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Letter from Jamie Marshall to her husband, 1943

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Object ID: WV0206.4.004

Description: Marshall is busy preparing for her transfer to the 32nd General Hospital, which appears to be bound for overseas duty soon. She has been issued more equipment and clothing, and lists things she has yet to acquire. Marshall briefly describes the 32nd and her unsuccessful attempts to get a furlough before they leave.

Creator: Jamie D. Marshall

Biographical Info: Jamie Marshall served in Texas, England, France, Belgium, and Germany as a member of the Army Nurse Corps from 1943-1945.

Collection: Jamie Marshall Papers

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Full Text: Dearest Hen:

I guess you think I've deserted but I think of you all the time and how I hope I get a few days leave before I leave.

Last Tuesday P.M. the Major called me and informed me I was being transfered [sic] to the 32nd General Hospital. Replacing the nurse I told you about breaking her leg going over the obstacle course, I had her for a patient when I was on nite [sic] duty last month. Don't have any idea how come they selected me, of course the Major said it was done in Dallas, any way, I [have] been busier than 9 cats on a tin roof. My hours off duty last week was [sic] spent getting a complete Physical check up - Teeth cleaned and etc Sat. I had a p.m. and had to go with my new Chief nurse to the 32nd. area and have a few interviews then yesterday I have another P.M. and had to go to a lecture at 1 P.M. and to-day is my long day off for the month and I have to get signed out of the station Hospital and signed into the 32nd General so that kinda [sic] gives you an idea just how far my tongue is hanging out. Also last evening I started sorting and washing and packing. I shall send my good bag home packed full and you know you have a key to it, so when you have time open it and put the lamps on the Radio or where ever you like also I have a sweet ash tray for the Coffee table, and in the grey paper bag is the blue slip over sweater I want you to have, if you don't like the guy on it take it to Mrs. Staacks and have her change it to your liking. I'm writing you all this as I don't know wheather [sic] I'll get a few days leave or not but certainly intend to ask and I feel like if its at all possible, Col. Alexander will grant it, however he would not allow any pass out of camp this past week-end. The entire unit unit [sic] is and has been here at Bowie for the past 4 months, it is quiet [sic] an orginazition [sic], a complete Hospital. I like my new chief very much, about my age I would say maybe a little younger. All our Dr's are white men no Jews. Just had a call from Capt. Will and I have to go for inspection at 9: AM and its 8:20 now so I'll write more latter [sic].

11:30 Just got back from signing our and must go back this PM to sign allottment [sic] papers etc. I am sending the Bank $75. per month you the 18.75 Bond, U.S. insurance 7:50 pr. mo and whats [sic] left I will spend. My pay check was sent here to the Chief's office so I had it cashed and paid all my bills in cash this month. There are quiet [sic] a few things I have to buy yet. I have an Olive drab Palm Beach Suit that looks very nice on me, that I will travel in. I have to buy another Tan shirt, 1 pr of long underwear, 1 pr fatigues another rain coat, about 2 more Braziers and pants and perhaps a slip and a pr. of pajames [sic].

Here is a list of what I have been issued 1 locker trunk, 1 OD canvas field Bag, 1 WO/saber ring pistol Belt, 2 wool OD Blankets, 1 meat Can, 1 canteen, 1 canteen cover, 1 cup, 1 fork, 1 knives [sic], 1 1st Aid pocket pouch, 1 water-proof Bedding roll, 1 spoon, 1 canvas carring [sic] bag strap, 1 mattress cover, 1 1st Aid Packet, 1 Gas Mask, 1 steel Helmet, 1 wool knit cap. Then at the POE we turn in the Blue and White uniforms and shoes and I guess and will be issued the OD and seersucker uniforms will I have a lot of crap to look after.

I asked the C.O. about a leave and she said all that Bunk about how sorry she was we didn't know earlier so I could have a leave but it was too late as we or I must be ready to go within 24 hours. Now I will go to lunch and may think up some thing else as I want to mail this in town this P.M.

In the box my bracelet came in are my two rings, the box is in the left side at the back of the bag.

I will go now and write again soon. I love you,


The little clipping save it is about my chief