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Letter from Catherine Cayle to friend, 1943

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Object ID: WV0232.4.001

Description: Cayle is at a small army post at hospital which is understaffed. Recently she started on night duty, which interferes with her dating a captain located at the same post.

Creator: Catherine Cayle

Biographical Info: Catherine Cayle served in the Army Nurse Corps from 1942 to 1945.

Collection: Catherine Cayle Letters

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Oct. 10 - 2:00 a.m.

My dear faithful pal -

Long 'ere this you no doubt have heard that I am a member of our armed forces - a 2nd lieutenant of extremely low rank - but so far I love it -

I've wondered about you and your family so much and fully intended to write a thousand times but you've no idea how many things there are to do and in the Army you do things when you are told and not when it's convenient. Am I forgiven?

This is a very small post as Army posts go - there are only 9 nurses and we average 100 patients that includes - everything - medical surgical - psychiatric - even a little obstetrics and pediatrics - but its all worth while and I love it. The nurses are congenial and nice girls - the medical officers are quite intelligent and so far nice to work with. The enlisted personnel is marvelous - it seems to me each individual is my brother and they are grand to me -

I've been here since August 28th up until last Saturday I'd been dating (for a change) a Captain here on the post - a very nice chap - but I went on nites [sic] and I'm no longer a nite [sic] flyer - our nite [sic] term is for only 2 weeks - thank heaven! I'd be dead - if I had to stay longer - one nurse for the entire hosp. is really keeping me busy - as you can imagine. With good luck I come off this Saturday a.m. and if I catch my train will be in Towanda for the weekend. Please write me a long letter - remember you "gotta" keep up my morale -