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Letter from Jamie Marshall to her husband, 1943

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Object ID: WV0206.4.001

Description: Marshall is currently working in the scarlet fever ward, which she notes is very different civilian nursing. She also mentions hemming her uniforms while listening to the radio, getting vaccines, and nurses that have contracted measles and mumps.

Creator: Jamie D. Marshall

Biographical Info: Jamie Marshall served in Texas, England, France, Belgium, and Germany as a member of the Army Nurse Corps from 1943-1945.

Collection: Jamie Marshall Papers

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Full Text: Wed. Nite [sic] Dear Hen:

Another day has slid by, not so much Red tape but believe me I haven't stopped since I got up at six this AM. I was put on the Scarlet fever ward to-day worked 7-9 with another nurse and was on from 1 to 7 P.M alone. Its quiet [sic] different from Civilian nursing but I seem to be able to grasp it quickly.

Had 6 uniforms 6 caps - Blue wool sweater, over seas cap - 2 white shirts and some insignia issued to-day so I had to shorten two uniforms to be able to get them in the Laundry tomorrow. I like the uniforms they are short sleeves made like one I have thats [sic] long sleeved.

I'm sure enjoying the Radio as it helps me sew. I saved $3. by putting up my hems so you see I'll save $9. by the time I finish them all.

Did you see Staacks after I left? Are you still working Ida. Don’t feel sorry for yourself sleeping on that bed its a darn sight better than mine.

I believe my small Pox Vac. is going to take this time. My arm sure looks like it. Had tetanus and Small pox in my left arm and the Typhoid in the rt. and the typhoid is kinda [sic] sore too. I saw a Mem. Nurse at supper the first one I'd seen I think they are sick theres [sic] been measels [sic] and mumps among the nurses. So don't be surprised if I take Scarlett Fever.

If I get my PM to-morrow I'll try to find time to write a real letter I've certainly put in 16 busy hours to-day but I can get back to my barracks without getting lost now - I love you,