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Letter from Glory Hancock to her Favie and Sylva, 20 July 1918

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Object ID: WV0181.4.004

Description: Glory Hancock has returned from a leave in London and tells of her activities there; things have been quiet since she returned to Belgium. Hancock also notes she won’t have leave again for eight or nine months and hopes that the war will be over soon.

Creator: Glory Hancock

Biographical Info: Glory Hancock, a nurse during WWI, worked in a hospital in Belgium from July 1918 to February 1919.

Collection: Glory Hancock Letters

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Full Text: Z 93 From Belge, July 20

Dearests - I am back at work & it seems that I've never been away. America, you two dears everything seems just a lovely dream I'll never forget the wonderful time you gave me. It was all perfect. I thank you a thousand times. When I got to London I found that they'd given me another week's leave in England to get some supplies & as I got them al- together in a day spent the rest of the time in the country & at my little flat with Westray.

I couldn't keep him away from school all the time as his exams were on. England seemed--very colorless & life not worth the name. I didn't see Don but lots of friends were in London on leave & I had a very good time love America for [illegible]. Jack Wodehouse's brother fell off the ramparts at Boulogne and broke his back and all the family was in London. Jack back from Italy too - but it was a very sad home coming.

Don's brigade is coming up near me I think. It's been very quiet up this way since I got back. So quiet that Headquarters gave me a pass to let Lady Hadfield bring me up which was lovely. We lay back in her big Rolls Royce like queens - My little hut has been moved back to its old place and the flowers look lovely. My family (the Royal family) in their purple frame is very much admired. Don't forget to send me "The Briggs". Sylva dearest I don't guess I'll get leave for 8 or 9 months & then lets hope that this war will be over.

Write me often and keep fit and well till I see you again. I am so dependent on you. Its perfect knowing I have a family of my own. A hug to you all. Tell Vinton to write.

All my love Glory