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Letter from Glory Hancock to her family, 1918

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Object ID: WV0181.4.006

Description: Hancock talks of the high number of French and English casualties due to the latest increase in fighting. She tells of the dinner she gave before the fighting increased, lists the people who attended, and tells how it ended with an air raid. She appreciates letters from home, even though they make her homesick. She hopes she can go home for Christmas.

Creator: Glory Hancock

Biographical Info: Glory Hancock, a nurse during WWI, worked in a hospital in Belgium from July 1918 to February 1919.

Collection: Glory Hancock Letters

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Full Text: "Night Duty" My Darling Ones -

I'm still on the front & such days & nights. We are having to be in every night and send as many off next day as possible. It's interesting but tiring & I'm sick to death of it.

We have stretchers and beds in every corner ready for this Push lets hope we'll advance this time. It's rotten weather and the trenches must be ghastly. We've got lots of English in now - are surrounded by them and French. Have seen very few Americans I haven't done much "lorry hopping" lately - When I come off duty at 8 A.M. I'm all in and not fit for anything.

I gave a big dinner the other night before this Push started to thank the people who had been so nice to me. It was a very mixed affair. Here is the list. It was lots of fun & every body was in great form. It ended with a big air raid - too near to be amusing and we were kept busy with wounded coming in the rest of the night. Here were the people:

Prince A of Teck Chief of British [unclear]; Lord Vivian; Gen Jacob, Corp Commander 2nd Corps; Captain Gulliver, Staff Captain; Lord [unclear] Dennis {unclear]; Gen Didies, Belgian Army; Comt. Carlies " "; " Ae Buiss[unclear]; Baron de [unclear]

The 2nd Corp. brought the drinks and we had the operating room day orderlies wait on us -

one limerick they made of me was right good.

There once was a cutey named Glory who hopped little "Mish" in a lorry, the chauffer said "Gee, them ankles get me." But that was the end of the story." Every thing is contrasting (?) here tonight. I've got 9 dying in here & the rest awfully bad--twelve of them with wounds. I love Sylva's letters but your American life makes me awful homesick. This war thing its existence & [Hades misery?] Don writes very seldom.

Our leave is shut. Hope it is open by Dec so I can go home to [illegible] for Xmas--

And go home. Did you catch [illegible] while you were in Wash? Wish Gov. Craig would catch me the Congressional medal. I'd love to have something American though I haven't wished directly for them at all.

How is your heart? I want you to get something to do but nothing strenuous. You aren't up to it & if any thing happens to you where would Sylva and I be? The will-o-the wisp. Gen. Bridges has come & gone. Wish you'd seen him.

Hug Sylva for me &and get her to return the compliment.

Your loving loving Glory