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Letter from Jean Holdridge Reeves to mother, 1945

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Object ID: WV0383.4.016

Description: Jean Reeves answers her mother's personal questions and mentions her use and/or want of many items, including hosiery; photo prints; canned olives, spreads, and other foodstuffs; and feminine hygiene products and toiletries.

Creator: Jean Holdridge Reeves

Biographical Info: Jean Holdridge Reeves (b. 1920) of Marion, Ohio, served in the Pacific as a member of the Red Cross from 1944 to 1946.

Collection: Jean Holdridge Reeves Papers

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Full Text: Mother dear,

Just received yours of March 13 and will answer some of your questions right off before I forget. No, you didn’t tell me you forgot about the money to Miss Austin but perhaps you would like to send it now. Gads Hill accepts contributions at anytime. Yes, I got the hose you had repaired when I first arrived. Of course we never wear them here and I keep planning to send some things home but never seem to get around to it. The thread came too and in good condition.

No, I didn’t get the S.F. pictures and would get a kick out of seeing them if you can get some prints. I understand that paper for such is frozen. I slipped a couple of pictures in my last letter which I hope you will enjoy.

The admiral is not the one at my dinner party but a very good looking man and well spoken of. I enjoyed the article as well as the letters from Miss Beebe and Mrs Polson. I do hope you went to Bloomington but for heaven sakes overnight wouldn’t be long enough and Ohio could wait.

About may I will begin looking for my Christmas and birthday gifts. No thanks we don’t need Vienna sausage. Are there any olives in cans? Either green or ripe. Have they cut out the deviled ham and other spreads? Somebody had some good anchovies too. Cans of pop corn we can use too.

Unless the Modess situation gets worse I won’t need any of it. Supply is good although it is Kotex. Kleenex is short but you don’t need to send anymore toilet paper. Soap is especially nice when of good smell. We got sweetheart or ivory.

My but your Omaha visit sounded nice. I’m sure Aunt Cora enjoyed it every bit as much as you.

Love, Jean