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Object ID: WV0279.3.003

Description: Jenice M. Klee served in a clerical capacity for the United States Coast Guard SPARS program during the Second World War. This section of her diary—one of three—spans the period from January 1st to December 23rd 1945. It is primarily concerned with her social and work life in Washington D.C. It gives details relating to her duties as a member of the SPARS, and provides a lengthy record of the numerous motion pictures that Klee viewed in this time period. Major events mentioned include the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt died and the surrender of Japan.

Creator: Jenice M. Klee

Biographical Info: Jenice M. Klee served in the SPARs from 1943-1946.

Collection: Jenice M. Klee Diary

Rights: It is responsibility of the user to follow the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code). Materials are not to be reproduced in published works without written consent, and any use should credit Jackson Library, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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Mon[day]. Jan[uary] 1, 1945

Still have the $10. Have finished 3 Mus. Went to bed late. H. foot is pretty good now.

Tues[day] Jan[uary] 2 [1945]

Retouched my hair again. Rita did the back for me. H. was kidding about Warren & I marrying. Boys mite [sic] be shipped out soon.

Got the fan club journal from the Madem Screen Magazine. But Errol isn't a member. Pretty good tho.

I love him.

Wed[nesday] Jan[uary] 3 [1945]

Saw Franchot Tone in "Hope For the Best." Some of the girls from the office were there. Wasn't much of a comedy I must say.

Thurs[day] Jan[uary] 4 [1945]

Fay, Magid, Sally, Willie & I heard the Don Cossacks at Constitution Hall. I loved the Song of the Ploius.

Fri[day] Jan[uary] 5 [1945]

Payday good. Saw "Keys of the Kingdom" with Sally. Gregory Peck is very good. Rita was gone when I got back. Cleaned up abit.

Sat[urday]. Jan[uary] 6 [1945]

Stayed home & read. H. Allen Smith is sure funny. Hutch went to Boston.

Sun[day]. Jan[uary] 7 [1945]

Rita on an overnite. Got up at noon dressed & practiced awhile.

Met Sally for dinner and we ate. Willie went to concert.

Sally and I saw "Hunchback of Notre Dame" with Lon Chaney. Sound track was not with it so it was all silent. The screen flickered something awful.

Mon[day]. Jan[uary] 8 [1945]

Went to movie & saw "Farewell My Lovely. Read the book but the picture was very much different.

Almost too much so.

Tues[day] Jan[uary] 9 [1945]

Wrote letters.

Wed[nesday] Jan 10 [1945]

Went & practiced today. Also bought "Pomp & Circumstance." Mr. Meehan came up while I was playing. He thot [sic] I did very well.

Told me about curing a woman with cancers. Very remarkable man.

Thurs[day] Jan[uary] 11 [1945]

Practiced at noon. 20 min late too, and he never says anything.

Washed hair, read and wrote letters. Bot [sic] a perfume room thing. Hand holding a little jar. Wick from hand soaks up scent from liquid in bottle underneath in cardboard box. Quien Sabe [Spanish: "who knows"]?  Mary arrived & called me up. Will see her Monday.

Fri[day] Jan[uary] 12 [1945]

The movie wasn't so good. Only "Shadow of the Underworld." Went with Janet.

Sat[urday] Jan[uary] 13 [1945]

Janet & I saw "Hollywood Canteen." And stopped for a soda on way home. Read when I got home. Rita hadn't gone out. Had afternoon off. Went to Franciscan Monastery. The catacombs are eerie. Practiced awhile before I went.

Sun[day]. Jan[uary] 14 [1945]

Washed and dressed. Mary called up and I went to open the studio up for a woman who wanted to practice. Doug, Mary & Margy came by at quarter after three.

Mary is expecting. The very nicest parents ever. Mr. Gilland is funny.

Had turkey & plenty to eat. Listened to the radio for awhile and they took me home, Mary is expecting.

Mon[day]. Jan[uary] 15 [1945]

Well Sally went on leave. Some more boys are shipping out soon. Good.

Mary & Doug picked me up after work. Mr. Gillard works in the post office so we got him then Doug drove us down to Hicht's store. Mary and I looked around awhile then we sat in the lounge & waited for Margy. Got there at six.

We ate at the Lincoln restaurant. I had both chow mein and spaghetti.

Then to the Metropolitan theatre to see Kay Kyser in "Carolina Blues." Not too good. Stopped for a coke & then I went home. No use letting Doug waste gas when I was so close.

Tues[day] Jan[uary] 16 [1945]

Stayed in tonite [sic]. Wrote 2 letters. Stella & Bobbie & Rita were trying to compos [sic] a few sentences in a letter to their boy friends. Really funny.

