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Letter from Jamie Marshall to her husband, 1944

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Object ID: WV0206.4.008

Description: Marshall, now in Belgium, is sick and in bed. She also mentions buying crystal to send home, books she has read, mail she's received, and the terrible weather she endured in Normandy. She returned to the U.S. later that year.

Creator: Jamie D. Marshall

Biographical Info: Jamie Marshall served in Texas, England, France, Belgium, and Germany as a member of the Army Nurse Corps from 1943-1945.

Collection: Jamie Marshall Papers

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Full Text: Dearest Hen:

Didn't get a letter from you to-day but decided there were so many things I wanted to tell you I'd better write while I have the leisure. I didn't work to-day as I guess I'm a softie can't stand living in luxury it seems. I have the gripe I guess, had a fever of 100° last night so I stayed in bed this morning and went on a liquid diet, grape fruit juice and tomato juice. The Dr. was in to see me twice to-day and said I was to stay in bed as I had rales [sic] in my right lung. So I've been in bed all day and my bones have started aching so I guess the fever is coming back and I wanted to get out for a walk in the fresh air to-morrow and see the beautiful shop windows once more before we leave here.

Most every one is sending crystal home and for a change we can go right to the factory and buy and they pack it for shipping, here is what I bought.

1. Water pitcher and 24 water or beer glasses. 12 Champagne or desert or coctail [sic] glasses and 2 candle sticks. I guess you'd better consider them your birthday present as it'll probably be July when you receive them. All in all it cost me about $18 and the same thing there would cost about $50. So it will be a nice start for our new home, won't it. I sure hope it come through without any breakage. The candle sticks are my favorite. Say sure would be great if the war could end here and I could get home to help you unpack them, I remember how you loved your French Crystal and I hope you will love your Belgique Chrystal [sic] just as much.

I ran the cards to-nite [sic] and I saw you with a brunette, I so hope she's nice to you, but not too nice. Also I had the two black tens which means I'm headed for another trip and soon. I read a book to-day by C. S. Forester "Payment Deffered [sic]" and have started another one by him, Flying Colours" which has Capt. Hornblower as Cheif [sic] character.

I had a letter from Aunt Phebes neice [sic] and she says she is doing swell weighs more than she has ever before in her life. Tom has a spot on his right lung but the Dr. said it was inactive.

We have about eaten the candy Marjorie sent but I think I'll wait to thank her when the books arrive as thats [sic] really what I'm looking forward to.

In my last letter I sent a snap shot of me in my rain coat 4 buckle Arctics and the shot was really snaped [sic] in the rain. Just wanted you to see how I looked for three months in Normandy mud. Hope I never have to go thru [sic] that kind of miserie [sic] again.

Its 8 P.M. and I must take another sleeping capsule as the Maj. said I need rest.

I'll fell O.K. in a few days. Will write again tomorrow.

All my love, Jamie