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Letter from Glory Hancock to Favie and Sylva, 1918

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Object ID: WV0181.4.008

Description: The conditions that Glory Hancock is working under are starting to wear her down, as she is "so sick of having people depend on me I could scream." She also discusses large artillery being removed from her village, her relationship woes with her husband Don and her lover Jack, and an American aviator casualty.

Creator: Glory Hancock

Biographical Info: Glory Hancock, a nurse during WWI, worked in a hospital in Belgium from July 1918 to February 1919.

Collection: Glory Hancock Letters

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Full Text: Z 93 Front Belge, Sep 17.

My Darlings,

I loved hearing from you but think I never was so homesick in my life, Boarding school wasn't a patch on the ache I've got to get back to you now and never leave. Cheerful prospect for the family, a clinging Chevalee!!! But honest to Gawd I'm so sick of having people depend on me that I could scream. At the last bombardment I would have given everything I possessed to hang on to somebody and be as big a baby as I wanted to instead of having to play the Hero of the Johnstown Flood and keep other men from being scared poor devils, I know its had enough when one is up and can look after ones self but to be in bed and feel the universe is apt to fall in on you must be the limit, I got lots of letters you sent Sylva Darling, but no girlish curls to allure the Brave Belge with, I wonder who is sporting them? Hope they turn up for I feel some bald without them, I've met quite a few Americans, and there is a General Tyson near he [sic] here who knows you Favie, He is coming to see me this week, Major Williams had a big American Conference here the other day and sent me to the 30th Div, Americancs [sic] to corrall [sic] their Medical men. They turned up in shoals and the little man was so pleased.

Don is still top of the list but isn't gazetted yet and is very fed up with it, He got home for 2 weeks leave and was recalled after 4 days to command the 5th Army School, which is a bully job Gen, Birdwood got for him while he was waiting, But he is very depressed as they have taken him off Indianpay and put him on British which cuts it down half, I sent him a bill of mine and asked him to pay it for me and hre [sic] said he'd pay that one but couldn't do anymore at present!!!!!! I don't know how he would manage if he was keeping up a house with Westray and me, Of course both his and my expenses are mujch [sic] less while we are out here only when we go on leave we act as if we have a huge income and for those 2 weeks expense is no object, but that doesn't happen often, He is very much changed towards me which I don't blame him for, but if he won't let me go he has got to keep me, Hasn't he? Did you see that the old Carpathia is sunk, I've given my best Beloved the final conge so you and Favie need not worry anymore, Don won't let me go but says if I want to I can go off with him and he will divorce me but I can't do that and have told Jack so, So the future ahead of me isn't very rosy. There is simply nothing ahead But you two got a lot of happiness late in life so something may turn up, Qui sait? Write when you can and I am hoping every day for the photographs will come, The work now is very nice we work in sets of 2 in 7 hour shifts.

And though you never stop for one second whilr [sic] you are on duty the off time is longer and you get more chance for Lorryhopping and hobnobbing with the Big wigs who are scattered about the countryside,,. The big guns we've had in the village have been moved farther away thank goodness Bellas nerves were getting unstrung, again, I dined at the British Mission last night and we all spent out time after dinner catching moths for her breakfast, Can you see Royality [sic] creeping up on a moth crouchant [sic] with murder in hi eye? Write me every scrap of news any little thing is a lot to me. Did Vinton have a peach time at West Point? I wish I were back with you all but guess many years will roll by before we can all get together again, Faivie take care of your self, Remember if anything happens to you Nothing would ever be the same to me again, Life is rotten enough as it is but with you out of it I just couldn't go on,

A big hug to tou [sic] all All my Darlings You haven't an idea what it means to me to have a complete family all my own, Bless you Sylva Darling Your loving loving Glory We had our first American wounded in ....an aviator not bad though. His observer was killed. His name is Melloe aunties friend Jimmie. George Pendleton A.D.C. Chief of American mission in ......

Favie Darling- Many happy wishes of your birthday Aug 4th. [sic]