Wed[nesday] Jan[uary] 17 [1945]

Rose took my place for the steam bath.

H. had afternoon off so I did too as Warren could have Saturday. He let me have $3. Nice isn't he?

Slept and it was 6 o'clock before I knew it. Mary was downstairs waiting. Doug went to pick up his folks then came & got us. Showed Mary our rooms.

Mr. & Mrs. McCoy live in Hyattsville, Maryland. Rather cold there. Roast beef & sweets. They played poker so I looked at mags & Margy was crocheting some sort of stitch in crocheting.

Then to home.

Thurs[day] Jan[uary]18 [1945]

Three guys shipped out. H. & I don't like sick sentimentality. He saw "Winged Victr'y."

Why was tears on the dead. Shaw took off early. Nice man. Had a lesson. Will I ever sing. He figured he spend 300,00 on me in time & money. Said I was refined & a lady. Very wonderful man really.

Dry shampooed my hair & reading "Ten Commandments."

Fri[day] Jan[uary] 19 [1945]

Saw "Music For Millions" with Jose Iturbi and June Allyson. Sally still on leave.

Sat[urday] Jan[uary] 20 [1945]

Saw two moves "L[ove][?] metropolitan for "Man In Half Moon Street" with Nils Asther. I like him and to the Capitol for "Guest In the House" with Arnie Baxter. Very good it was too.

Very neurotic.

Sun[day] Jan[uary] 21 [1945]

Met Willie. Visited the art gallery & practiced awhile then back to dinner & writing.

Mon[day] Jan[uary] 22 [1945]

Saw "Practically Yours." Very funny it was. Sally was back. Going to N.Y. this weekend.

Fri[day] Jan[uary] 26 [1945]

Got off work at 3:30 and met Willie. Rode to station. Thot [sic] we got on fast train. Late two hours. Rode to the Club & so to bed.

Wonderful New York.

Sat[urday] Jan[uary] 27 [1945]

We arose after 10. Ate breakfast in the cafeteria and then I took Willie to the Rockefeller Plaza while I went to Macy's. Bot [sic] a pair of tabby toe slippers. And a cute little ship in the Moroccan Art Shop. I love ships anyway. Met her and we rode to Times Square. Flynn was in Objective Burma with Artie Shaw in person. Then there being a line we saw "Mr. Emmanuel" instead. About Nazism in 1935. Very good but not too good.

Tried for tickets at Hollywood Canteen but no luck. Then we saw Artie Shaw. His hand is too brassy. Also bot [sic] perfume. Flynn— I love you— purely infatuation.

Then to bed it was after one.

Sun[day] Jan[uary] 28 [1945]

Willie went to mass at St. Patrick's. Beautiful. We ate again & then we went to 99 Park Avenue for broadcast tickets. No good ones so we got some play tickets to "Goose for the Gander" with Gloria Swanson & Conrad Nagel. I liked that Harold Kennedy, the author very much. The play house was very cold & two civilian women in back were complaining. Lost my gloves there. Couldn't find ‘em [sic] on the floor. Willie told me the woman picked em [sic] up.

Then we were by the Radio City Music hall & a c. girl hands  us some tickets to the "Gaslight Gayeties" with Beatrice Kay & Michael O'Shea. So we went. It was funny. Bert Lahr was there in person. He is really funny.

After that we saw Durbin in "Can't Help Singing." Pretty good. Then back to Club for our suitcases and down to station. Well we caught the 9 o'clock train. Slept some. Awful lot of sailors on it.

And so to back.

Mon[day] Jan[uary] 29 [1945]

Went to Capitol tonite [sic]. Got a late liberty pass to 3:00. Kay Kyser was master of ceremonies. We sang for six minutes first. I saw Danny Kaye & Alan Sall [?] was wonderful. Mrs. John Roosevelt came on for Mrs. Roosevelt. She was very nervous. Sue Carol had Alan sing a song. Charles Bickford read a letter (prayer) by a soldier. Gale Storm also. Cliff Nazarro was on the stage hill there.

George Murphy came on at 2:00. Gene Kelly was in his sailor suit and I left at 2:30. Rode in a taxi with 2 other Spars. Georgia Carroll sang too.

Tues[day] Jan[uary] 30 [1945]

Tomorrow my birthday. Got $1 from Darlene and Della. Yum Yum. $10 from the matter. Went to ball at Statler. Connie, Al & Frannie were standing outside. June & her Marine were at the dance. She looked very pretty. Jane Wyman sang a song. I snagged a chair & sat there & when the stars appeared I stood on it. A few Waves were there. Only had till 2:00. Tough. Monty Woolley I saw again & Kay Alan, Carroll. After 12 Ms. Roosevelt came & cut a cake and most of the stars were there.

