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Letter to Catherine Katopes from brother John, 1942

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Description: Katopes’ brother John compares his army schedule to his sister's; discusses visiting a friend in Los Angeles near the Warner Bros. Studio and seeing many stars there; and mentions going to a football game and his grades in training school.


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Collection: Catherine G. Katopes Papers

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Dear Sis:

Just a few lines to let you know I am well and hope you are the same. I received your card yesterday and I see you go by the same routine as we, the only difference is Reveille, we get up at 8:00AM, and you have to make your own bed, we don’t, we have colored girls to do it for us. (not bad eh.) in fact we don’t do anything here.

Last Sunday I went to Los Angeles to see someone I know working in one of the Bowling Alleys. The alleys turned out to be in front of The Warner’s Bro. Studios, and after chewing the fat a while, he escorted me and a couple of fellows thru the Studio., the studio is a little city of its own, and we spent three hours there. I saw Bette Davis making a small shot, and in her next picture she is going to be a Comedienne, I also saw Humphrey Bogart making a scene, which will be a gangster picture, later we went back to the Hollywood Canteen, and were there Stars there “I’ll say.” Marlene Detrich serving sandwiches to the boys, there also was Judy Garland, Abbott & Costello, Judy Conova, Tyrone Power, Myrna Loy, Bonita Granville, Francis Langford, Bob Hope and even Charlie McCarthy with Edgar Bergen, Lionel Barrymore, Ben Blue, and a lot of others I can’t think of.

I received a letter from Dena, and everything is okay home.

This Sunday I’m not going anywhere, but the following Sunday my Cast holiday here I am going to see a football game between the Stars vs Comedians at the Coliseum in Los Angeles.

School is coming along fine, and the exams here are not so tough. My marks in the first four phases were 82, 91, 94, 87% not bad.

I don’t know of any thing more to write so I’ll sign off.

Your Brother, John