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Letter to Charlotte Schuck from mother, 1943

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Description: Schuck's mother again discusses the postal service, writing letters, and sending packages. She mentions her daughter’s recent promotion, hopes that she can get leave for Easter Sunday and her grandparent’s 50th anniversary, and describes a bond meeting she recently attended.


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Collection: Charlotte Lavone Schuck Papers

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Westlake Ohio

April 11, 1943

My Dear Daughter,

Please don't mind the fancy "W" on Westlake. I had to do that to start this pen working right.

Your letter that we received Saturday was started by you on Apr. 6 (Tues) - finished on Wednesday and it was post marked New York Apr. 8 - 8:30 P.M. Was sent "Free." The letter you sent on Apr. 3 was Air mail, Post marked New York Apr. 3, 6:30 P.M. and I received it Monday. But of course we don't have a mail delivery on Sunday. Send a letter airmail in the first part of the week and I can tell better whether it is quicker. I looked your Ins. over this evening and you save $1.98 by paying it by the year. That payment is $49.94. Your insurance is for $2,000. Don't forget to take advantage of the Acacia Club if you should be sent to Washington D.C.

Does Yeoman 3rd Class P.O. mean Petty Officer 3rd Class? According to your letter you must have made the grade. Am anxious to hear more about it. Does that mean that after 4 weeks you will be through at Hunter College? That would be Apr. 22nd wouldn't it? Gee honey, I have been thinking about that today and wishing you would get a furlough over Easter and get to be in Indianapolis on Easter Sunday when Grandma and Grandpa are having open house to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary. That would certainly make the day complete for them.

I received a letter from Grandma and she said Grandpa is looking forward to having open house. He said he would let them in the front door and out the back door. Ha! She also said he thanked us for Hitler and stuck a big blackheaded pin in Hitler's end. Ha!

Please have nerve enough to ask if it would be possible for you to be in Indianapolis for that special occasion. Something makes me feel that it will be possible and I will keep thinking along those lines.

I sure was sweet of your fellow gutter ballers to send you that card. Mrs. Smith told me that she wrote you also. Have you heard from Wilma? I haven't seen her since last Wednesday. She said she might write you that night.

We will try getting films for you here. We are anxious to get some pictures of you and your fellow WAVES.

I do hope you received you package by Thurs. anyway. Daddy sent it Sunday night. I hope you didn't have to march on your bare soles.

The Bond Meeting lasted about an hour and 15 min. Mr. Hess is Chairman and Mr. Kearney is the Captain of my team. Our goal for Westlake is $80,000 and over 1/10 was in already. Mr. Hess insisted that Westlake be separate from Bay Village because the last Bond Drive Bay Village brought $50,000 worth and Westlake $80,000. Series "E" bonds are for sale in this Drive and they will also take War Savings Stamps. Have you bought anymore Stamps and do you want to turn yours in toward a Bond? I asked in a previous letter how many Bonds you wanted and also what denominations, didn't I?

Mrs. Burneson was at the "Meeting" and she asked how you liked it and I was also talking to Mrs. Mandley of the A.W.V.S. By the way, I was telling her that the W.A.V.E.S. were to report at the A.W.V.S. booth in the Grand Central Station at New York and also that they took care of the transportation and luggage of the WAVES.

How did the Grand Central Station impress you?

That sure is swell that Marjorie and you have your own Church Services. I wrote to the First Church of Christ Scientist Lakewood and stated the circumstances to them and said if there was any step I could take I would be glad to do so to make Christian Science Services available at the College. I will try to make it possible for you to have some of your Mother's fried chicken. I have a cheese box that would make a very nice container for it. Now, all I have to do is get Bud to kill the chicken and it won't be long before it will be on its way. Daddy suggested sending it air mail. Daddy was very busy today killing rabbits and I have to look over them yet and put them on ice. I suppose I will arrange to meet Aunt Elsie down town and take one to her.

Have you written to Bellows yet? Or to Mr. Burnsen and Dr. Pease? Even if it is just a card to show your appreciation. Dr. Peases address is 15701 Detroit St. Lakewood O. That is one of his office addresses but I think he will get it sooner there. Bellows - 1726 Dover Rd.

I should have only 5 minutes to hit the sack and maybe I would get to bed at a decent time then.

Rabbits are coming fast. Ha! You asked how they were coming, didn't you? Another litter was born about Wednesday. Really, I must close, hoping I get another nice letter tomorrow. You don't know how I enjoy them,

Love, Mother