We sang Happy Birthday and the sound tracks picked it up. Linda Damell is beautiful. Ella Logan sang another song. "I'll be seeing you." Veronica Lake spoke. Very tiny. George Murphy too. They all repeated what they said on the stage.

Gene Kelly introduced Margaret O'Brien and she said a piece as if a young farm girl was telling the nativity. Then they danced together. Three programs were auctioned off for the audience and over $10 for one. I wanted one very badly but no luck. Too much money. The stars had autographed each one.

Wed[nesday]. Jan[uary]. 31 [1945]

Errol Flynn is in the papers again. Over a baby girl born 10 Jan in Mexico. Nora Eddington is mother. Father said they were married at Acapulco Aug[ust], 1943. I know they are married. He has too much sense to do that.

Today after lunch L[ieutenan]t. H. gave me a cake with my name on it & Mr. Shaw bot [sic] me two pieces of sheet music. "More & More" and "Softly as In a Morning Sunrise." I was very surprised. Wasn't that nice of them.

Thurs[day] Feb[ruary] 1 [1945]

Today Warren bot [sic] me a box of Fannie May. He wanted to yesterday but didn't want to give me it unless Shaw & H. gave me something too.

Fri[day] Feb[ruary] 2 [1945]

As Warren is going on 64 tomorrow I had the afternoon off. The room wasn't very dirty. Slept some & then started dusting. Rita took her bag & off to Harrisburg.

Went & got Sallie & Willie to movie "National Velvet." Mickey Rooney & Elizabeth Taylor is darling.

Sat[urday] Feb[ruary] 3 [1945]

Today H. told me Warren will be C.Y. & I will get a transfer to California. Lucky lucky me.

Several gaps of 3 months now.

Wed[nesday] Feb[ruary] 14 [1945]

Sally & I read about the Friendly Club of Wash[ington] so went to the Dept of Agric[ulture] auditorium and saw this program that was put on. It was very cleaver. The civilians satirized waiting in mess lines & busses.

Some girls were paraded on the stage & Sally picked the winner. A very pretty girl too.

Movies I've seen but can't remember dates.

"Between Two Women" Got off work especially to see it. Van Johnson & Gloria De Haven. Tivoli

"Safari" D. Fairbanks at the Pix. Mad Dr. of Market St.

"I'll Be Seeing You" S. Temple, G. Rogers—Barr

"Keys of the Kingdom" G. Peck – Barracks

"Three Caballeras" D. Duck – Rko Keiths.

"Climax" B. Karloff – K

"Bowery to Broadway" J. Oakie, D. Cook – B.

"Conspirators Meet" – P

"Keep Your Powder Dry" – Capital – Dolores Osweiler & I got off work at 1:00 to see L. Turner in person but she was to appear at 9:30 so we saw the movie anyway. I went back at night but the line was too long.

"National Velvet" – April E. Taylor, M. Rooney – B.

"Having Wonderful" Crime – P. O'Brien – B (Silly movie)

"Sudan" – M. Montez also saw it with Helen Narbeck – B.

"Tonight & Every Night" R. Hayworth – L. Bowman – B.

March 14 [1945]

Sally, Willie & I witnessed the "Student Prince" at National. That same valet Detman Papin played it as it was in Seattle.

April 12 [1945]

Was in barracks Pres[ident]. Roosevelt died at 4:35 dawn in Warm Springs Ga [Georgia]. Everyone was shocked. Truman sworn in.

April 13 [1945]

H. didn't know about until this morning when V. Lapik told him.

A platoon of Spars volunteered to march in the parade. I wanted to but being hero[?] de'combat I did not.

April 14 [1945]

Finally were released from the office to see the parade. It was very solemn. I shall never forget.

We left work at 12. Stores were closed. Saved all the papers and articles on it for posterity.

May 12 [1945]

H. let me off & I took in a tour of 5 embassies & 5 private homes. Afghanistan, Danish, French, Czeck, & Thai (Siam to you)

The French was wonderful. Went with some civilians. Had to stand in line for ages. The punch was lousy.

Took a pic[ture] of the kittens in the back yard.

May 25 [1945]

Rita & I went to Richmond. Went to party with a sailor. George Boskowich. He gave me his I.D. bracelet to wear & he took my ring. I gave it back to him. They practically invited themselves to our room. Rita was with the Chief.

George liked me a lot. Said I was really cold. That I am.

May 26 [1945]

It rained all day today. Rita took her havelock along. I didn't. we did a little shopping tho[sic]. I did. Rita couldn't find a play suit.

The William Byrd is too far. Negroes sit in back of street cars.

