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Letter from Jamie Marshall to her Husband, 26 February 1944

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Object ID: WV0206.4.006

Description: Marshall discusses news of U.S. politics, including her fears about passage of a tax bill, the possibility that Roosevelt would not get re-elected, and the feeling among enlisted personnel that politicians are to blame for the war continuing. Marshall also notes she doesn’t fear her husband being with other women or gambling, but is concerned how he is able to get along by himself. She mentions drinking her monthly wine ration, appreciating leisure time to listen to the radio, doing her hair, attending church, and responding to mail.

Creator: Jamie D. Marshall

Biographical Info: Jamie Marshall served in Texas, England, France, Belgium, and Germany as a member of the Army Nurse Corps from 1943-1945.

Collection: Jamie Marshall Papers

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Full Text: Dearest One:

Here it is Sat and another week gone by, nothing new here but I liked the Political news to-day, however, I am afraid that act of The Houses passing the tax bill over FDR's vets will prolonge [sic] the war, or do you think so? As all wars this one is strictly political and the English are worried about F not being reelected - as for me I know he will be cause if I could vote I'd vote against him and you know the ones I vote for are not ever elected. Enough politics.

I've has a busy day, when I got home after supper I washed a few things shampooed my hair and Bobby, Fry's sister set it for me, I still can't do much of a job on my own hair. Everyone has gone to the club but me and I'm enjoying a nice musical programe [sic] but I can't get any U.S. programes [sic] but I really like the French music.

I had two letters to-day this am. Yours of the 13th and then at 5 p.m. I went back to the P.O and had the one of the 14th. Was sure glad that the Yancey's won't have to move.

I got the letter you mentioned of Jan 2d. how did you remember which letter it was? Just tried to find it but guess I have put it in the trunk. I doubt if many other people invest half their income in bonds. however after you clear our insurance I don't care how you invest our money just so you don't give or gamble it away - I don't believe you gamble much any more do you. Funny I never worry about the other women you might have or gambling you might be doing but its you having to do such things as clean your room and wash your clothes and maybe not eating the right things I worry about now. I think Marjie worries about your not writting [sic] me but I wrote her how good you were to me. I doubt if she believes me.

10:15 Decided I'd open a bottle of Sherry and have myself a glass while I'm writing this and fixed the fire now so I'll be ready to go to bed when I've said all I want to to-nite [sic]. We got our wine ration this week for two mo - a bottle each of Sherry and Port so I swaped [sic] my port for sherry. Cost $6 or 30 shilling for both - pretty expensive isn't it. But a glass when you're kinda [sic] blue, helps. I have to go to work at seven so will say good nite for now and add some to this to-morrow.

Sun. Nite 8 P.M. Well here I am again, I went to Church this AM. thought it would make the Chaplain feel good. Nough [sic] said eh! Have been busy all PM. Cleaning up my corner for inspections tuesday [sic] as I have the day off to-morrow and Roos and I are going to Swindon with the car that goes for the mail so I hope to see something different. I guess you know I've been hitting that Sherry since noon and have only left the hut to go to the bath. Have had some good radio programes [sic] all evening but they make me so damn homesick. Now there's a song "Never a day Goes by I don't think of you" by some trio, good but too near the spot and Right now my favorites "MO. Waltz. Can you read this? Maybe I'd better have another for you and me. Here's too [sic] it, the anouncer [sic] just said Fred Waring prog - no wonder - for a while I thought I couldn't take it without crying I should have known it. God pity the Censor if he trys [sic] to censor this.

I had three Posts to-day dated Jan. 10-11-31. I see where someone by the name of Sellers Jan. 11. says we can vote if we have a poll tax. Do I? If those G. D. politicians don't quit their d-- squabbling I guess we won't ever get home. and thats [sic] how every one feels. We have several Enlisted men in this Unit from Texas in fact I pass the papers on. Some day when I'm in the mood I'll write Lloyd Gregory how much we enjoy his column. I could write more but I must go to bed as I get up early to catch the Mail truck and I'm mailing a V-mail in the morning so you see how much difference there is 8:45 P.M. Feb. 27. 44