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Letter from Glory Hancock to her family, 1918

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Object ID: WV0181.4.001

Description: After a period of leave, Hancock describes the environment aboard the ship taking her back to her station. She fondly recalls a recent visit with her family and misses them greatly.

Creator: Glory Hancock

Biographical Info: Glory Hancock, a nurse during WWI, worked in a hospital in Belgium from July 1918 to February 1919.

Collection: Glory Hancock Letters

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Full Text: My Dearests,

I'm watching the lights [illegible] up your way & all the soldiers are singing "Home sweet home" & so you can imagine how I'm feeling.

I'd give any thing to get back to you just for an hour.

Have a beautiful cabin & this boat has every luxury, lovely lounges and sitting rooms. And the deck room is filled with troops so there's [illegible] much walking space.

The boys are such dears. Southerners most of them & home sick already.

You have given me such wonderful leave I can't tell you what it meant to get back to you & having a mother & father to think about I look forward to getting back to is perfectly heavenly my two Darlings [illegible]

This will be a wonderful experience. I'll write you all about it. the fun life on a troops the drills and sentries are lovely to watch.

I love you both to death & thanks more than I can say for all you've done for me. I was an expensive luxury too. I realize that Bella is in her bag having gained the [illegible] (g pronounced hard as in [illegible].

So long & its maddening to be so near you yet cut off as as clearly as if the ocean separated us.

Your ever loving Glory