Still rained so we sat in lobby. Two sailors came up. We got a ride to a joint down the road aways [sic]. Booths arounds. No drinking. Had one dance. Rita was with Dick Flynn & I with Pete. Drank cokes all the time. R. danced with a Lt. Me only had one dance.

They escorted us back to the hotel ——————


Wouldn't they love to know.

May 27 [1945]

Slept till 3 as we had to vacate room by 4. George called up. He had called Sat[urday]. night & we were gone— just missed him before nine. Rita talked with him awhile. Wouldn't go out with him if he got a friend. So I told him he was too young. Only 19. He wanted me to write but I said no. He didn't like it. Had a rotten line. So we rode down to the park. Five sailors came up. I took their picture & the camera went on the blink. Couldn't turn it. They had to leave at 7:30. Jerks too.

We were sitting in the station when a chief asked us if we wanted to ride back so we acquiesced. It was wonderful. Rita gave him her phone no [number].

May 19 Sat[urday]. [1945]

Coast Guard night. Hut. Asked me to help. Sally & I gave out programs at the door. The Curtis Bay Band was there & the Spar band. What fun. Then a sailor was presented with a purple heart.

Downstairs they danced. Willie & I were in the checkroom. A sailor checked a btl [bottle] of whisky and put some in a coke for us. Gee it was good. We sure felt high.

And we moved the tables & chairs back in place.

May 20 Sun[day]. [1945]

Had a trip to Annapolis in the bus.

Willie, Sallie & I walked around. Saw Miss Meagher married. I snapped a picture of her.

Fri[day]. June 15 [1945]

Saw "Thrill of a Romance" with V.J. How I love that man. He can put his shoes under my bed anytime.

Sun[day] June 3 [1945]

Marched in a parade, at the Polo grounds. All the women's services were represented.

Very hot tho [sic]. We had to stand & stand & stand.


Saw Gloria Jean, Ceasar Romero (at office & Mary Beth Hughes on June 20. She is very pretty with "Brewster's Millions"

Mon[day] June 16 [1945]

Saw Bette Davis in "The Corn is Green" John Dall is quite nice.

Thurs[day] June 21 [1945]

Had a perm today. I wanted a feather cut but they didn't know how to cut it. Tough!

Saw Mrs. Michals. Well any how I did. Jessie cut it shorter for me. Too short.

July 4 Wednesday [1945]

Went to the monument with George. He aggravates me so. Dinah Shore, Nicholas brothers & Dennis Morgan were there. Of course we sat on the lawn & crowded up to the rope railing. Some little kids were in front of us.

Some girls in back of us commented on the fact that we had crowded the kids out.

George left me alone a few minutes & then came back.

I didn't say good nite [sic] to him but ran away to the barracks.

Sat[urday]. July 21 [1945]

Packed for my leave & laid down to sleep. Warren called me up & wanted to see me. But I declined. Shouldn't have.

Sun[day]. July 22 [1945]

Tr[ain]. at N[ew].Y[ork]. to a train for Prov[idence] [Rhode Island]. Started on the 10:00 train arr[ived]. At Boston at 9:00

Walked to the Pioneer Hotel with my suitcase. (YMCA) The Travelers Aid women gave me a list of places to see. Went out & ate & back to bed.

Mon[day]. July 23 [1945]

Walked thru [sic] the Boson Commons up some alleys & went shopping. Got 2 boxes of stationery. A sailor I met at lunch took me to see "1001 Nights with Connel Wilde. It was wonderful.

We walked down to Scollay Square which is crummy. Then we parted & I shopped. Going home I saw a marquee with Joe E. Brown in "Riding High" & the "Three Stooges. So in I went.

Out again & saw another theatre with "Scream In the Night" & something else I can't remember.

The price was 55 cents & the cashier said it was foolish for me to pay that when I couldn't see both pictures so she wrote a note & I was in free.

A sailor started talking to me. He carried my pkgs [packages] back to the hotel for me & wanted to come to the room with me but I said nay.

So I bade him goodbye.

Tuesday July 24 [1945]

Arose rather late. At noon I started up town & got a ticket for New Bedford & Fall River.

Checked my suitcase at the Greyhound Bus Terminal

Rode over to the Bunker Hill monument.

Looks like the Wash[ington]. monument too. While looking at a map of Cambridge, Mass[achusetts]., a man came & told me how to get there. He took me in his house & showed me his beautiful glass chandelier & a pic [sic] of his son.

So I rode over & walked thru [sic] the Harvard campus & a museum on Eskimos & to the spot where Longfellow wrote "Under the spreading chestnut tree."

Then dashed back to Boston, had to stand on the Fall River bus till Taunton [Massachusetts] was reached & then tr [?] at Fall River & on to New Bedford.

After half an hour's telephone calling, I reached Cassie & she & her sisters rode down for me.

