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Letter from Jean Holdridge Reeves to mother, 1945

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Object ID: WV0383.4.012

Description: Reeves reveals that a service member drew the illustrations and provides an overview of recent recreation activities, including her singing trio.

Creator: Jean Holdridge Reeves

Biographical Info: Jean Holdridge Reeves (b. 1920) of Marion, Ohio, served in the Pacific as a member of the Red Cross from 1944 to 1946.

Collection: Jean Holdridge Reeves Papers

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Full Text: Mother dear,

Move, move, move! I hope by now you are having a little vacation with Helen. You’re probably trying to do a year’s work in a couple weeks too so better watch yourself.

One of our men made this for me so I hope you’ll keep it. Sent Kay one sheet and perhaps we could put them all in a little frame. It about (the above way) like this across the bay from us. I have never seen a native look like the sketch because there have been no native festivals.

Last night we had the best evening yet, I believe. There must have been at least 250 there all the time. About 8:00 we radio broadcast. Those performers are chosen from the previous week’s show. Betty, one of the hospital girls and I have worked up a Trio singing “Don’t Fence Me In”. “Don’t Sweet heart me" and, “Put your arms around me". Of course the fellows go mad even though it isn’t any good.

After work it was quite cool from the rain so Betty and I get out our pastel sweaters to wear for our late coke and chat. Tom and Pat just looked and looked and then they’d feel them—just like little children caress a soft toy. They do appreciate all those little things. On another page I must tell you about the party we had for Betty on her second anniversary overseas.

Lovingly yours, Jean