men wore straw hats. Landed at Dock 59, Hoboken [New Jersey]. Got off at 7 P.M. Had to get on ferry & go to N.Y. to hospital for inspection & decouterized. Taken to Hotel McAlpin for R[oyal].C[anadian]. ambulances, about ten P.M. Bed but elevated kept me awake.

May 28 [1919]

Arose & had breakfast. Waited at hotel while Miss Fillenbrown went to Hoboken for trans[port]. to Washington. Reported to T.M.C.[?] for travel money. Went to some leading stores. At night, took sight—seeing or "rubber—neck" bus tour 5th Ave, past Central Park & Grant Monument retuning by Riverside Drive, down Hudson, past Palisades & to Penn[sylvania] Station. Got on sleeper at 12 P.M. & left for Washington.

May 29 [1919]

Arrived in Washington at 7:45 A.M. Lea & Hetty met me at Union Station. Had breakfast & reported to Chief of Ordnance at Bldg. [Building] B. Assigned & given two—weeks vacation. Lea & I went shopping.


May 30 [1919]

Decoration Day. Observed at Arlington Cemetery. Norine, Hetty, Lea, & I went down on Elipse & took pictures. That night went to movie.

May 31 [1919]

Went downtown shopping. Lounged around. Lea & I went to see German U—boat at 7th St[reet]. Warves. Wonderful machinery. That night went canoeing with Mr. Love's cousin, Lea & Mr. Love. Got seasick.

June 1 [1919]

Arose & Norine & I went to S.S. In afternoon went car—riding & to Knickerbocker. At night, took walk up 14th St[reet].

June 2 [1919]

Mon[day]. I sewed some & wrote letters. Went to town in P.M. Resting. Oh boy. At night, Norine & I went to Crandall's on 14th St[reet]. Anarchist threw bomb at Alt. Gen. [Attorney General Alexander Mitchell] Palmer's home, but anarchist was killed [Alexander Mitchell Palmer later led the controversial Palmer raids, which targeted "dissident" foreign national anarchists].

June 3 [1919]

Norine, Lea & I went on S.S. Charles McAlester to Marshall Hall, excursion given by (?) Ave. Christian Caurach(?).

June 4 [1919]

Rec'd [Received] telegram that mother would be in Washington Thursday. Hetty, Francis, Helen & I went to "Palace" & SAW "The Woman Thou Govest Me"

June 5 [1919]

Met mamma & Vivienne at station. Afternoon spent in talking & resting. At night, we went to Capital grounds & Congressional Library. Slight rain at night.

June 6 [1919]

Fri[day]. Ma'am, Vivienne & I went sight—seeing. Movie at night.

June 7 [1919]

Sat[urday]. Took sight—seeing bus around city. Movie that night.

June 8 [1919]

Still on vacation. Went to S.S [Silver Springs, Maryland (?)]. In P.M., Ma'am, Hetty, Norine & I went to Arlington National Cemetery.

June 9 [1919]

Vacationing with mamma. Went to Rock Creek Park & zoo.

June 10 [1919]

Sight—seeing again. Took ride through public blgs [buildings].

June 11 [1919]

Mamma, Vivienne and I went to Mt. [Mount] Vernon and Alexandria, V[irgini]a. Spent the day there. At night, saw show at Keith's.

June 12 [1919]

Sight—seeing. Went to movie. Little party at Eva's.

June 13 [1919]

Rested up at house. Mrs. Howe from War Risk [insurance which covers damages due to acts of war] came down.

June 14 [1919]

My birthday. Spent A.M. with mamma & V. They left for Col[onel]. O. on 3:50 P.M. train. Went to station with them.

June 15 [1919]

Sun[day]. At. S.S. [Silver Springs, Maryland (?)].  & church. In P.M. Hetty, Lea, Norine, & I walked by Potomac [river]. Met Mr. Clare & friends who came home with us.

June 16 [1919]

Started to work at office. Not much doing. Very tired & disgusted.

June 17 [1919]

Eva & I at lunch in park. At night, went to movie.

June 18 [1919]

Went canoeing with Lea & friends, at night.

June 19 [1919]

Working or playing rather. At night went to show.

June 20 [1919]

Hetty & I attended dance at Eastern Star Lodge room [The Order of the Eastern Star is a large bi—gendered fraternal order loosely affiliated with the Freemasons]. Pas homes [French: "no men"].

June 21 [1919]

Went to Eva's.