That's right, her name is Hilda.

And so to bed.

Wed[nesday] July 25 [1945]

She lived out in the country. Hungarian descent. Nice looking parents. One sister's name is Mary (25). The other is 19. Can't remember her name.

We went downtown & saw "Thrill of a Romance" again. The stores are closed on Wed[nesday]. afternoons. We walked down to the waterfront. Her house is small & the kitchen is in the basement. I played the piano somewhat.

In the evening we went out to the amusement p[a]rk. Rode some things & two sailors joined us. I rebuffed them but they came back for more.

Took us home. She lives by a cemetery.

Thursday July 26 [1945]

Walked downtown & got me a tiny pennant.

Then we took the bus for Fall River & thence to Newport.

We saw the street that Van lives on but when we got off the bus we walked up the left side instead of right & walked blocks out of our way.

We walked back & up to the house.

Mr. Johnson was sitting on the back stoop talking. We hung around. The man went away & a man with 2 girls came up. Then they went & he went into the house.

So we went to the driveway & he came out again. I started running & Mr. Johnson called "What are you afraid of." So he asked me why I wasn't wearing a white suit. The blues looked warm.

Then he asked us if we wanted a pic [sic].

So he invited us in. there were a lot of letters on the kitchen table. The living room had scrap book on it & the bedroom had lots of boxes in it. Mr. Johnson's bedroom is very cool too. The two beds were unmade. A lot of pics [sic] were on the wall.

We were thrilled. Then we walked to a restaurant & ate.

On to a bus & to the cliff walk. The homes were beautiful but we couldn't finish as night was closing in. then back to Fall River in the rain & New Bedford. The bus goes right in front of the cemetery so we got off.

The last bus left at 11:20 & we were late so I stayed all night as the next one left at 7:20.

Friday July 27 [1945]

Arose at 6:30 ate some toast & then Hilda rode me down. She showed me her Errol Flynn scrapbook & we took a picture of me holding her billboard pic [sic] of Flynn.

Said goodbye & then on to Prov[idence] [Rhode Island]. & N[ew].Y[ork].

Shopped for music & bought a pair of Grecian thong sandals.

Called Florence but couldn't reach her.

Went to a movie & caught the 7:00 train. (I think.)

Sat[urday]. July 28 [1945]

Back to the old grind again. Mrs. H. was there. I wish he was not so filthy minded.

Don't forget seeing Guy Lombardo & his ork [?], Gloria Jean, John Bales & Spike Jones.

Sun[day]. July 29 [1945]

Visited the French embassy again. Two French speaking ladies were there. One showed us how she tied her turban. It was beautiful.

3 August Fri[day]. [1945]

Today we had to practice for C.G. day tomorrow. We left work at 3:00 & marched around the stadium once in the mucky grass.

Rita's name was not on the first list but was she mad when she found out.

Cleaned the room somewhat.

4 August Sat[urday]. [1945]

It started raining but by the time we reached the stadium it had stopped.

We had to watch the game for 2 hours & then marched. We were very good tis said.

It was a thrill to march out to the field & meet those batteries of eyes.

Sun[day] 5 August [1945]

Visited the Spanish embassy. They served us liquor & orange juice in the garden.

There is a lovely patio in the house. A fountain plays merrily. La—de—da.

Missed the bus so took a taxi to the place & reached it in time.

6 Aug[ust]. Mon[day]. [1945]

"Anchors Aweigh" was wonderful. Gene Kelly is a marvelous dancer. Especially with the little mouse.

7 August Tues[day]. [1945]

Saw "Life With Father." The swearingest play I ever heard. Very funny tho [sic].

8 August Wednesday [1945]

Saw "Story of a G.I. Joe." It was mostly about the infantry slogging thru [sic] mud & filth.

Meredith was good & Michum too. Rather overrated tho [sic].

10 August Friday [1945]

"You Came Along" with Commings, Scott Drake and DeFave.

14 August Tuesday [1945]

With surrender reports filling the air, Japan finally capitulated. The Navy Dep[artment] announced Wed[nesday] & Thurs[day] as a holiday.

Janice & I went downtown & we ended up in Lafayette Park.

While sitting on the grass a civilian began annoying us. Took our shoes & we got that back, then he took my hat & I thot [sic] it was Janice's. Then he hid it on a statue.

I ran after him & he said he wanted the insignia so I let him have it. Then I saw it was gold & Janice's. But we couldn't find mine.

But Janice had an extra one so I bought it from her.

15 August Wed[nesday]. [1945]

Sally came over while I was in the shower. As she was going on leave Thurs[day] she couldn't work then so L[ieutenan]t. H. told her to get me.

Janet & I went downtown & saw "Uncle Harry" with George Sanders & Geraldine Fitzgerald.

