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Letter from Constance Phillips to parents, 1945

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Object ID: WV0082.4.007

Description: Phillips responds to letters from home, enjoys her classes, especially map reading and supply, and is learning much about the war through films. She promises not to smoke too much, requests that her parents put her money in the bank, and mentions that she received her gas mask.

Creator: Constance Cline Phillips

Biographical Info: Constance Phillips (b. 1924) of Concord, North Carolina, was an X-ray technician in the Women’s Army Corps from 1945 to 1946.

Collection: Constance Cline Phillips Papers

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Full Text: Dear Folks -

Got your letter today. It was a nice long one and I had not forgotten the fact that you've had an anniversary. One of the kids' is the 12. Sounds like you had a nice party. Not to mention the food - Oh, to be eating some of that Tater Road food.

Sorry to hear that so much of home is upset. Hope that sis comes through, but I know that whatever happens, she'll get along ok. And if she does capped, I'll be very proud. Glad to hear that you're going to get some good nurses. And that the little house will be occupied.

As for dating my letters. I'm sorry. I rarely know what date it is, and very often not even what days of the week it is. You simply cannot realize how mixed up this business it until you get in the middle of it. So if I do forget again though I'll try not to, just look at the postmark, and remind me again. We've really gotten into classes now. I like map reading and supply. We learn new things & I manage to stay awake in those classes. We're having good films. The one this morning was on the invasion of France, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, and Norway. They're very good films and though they are done emotionally, they are historically correct. I'm finally getting the war a little straightened out.

Mother, I remember you said...Sorry - we had to fall out and I forgot what I was starting to say.

We'll we've had 8 hrs. of classes today. I used to think that 8 hrs. at W.C. was bad, but this is without break. Got my Readers digest subscription & will write the Pastor tonight.

Occasionally we get three minutes but that's maybe once or twice a day - which reminds me of what I started to say. Don't worry, I won't smoke too much, we don't have time. It's rush, rush, rush all the time. I'm really learning to work in high gear - which reminds me I was on KP this weekend, don't think I've written you since. I ran the sterilizer and believe me when you sterilize all the dishes for 600 people in 4 hrs, you're moving. The people that have always referred to me as slow motion, should see me now.

As for the gig score- so far I'm even, 1 gig and 1 commendation. That makes the score even. I've ceased to worry about things like that. Now I want to get to school and start the real business. This is really marking time, so far as I'm concerned. But the Army considers it essential, so who am I to gribble. The most fun that I have is sitting around the barracks talking. No doubt that's strange, but the people are so varied that I just like to sit and listen.

Went over to the PX and got my pictures as I thought you'd be wanting to see your WAC. Changes: Learned to tie a tighter tie, pressed my blouse, put on brass buttons, and put my hair up on a rat.

Not I must write Sis and Mary, so...Oh, please bank that money, I almost forgot. That's the start of my furlough fund. If I get stationed far from here I'll be needing it. Behave yourselves

And Love, Connie

Got my gas mask! Feel real WACki.