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Letter from Glory Hancock to Sylva(?), 27 September 1918

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Object ID: WV0181.4.009

Description: Glory Hancock expresses a desire for the war to come to a close as she is exhausted from working so hard. She requests a pair of brown shoes and states that she misses American cooking.

Creator: Glory Hancock

Biographical Info: Glory Hancock, a nurse during WWI, worked in a hospital in Belgium from July 1918 to February 1919.

Collection: Glory Hancock Letters

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Full Text: Night Duty Sept 27

Beautiful! How's things? I just hate [illegible] every day --truly--if the war doesn't end soon I'll have to chuck it.. Isn't it awful of me. I've got a ward of bad cases--& am going hard all night & it interests me of course & I'm more than sorry for them & I just can't stand the suffering all round me as have all these years (?). How is Favie these days. I'm awfully worried about him & doctors are such devils to have for patients Aren't they?

Vinton writes me some times on her Smith Corona--- have mine--I would have spared you this but I can't use it at night. My little pal Count de Guisserel (?) is here ill again. Had an awful time getting him admitted here because they don't take malades (?) in this hospital but I looked after him when he was ill before. & Lady Hadfield who has adopted him would never have forgiven me if I'd left him in that beastly infirmary behind the lines. I'm sending on a Mrs. Latimer's letters can't remember her to save me. Ask Favie if he does. I'm longing to get the photographs & send me some of the house. Your house in Charlotte. Make the man do them postcard size. No more tonight [illegible] and fly.

Do you think you could find me a pair of brown tan high shoes -brown suede or calf [illegible] size 4 1/2 C or 4C not too pointed toes, cuban heel, & quite high--

I was a fool not to get in a supply of shoes as I can't wear English ones & the shops in England that import American shoes aren't doing it now. [illegible] had a chance to go to St. [illegible] & only saw white ones with very pointed toes. Stern Bros on 42 St. used to send me all my shoes but that was when I was 3 B and C. I've seen lots of them [illegible] before. Heard from Marion. He was up in these parts while I was on leave--wasn't that a shame? Tell me what Favie's doing & & wearing & everything I'm dying for American cooking again we can't get [illegible] fruit in the canteens up here now and I dream of waffles and fried chicken and Sundaes. [illegible] nearly get [illegible] the ducks whose livers are plucked (?) out to make pate de fois gras by looking at food out of their reach.

Lots & lots & lots of hugs to our Favie Glory