16 August Thurs[day] [1945]

Took letters & stat [?]. to work & "Forever Amber." H. came in about 10:00 & left after 1:00. I read all that time & wrote 2 letters.

17 Aug[ust]. Fri[day]. [1945]

"Guest Wife" with Colbert, Ameche, & Foran. Amusing bit of photoplay.

19 Aug[ust]. Sun[day]. [1945]

Entrained for Chicago at 3:00. Took a cab down. Rode with an officer.

A woman talked to me on the train & showed me pics [sic] of her son.

Had to transfer at Pittsburgh & arrived in Chi[cago]. at 8:00 or thereabouts.

Then on to Milwaukee & asked a woman how I could get out by street car.

Mon[day]. Aug[ust]. 20 [1945]

So when I walked up the street I could see 2 persons sitting on same steps. Right at 2946, but no A.

So I walked a few steps & there at the back was 2946 A.

Then the boy said "Is that you Marilyn" & I replied in affirm. It was Harold.

(Just kicked over a btl [bottle] of ink— time out for mopping up.)

So he told me to go up & I did. There was Aunt Clara.

She is really witty. Herman is swell too. Talked to Yvonne on the phone. We rode all over town somewhat & Yvonne saw me at 4:45. She Works at Evinrude Motors.

She is 5ft. 6in. We resemble each other tho [sic].

That night we went to a theatre & saw Louis Prima & his ork [?]. Very jazzy he is too.

We didn't like him.

Tuesday Aug[ust]. 21 [1945]

Slept till rather late. Aunt Clara was up. Met the down stairs nabor [sic].

Played records.

Yvonne took me over to Aunt Mabel's. Saw The Noll Piano Co[mpany]. They live upstairs. Aunt Maude is nice looking. So Aunt Clara & Harry were there. Harry is a character. Aunt Clara looks bad. Beautiful rooms.

They wanted me to play a piano but no music.

So they (Mable and Herb) took us to the Elks Club & I had a sandwich & we walked downtown. Yvonne & I window—shopped & went to a small night club.

Wed[nesday]. Aug[ust]. 22 [1945]

Played some records. Clara & I talked about the relatives & Herman had gone to the lake Tuesday. So Harold took me to the museum & we walked so much that his foot got sore.

Wish he could walk.

He isn't working now.

We rode out at 4:45 & picked up Yvonne.

Harold amuses me so. We were going to take a boat ride but Yvonne suggested a roller skating trip so we did that. Met her friend Mary. (Harold thinks she is snobbish) It was fun roller skating.

Thurs[day] Aug[ust]. 23 [1945]

We rode around trying to find a restaurant because Mabel, Aunt Maude, & Herb were going to take us out.

We finally had to settle on Oconomowoc.

Harold & I had fun swinging in the hammock. Wow!

Had a lovely speedboat ride. The wind whipping my hair. The weeds were very bad this year.

The steak was very good. Harold sat across from me at the other end. Those floppy—eared dogs. Gosh he lifts my moral up.

I rode back with them. Was practically crying.

Friday Aug[ust]. 24 [1945]

Arose around nine. Harry took some pics of me. Aunt Maude & I rode downtown with Herb & went shopping.

Bought some dresses for Aunt Clara & they bought me a green suit, with trapunto trimming. Collarless too.

In the evening I played some records in the little room downstairs. The store stays open until 9:00.

The patio at Aunt Maude's is beautiful.

We rode out to an ice cream parlor & had soft ice cream. Took some back for Aunt Maude.

Sat[urday]. Aug[ust]. 25 [1945]

Arose at 10:00 I think and ate & then Harry rode Aunt Mabel & I to the station.

Had to wait a few minutes for the train & more(?) than 2 hours in Wash. Had a seat too. Slept all the time. Ate with a Wave. Two sailors in back of me amused me.

Sun[day]. Aug[ust]. 26 [1945]

Arrived around 10:30. Rita was going out with Francis Booth. I rode the street car & then walked from 7th street up to H.L.

Wed[nesday]. Sept[ember] 19 [1945]

Saw "Oklahoma!" tonite [sic]. It was quite cute. The music was very good. ‘Laurey' was adorable. Paid $4.80 for the seat. More fun!

Fri[day]. Aug[ust] 30 [1945]

Was going to N[ew].Y[ork]. but then John couldn't come to D.C. we went to W.P.

We arrived there after 7:00 and called up John. He had a friend for me.

Stayed at Mrs. Ead's home. Called a taxi & met John.

When Jim came we walked around the campus. A dance was going on but we couldn't go.

Sat[urday]. Sept. 31 [1945]

We arose & dressed in civilian clothes.

Had a picnic too.

