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Letter from Jamie Marshall to her husband, 1944

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Object ID: WV0206.4.005

Description: Marshall, now stationed in Gloucestershire, England, has been ill but is recovering. She expects to move to the continent, perhaps following the army of occupation, and remain in Europe for at least a year, based on news reports. She also mentions possible baby gifts for a friend and asks if her letters home are censored.

Creator: Jamie D. Marshall

Biographical Info: Jamie Marshall served in Texas, England, France, Belgium, and Germany as a member of the Army Nurse Corps from 1943-1945.

Collection: Jamie Marshall Papers

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Full Text: Dearest Hen:

I worked this AM so have all afternoon to myself as all my hut mates are either sleeping or working, so I hope to get a few letters answered and some reading done. I just read all the letters I've received from you this month and the latest was dated 2-3 which leaves 17 days since I've heard from you. I didn't get a letter since Monday. I guess something has delayed them I do hope you haven't been sick. I feel much better and have gained back to 140 lbs. looks like I can't get my weight down to 130 and stay to save my life. I feel much better now tho [sic]. I've had 7 treatments of ultra violet, guess I'll take it next week 3X and maybe that will be all. Can't see much good as far as the sinusitis goes tho [sic] as they continue to drain vile stuff.

You can decide what you want to do about keeping the house but from the way it looks to me now we will be in foreign duty at least another year. I'm afraid you were right about getting caught in the Army of occupation. I wouldn't be surprised if we move to the continent latter [sic]. If what I read in the paper "Post" that Bohson says about Churchill and FDR is true, you needent [sic] expect me home for a year or more at the least. Sure looks like its going to be much longer than anyone predicts.

Have you written Marjie. I think I will send her two pieces of silver for the baby a spoon and shover [sic], what do you think of that? I'd rather knit it a sweater and booties but I can't get the wool here however I'm going to try again before I buy the silver. They have beautiful perambulator blankets here but can't get them without stamps either.

It snowed off and on all day yesterday but it doesn't stay here either. Wouldn't mind a foot of snow for a change since it [is] cold anyway. Getting sleepy so think I'll take a nap and write some more latter [sic]. Did I take a nap didn't wake up until 5 and had to rush for supper. Now I've just messed around and it's now 9 and I'm in bed tired and won't write any one else as I'm not in the mood to write maybe next week I'll make myself.

Is there anything you would especially like for me to write you about. It seems as my letters are so much the same they must grow monotonous.

As ever, Jamie

P.S. Are my letters censored?