June 22 [1919]

Sunday. Norine & I went to movie.

June 23 [1919]

Mon. At work. Bunch from Overseas came to report.

June 24 [1919]

Attended dance given at Community Club for sailors & soldiers. A boy from Kansas accomp[anied]. me home.

June 25 [1919]

Stayed in & sewed.

June 26 [1919]

Hetty & I went house hunting. Could find nothing.

June 27 [1919]

Attended movie.

June 28 [1919]

Half—holiday. Very hot. Spent P.M. shopping. Rec'd [received] telegram from J. Forrester at 12 P.M. saying he was coming down.

June 29 [1919]

Sun[day]. Met Jack F. at Union Station at 9 A.M. Went to S.S [Silver Springs, Maryland (?)]. Went to Great Falls [Virginia], had canoeing. Back to Washington [District of Columbia] but excursion train had gone. Came to Mrs. Kayser's for supper with Jack. Jack left on 12:25 P.M. train for New York.

June 30 [1919]

Pay day for me. Had company. Went walking with Red Morgan, Lea & Mrs. [blank]. Door locked; no key.

July 1 [1919]

D.R.Y. Whole country started getting meals at Mrs. Goldsmiths'.

July 2 [1919]

Another bunch from Overseas. Ethelwyn brought back a husband & German dog on satin skirt.

July 3 [1919]

Went to see Grace Foreman.

July 4 [1919]

Hetty went to Atlantic City [New Jersey]. Eva & I received medals, after standing in sun for two and one half hours on Monument Lot. In P.M. too hot to go anywhere. Went to bed. Arose at 4 P.M. & went to Eva's. Watched the Greeks drill for their pageant after which we went to Y.W.C.A. & had lunch. Went down by Monument & saw fireworks.

July 5 [1919]

Terribly hot. Worked in A.M. In afternoon, took bath, washed hair & slept. At night, Lea & I went to movies.

July 6 [1919]

In A.M. went to S.S. [Silver Springs, Maryland] & church. Am on Lookout Committee(?) In P.M. Lee & I went to Belaseo Theatre. At night I wrote letters. Showers.

July 7 [1919]

Blue Monday at office. Cooler after rain. At night, Lea & I went out with Nickerson of the Navy & Dr. Evans. Took auto ride & had party at his home.

July 8 [1919]

Ord. Dept. [Ordinance Department] must be reduced from 1200 to 500 by Sept[ember]., latest official rumor. Cooler weather. After supper, wrote & studied.

July 9 [1919]

Wed[nesday]. Hetty & I went looking for a boarding place. Saw many. Went to Phi Delta Frat[ernity]. On R.I. Ave[nue] & met Mr. Sullivan. Decided to take 3240 Hiatt Pl[aza]. with Mrs. Murray Wilson.

July 10 [1919]

Lea & I went for auto ride with Dr. Evans & Dan Hickling. Heavy rain caused us to seek shelter in Dr. Evans' office. Auto ride.

July 11 [1919]

Fri[day]. Hetty & I went to movies.

July 12 [1919]

Sat[urday]. Hetty & I rec'd [received] telegram from Billie, saying he is coming to Mobile [Alabama]. Hetty & I attended S.S. [Silver Springs, Maryland (?)].  picnic at Reservoir Park. Good time.

July 13 [1919]

Norine & I went to church. In afternoon, Norine & I went to "Savoy" with Messrs. Gardener & Dodge of 1468 R.I. Ave. Went auto riding with Lea's friends, Dick & Paul "two country kids."

July 14 [1919]

Billie arrived from Mobile. "France's Independence Day." Hetty & Billie were married at Rev[erend]. Brigg's residence. Lea & I were witnesses. Both are so happy. Packed for moving.

July 15 [1919]

Tues[day]. Moved to new boarding place. Plenty of luggage which cost 4.95.

July 16 [1919]

Wed. Norine & I went to movies with Hetty & Billie.

July 17 [1919]

Hetty & Billie went to N.Y. Danced here.

July 18 [1919]

Fri[day]. Reported to A.G.O. [?] Rained hard. Stayed away from work. Lea, Norine & I went to movies.

July 19 [1919]

Half holiday. Eva came in P.M. Moved room. At night, Lea, Norine & I went to Rialto.

July 20 [1919]

Rain as usual. Lea & I went to S.S. & church. Read & wrote letters in P.M. At night, Norine & I saw "Sahara" at Garden.

July 2 [1919]—