John was late meeting us. They were in their whites. We took pictures.

Walked to the chapel. Jim had to leave for handling football gear to the freshies (plebes).

So Sat. nite I went to a show & Rita saw John.

Saw "Murder My Sweet" again.

"Honors flyzies

Incom beezis

Onches knohes

Inoh keeziz"

Quaint ain't i.

I met Rita at the gate & we walked up the street to the USO of Highland Falls. We danced with a couple of jerks.

There was a parade earlier too.

Sun[day]. Sept[ember]. 1, ‘[19]45

Rita went to W.P. again. I went up in the afternoon & we left our bags at Grant Hall.

We saw the parade too. It was wonderful. So is the Hotel Thayer.

Caught the bus at 6:30. The debutramps were with us. Took the 9:30 train. Sat on suitcases most all the way.

Ate hamburgers near the station.

21 & 22 Sept[ember]. ‘[19]45

Trekked to N.Y. again. Took the Staten Island ferry, saw Greenwich village, it was a tour by a civilian. Got a ticket for the "Hit Parade." Met a very nice Wave there. I must remember to write to her. Yes Yes.

Saw "Isle of the Dead" with Boris Karloff & Ellen Drew. Rather scary.

A soldier went with me to the Hit Parade. Dick Todd has red hair. Very wonderful it is too, the music of course.

Joan Edwards is rather attractive too.

He took me to "State Fair" later. I wouldn't kiss him either. He wanted me to write to him but not knowing his last name I can't.

Went to the gift (?). Picked up some cute pins too.

Will get some more for Xmas gifts.

23 Sept[ember]. 1945

Arose rather late. Went on another tour by bus to Chinatown, Bought some perfume & this sailor talked to me awhile. I didn't even notice him.

After the bus trip he came up to me & suggested the beach. So I acquiesced. Coney Island. We walked the boardwalk & rode the roller coasters.

It was fun. He was stationed in Philadelphia & rode back with me.

He called me up once and I was not at home. Tough!

October [1945]

Deno(?) October's brite blue weather.

Bought some music. ‘Till the End of Time,' Darktown Struttin's Ball, Manie, There's a Long Long Frail (?)" etc.

3 Oct[ober]., 1945

Got a ticket from Lt. H. to attend the Comm. War Fund Rally at the Departmental auditorium.

Sally & I went with him & his wife. Eddie Duchin played the piano. He's a Lt. Comm. In Navy. Bob Crosby sang two or 3 songs.

A sailor did some comic routines. The emcee was a clever sailor. Any hoo. Lt. Col. Deveneaux was there. oh yes I marched for him at Bethesda on Sept. 29. Rita was in too.

5 Oct[ober]., 1945

Had to work in Capt. Zoale's office as Mary Ellen had a tooth out. I wasn't too fond of the idea either.

5 Oct[ober], 1945

Adm. Nimitz Day. Again Burkhardt was absent. So I stayed there— the only enlisted girl. Had to run errands too.

Saw the parade from Mr. Schnell's window as did a host of others. Came by at 1:45. Rita was right guide in Platoon 2. God that girl next door is noisy.

Payday too.

6 Oct[ober]., 1945

Spencer Tracy was in "The Rugged Path." I rather enjoyed it too. He is wonderful. It was quite political. He is killed on an island & is awarded the Medal of Honor.

7 Oct[ober]., 1945

Betty & I caught the 7:30 bus for Luray, Virginia. Took us three hours. We had a hamburger & then the bus driver took us to the caverns. Took us an hour & 20 minutes. They are beautiful. Anyway we bought souvenirs there. I bot [sic] a log cabin bank & some apple candy. Yum Yum.

(9—26—45 Oh yes I receives Y2C effective 9—21—45)

Back to Luray.

We went back to town, ate & walked to the Singing Tower Carillon & heard them. Then at 4:45 walked to Mimslyn Hotel & the buses came along. The second bus took us up the driveway to the hotel entrance & we had a seat.

Went back by a different way thru the Blue Ridge Mountains. Some noisy colored persons stood by our seat & gabbed.

We are going next to Williamsburg, Vir.

Oct[ober]. 27—28—29 [1945]

Betty Jones, Alta Campbell & I rode the bus to Williamsburg by Greyhound.

A taxi rode us over to a USO where we had win beds for 50¢. We walked to town, ate. The bldgs are very quaint & just like in 1700s.

Took lots of pictures & ate at the Lodge. Got a cute pair of bird salt & pepper shakers.

The stocks(?) are very cunning.

I would love to come back & visit this place.

William & Mary College is here & has the oldest academic bldg in America.


Spencer Tracy in

Oct[ober]. 29 [1945]

Saw Sally Bossen married to Louis Schwartz. Went on a Five day leave.

