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Letter from Jean Holdridge Reeves to Parents, 1945

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Object ID: WV0383.4.050

Description: Jean Holdridge Reeves writes that she has been busy working. She specifically describes having to constantly supervise her native cleaning crew and notes that their Filipino housekeeper is thought to have stolen a formal gown. Reeves has gotten a pay raise and feels that she is now overpaid. She also mentions getting a note from Tom's mother and his difficulty getting enough points for discharge.

Creator: Jean Holdridge Reeves

Biographical Info: Jean Holdridge Reeves (b. 1920) of Marion, Ohio, served in the Pacific as a member of the Red Cross from 1944 to 1946.

Collection: Jean Holdridge Reeves Papers

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Full Text: Dearest Folks,

Have had— here an interruption and what was that trend of thought? Today is armistice day and across the street the very patriotic music is playing. Again I drew Sunday for working. It would be a madhouse if 3 new girls weren’t immediately thrown into the ropes. We don’t like having to do that but several girls had had no day off. Then one dropped a bed on her foot and Gert wanted to spend a couple a days with Bob before he leaves. He’s been leaving now for several weeks but I know how that is.

Mrs. Reeves wrote me the nicest letter expressing her happiness about our coming home and the ideas that go with it. Tom’s getting home possibilities don’t look so good right at present because the points have not been lowered to 70 as yet. I do hope that all the uproar in China, Java, and Korea makes no difference in their length of service.

Yesterday was discovered that one girl had lost a formal out of her footlocker. So I had to withhold the house girl’s pay and hope that it will be returned on Monday. Yes, many is the time it’s easier or better to do for yourself. So far I have lost nothing— at least that I know of. So keep the fingers crossed.

Melissa and Kay should be home and everyone thinking ahead to Thanksgiving. Which time do you celebrate this year? It will be just another day for us probably.

Bettie and I are having our room rejuvenated. The ceiling is a medium blue, walls an offwhite. Then the bedspreads are to be white flounces on red top. Accessories will b the cream with blue trimming.

Am making myself a night-gown too and plan to make a blouse out of some white silk. May even get a white nylon one finished too. Who knows.

Two of the girls are waiting for transportation to Japan but the weather is bad and probably now they won’t get off until the middle of the week. Still wish I were going but it would delay my return considerably.

This cleaning mess is about to get me down. All week we’ve had 20 men scrubbing and they have to be watched continuously. They will steal from you if possible and no matter what don’t get the walls clean unless you show them each little dirty spot.

Our pay checks were late this month but when they did arrive & $50 raise was in evidence & effective Oct. 16. I think it is terrible to pay girls that much. Know I’m not worth it and not many are. Staff assistants only got a $25 raise— why the big jump for Able Bodied recreation workers I don’t know. It won’t have to hurt my conscience long though—

Helen finally sent her address which I have sent on to Tom also. Hope he has time enough to see her. The brother of his who was on the west coast has been transferred back to Harvard to study about naval demobilization.

Want to write Tom a note now and then wash my hair.

Love, Jean