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Letter from Marjorie L. Jackson to Henry, 30 May 1945

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Object ID: WV0342.4.001

Description: Jackson relates to her fiance how she obtained a transfer from clerk-typist to music instructor. She includes a summary of a conversation with her classification officer and expresses deep affection for Henry.


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Collection: Marjorie L. Jackson Letters

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Full Text: Dearest Henry:

My transfer was all instigated by a mere Cpl [corporal] named Jackson. I went through the proper channels--my CO [commanding officer], who obtained an appointment for me with the director of Convalescent Hospital Educational Program who thought my qualifications were very acceptable. They should have sent a memo to the Classification Officer to make the transfer legal so special orders could be cut. They omitted this procedure entirely and there was a verbal agreement between the two groups for me to work at Bowman Fld. I called the Education Officer and told him the story & that if I was to come--after all my replacement was already at work so I was a WAC on a limb--lost a good job & no legal procedures to place me on my new job--I must have a written request sent to PP3. (Personnel Classification).

Lord I thought if that memo hits the Classification Officer Major Parker for the first time he will be mad as Hell!

I called him up & told him the whole story.

"Damn you, Cpl, you are my best looking WAC around here, a good worker, & I like you very much, & I don't want to lose you," said Major Parker.

I explained my education & great desire to become a music instructor. So there was lots of conversation back & forth which would probably bore you so I'll skip it. He said he would see that the official request went to the proper places & I'd get the job.

Later I'm in his office doing some work & Major Parker, yells, "I want to see you, Cpl!"

He wanted to know how I arranged this transfer--I told him--

You're a 405-clerk typist & G-D- I don't want to lose a 405."

I said "I'm no good as a 405, I don't like it & I think I was malassigned & mis-classified (Forgetting that I was talking to the Classification Officer).

"Are you saying that I a Classification Officer made a mistake." said the Major.

"I do," I said firmly. "I think in my case you slipped up!"

Major Parker said, "Could be, I've make [sic] a few mistakes. I really like you, you have spirit and every good qualification but I think you will be more satisfied in the field you know!"

My birthday is 10 June. When is yours sweetheart.

Darling, I love you so dearly. Wish I'd have a letter this afternoon. You are the one I love always & miss constantly.

Love Always, Marge