Nov[ember]. [1945]

Didn't enjoy the dinner for Thanksgiving very much.

Nov[ember]. 9, ‘[19]45

Alta moved to Room 1000.

Rita has had a quarrel with John but they made up.

Nov[ember]. 9, 1945

Betty & I went to New York for 3 days. Had an awful breakfast in the Hunting Room at Hotel Astor.

Went to Café Zanzibar. Beautiful!

Some soldiers wanted to join us or rather we join them but no could do. Duke Ellington & his band were there. a cut midget too.

Nov. 1 the points went to 26. Jan. 28 I shall have 26.


Nov[ember]. 30, ‘[19]45

Went to New York to see Florence. Took the right train in the wrong direction but after midnite reached Flatbush. Mrs. Johansson is peachy.

We went shopping & I bought  some Faberge perfume for Anne.

Flo & I ate at the Iceland restaurant. The waiter argued with us for his tip.

It was quite cold. Sunday we went to the Ice Follies at Madison Square & home again. Ate & caught train at 10:30. Anyway I saw "In Hollywood" with A & B again.


Dec[ember]. 1, 1945

Virginia White was married to Glen C. Livezey today.

Xmas is here again. Rita & Alta are leaving soon.

Rita has 26 points the 9th.

Dec[ember]. 11, 1945

Rita & Alto left on the 9:00 train for Phil. I moved in with Betty Jones in 223 tonite [sic]. She is leaving too in Jan.

Warren thinks I like Mr. H. That is very silly I think. Of course I do entice him sometimes with my hula but he knows I don't mean it. "MEN ARE SUCH FOOLS!"

Dec[ember]. 20, 1945

Payday & I have shopped & how.

Betty found out she is leaving the 26th for St. Louis. Will probably plane to the Coast.

Dec[ember]. 21, 1945

No drinks. Met Judy's husband. The office was very subdued today. The snow is still here. Got the pkg [package] from home. Heavy too.

Left at 2:00.

I must remember to sit sedately at the typewriter.

Dec[ember]. 23, 1945

Sunday duty with Chief Barth. Virginia & Chuck are here too.

Just found five dollars in this book. Lucky me!

Bud is now in Kentucky.

Will write my transfer today. Oh boy!

The barracks are very deserted now. Just like a morgue.

That's all

This closes an eventful book in my life. Ha! Ha!


On the train

Lois McCaw (Craig)

Rita Pembrook

Margaret Henley

Thelma Olson

Dorothy Lee

Irene Sempson (nee Larson)

Ruby Powell

Best of luck always Jenice, you've been a super shipmate. Do remember to write once in a while to keep me posted…

Love, D.D.

Dorothy A Daniel

Route 2 Box 922

Edmuds, Washington

                Enlisted Assingments

Sally B. Schwartz

Gwen Chrisman

Ruth L(?)

Mary and Milly Sabine

Mrs. M.K. Sloan

C.D. Warren

A. Irene Malski

Agnes Baker

Agnes Rehm

Jessie Hartley

Ruth Fredericks

Eddie Cockrell

Jane Sarin

Virginia W. Livezey

Glen Livezey

Irwin Goodstein

Aremis Gomez

Helen McCabe

R.C. Smith

M.K. Hutchinson

Harriet Lane


R. Byrnes

Eleanor Devenham

Anna Day


Betty Jones

Alta Campbell

Rita Dawgala

Nancy Lawaway

Rose Musumeci

Bobbie Lane

Margarette Kirker


Pat Fripp


Florence Paul

Velma Eastman

Janet Baker/Hasty

Catherin Dubbs


Betty Huggins (Rafus)

Celeste Der (Zerber)

Julia Sachna

Ida Dumtschin

Celcile Poirier

Jackie Langon

Betty Yenkala

Mary Saisson

Molly Beahes

Harry Newman

Virginia Hibbeler

Catherine Sestrich

Mary Ellen Burkhardt

May Sue Seay

B. Bakker

L. Phillips Schnell

Morris Hark

Helen Norbeck

Florence Johansson

Hilda Santas

Alias Cassie Lloyd            

To a swell shipmate. Good luck and keep your chin up.

Mildred Self S 2/c

To my shipmate, I know you'll be a good Yeoman

Nadine Baber S 2/c

Well we had a swell time while it last. You're a swell kid and as a shipmate your tops. All the luck in the world and smooth sailing.

Irene L. Sempson S 2/c

Monlow, No. Dak.


To one Swell girl,

May your life be beautiful

Your sea smooth

Your life worthwhile,

But may you have enough

Clouds to have a beautiful sunset,

Mrs. Ada Shert(?)

Mic(?) 525—580

Co 91—6= Co SK CB 10