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Letter from Jean Holdridge Reeves to Melissa, 1945

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Object ID: WV0383.4.044

Description: Jean Reeves has included photographs of Japanese troops surrendering, and continues to feed former prisoner of war. Reeves has heard that Jim is in Okinawa and is uncertain where she will be at Christmas.

Creator: Jean Holdridge Reeves

Biographical Info: Jean Holdridge Reeves (b. 1920) of Marion, Ohio, served in the Pacific as a member of the Red Cross from 1944 to 1946.

Collection: Jean Holdridge Reeves Papers

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Full Text:

Melissa dear,

Here are some pictures of Japanese surrender just a couple miles from where we live. My collection is getting pretty good now. Will have to get me a nice album to put all my war souvenirs in.

Just heard from Jim today that he is in Okinawa. Thought he was already in Japan and had several things for him to buy. Oh well! Wrote him [safehand?] today to see if he could possibly get a few days off and fly down. Would certainly be nice.

Mother’s letter of the 10th arrived today. Not bad considering the mess that transportation is in. I’m glad that the box arrived home safely as well as pictures, etc. I have some things to send the children now— must get them off.

Don’t forget to send me the Crow’s address. Think it is 680 Fairmont Ave. Would be nice to know their phone no. too because it is often hard to find no.’s in those large cities. They won’t give out no.’s sometimes.

Expect you are already wondering about Christmas— heard over the radio the other day that there are only 90 some shopping days. Stateside aren’t we? Expecting you’d be thinking up some good ideas. Might be smart if you just forgot about me. Christmas might be a little late but you know how uncertain packages are—

Still feeding POW’s but not quite as many. We will be glad when they are all thru because Sue & Betty are both leaving and we get no replacement.