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Letter from Jean Holdridge Reeves to Parents, 1945

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Object ID: WV0383.4.062

Description: Reeves has been cleaning her club for several days and hopes it passes inspection. She describes two steak dinners, a luncheon, and church. Reeves also describes Tom's appearance, character, quarters, and their recent activities together.

Creator: Jean Holdridge Reeves

Biographical Info: Jean Holdridge Reeves (b. 1920) of Marion, Ohio, served in the Pacific as a member of the Red Cross from 1944 to 1946.

Collection: Jean Holdridge Reeves Papers

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Full Text: Dearest Folks,

Just starting to write this before taking off to lunch. We have been cleaning “the joint” these last two days from 8:00 until 9 at night. The medical inspector had fits about the sanitation, cleanliness, etc. so here we go. We got an extra detail of four men and together have scrubbed every wall, shelf, tin can, drawer and then painted all of the table tops. The pots and pans and gasoline stoves get so smoked up too that until we got steel wool it was impossible to keep them clean.

Now that all is set Jerry[?]— the artist— is going to send this to the inspectors— majors, colonels, etc.

“We scrubbed and cleaned, eleven strong, until we thought no thing at all wrong. So Wednesday, sir, you may inspect, we pray that all will be perfect.”

I’m glad we did lots of little verse writing at home, Daddy, it has come in handy so far even though I’m poor.

Am sending you a couple more of the Base bulletins so you can finish the New Guinea series.

Sunday I got 17 letters— most of them dated back in Dec and one from Jim Myers in Nov. Finally got the letter telling about the pearls.

Moe sent me some hair ribbons which I was very happy to get. In a letter occasionally you might enclose a package of flower seeds. You wondered about Moe’s name— Mrs. Wm. Baird, 527 Rowalds St, Iowa City, Iowa. They will be moving to Detroit sometime before too long where Baird will start his internship. Dune's address is just NAS, Lake City, Florida. He’s a Lt (jg).

The cleaning is as near done as possible now after another afternoon’s work. In the morning we’ll get the detail to police the area and after carting away a few more articles all will be set.

Sunday was such a nice day. Our church service starts promptly at 8:00 but we made it. I was disappointed that the church was no decorated so am contacting the chaplain to see if something can’t be done for Easter at least. We have all these palms and think of the people who would pay heavily for such. There are always flowers for the asking too.

At noon we three and our detail were invited out to a Signal Corps unit for steaks, etc. Lush chocolate cake too. After doing my washing I went down to Tom's and made mayonnaise, which we used to make sandwiches for a lunch after the volley ball game with Tom’s men. We played them for an hour and half and then fixed lunch— sandwiches, iced tea, cookies. Tom invited us all into his little house where we fixed the table with candles and soft lights. They enjoyed it so much that we have another invitation. Betty had to go to work but Tom and I sat around with the men until after eight when I fell asleep listening to the usual good radio programs of Sundays. Yes, we get lots of the broadcasts. I have no idea how long after you hear them but time means so little to us in that way.

Later even.

While waiting for dinner I went on some more but now it’s all over— what a combination— tenderloin steaks with bread and butter, bananas rolled in nuts and olives. We’re all chuck full and so happy. Tom is sitting here beside me on his chaise lounge and says that he is happy too. We have had such a good time. I must send you some pictures that we took out at the bench. Of course Tom looks like a Hindu, Mohammedan, Turk or what have you but with careful scrutinizing you can tell that he’s not too bad. His hair is dark and his eyes brown— very sparkling and free of devilish ideas. What abilities though. The latest is a new corner in his house, which you remember is only one room with the chest as the center— well. I’ll just draw a picture.

How is Ohio by now spring rains, no doubt which we are having right now but really they’re fall rains for us and the grass which is just turning green for you has been nice here all the time. Hope you’re all enjoying a nice Easter.

Lovingly yours, Jean