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Letter from Catherine Cayle to friend, 1944

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Object ID: WV0232.4.002

Description: Cayle is enjoying her work in the service but looks forward to a time of peace. She inquires as to her friend’s health and family, writes of the climate in Maryland, and mentions an epidemic that has kept the hospital busy over the winter.

Creator: Catherine Cayle

Biographical Info: Catherine Cayle served in the Army Nurse Corps from 1942 to 1945.

Collection: Catherine Cayle Letters

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Full Text:

My favorite friend -

Fully intended writing to thank you for the adorable stationary in it but in trying to show it off to the people writing me I used it all - It was the sweetest paper and I love you for sending it. I had a delightful Christmas and it was wonderful for I had an opportunity to be at home for 60 hours - The trip going and returning was pretty rough but worth it. How have you & your family been this winter? I hope well. We have had a terrific epidemic here - which has kept us very busy. There are rumors to the effect that some of the nurses will be leaving but of course, we don't bank on rumors -

I'm still very much pleased with my choice (the Army Nurse Corps) but will be very happy when peace has been established again in this world of ours - and every hands sees all of us nearer home - I hope.

The climate here in Maryland leaves much to be desired - it's very damp and cold all the time - not too healthful. There is absolutely nothing new to write of- so hoping you are keeping well - and do write me -Thanks again for the lovely gift