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Letter from Constance Phillips to parents, 1945

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Object ID: WV0082.4.004

Description: Phillips describes a typical day at boot camp, the good food at Fort Des Moines, and receiving her first pay.

Creator: Constance Cline Phillips

Biographical Info: Constance Phillips (b. 1924) of Concord, North Carolina, was an X-ray technician in the Women’s Army Corps from 1945 to 1946.

Collection: Constance Cline Phillips Papers

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Full Text:

Dear Mama and Poppa and Nan - This my mid weekly note to let you know that I'm alive. Well, yesterday I got my pay - $38.00 - I sent $20 home by mail order as they took no money for bonds out this month. Also, from now on, we're no longer restricted to the post. For which I am thankful. Sunday, if it's pretty I'll be going into Des Moines, and I'll let you know what it's like.

Life goes on as usual. 6:00 we rise, dress in Phy. Trng [sic] clothes, make our beds, straighten up our areas. Then at 6:30 we stand reveille. After that we so our detail, and eat at seven. Come back and straighten up some more. Which is where I am now. Then we have PT, classes until 11:30. Then we eat. Well, another day has passed. I got to noon, but got stopped. After noon, we have about 10 or 15 minutes break then classes until 4:30 at which time we have mail call. Then mess again and after that we're free until 10:45. In the meantime we have to do our area, clean up, etc. So, I spend very little time out of the barracks.

I got Daddy's letter today and was much honored. Also I got the perfume. Thanks!

Well, now I'll tell you about Army chow. We have excellent meat. Chops, steaks, pot roasts, etc. We have well prepared vegetables. Great variety - spinach, beans, potatoes, broccoli (sp?), etc - good salads and good desserts. In fact it's just plain good.

Well it's nine thirty. Tomorrow is GI night and I do need rest. Also we get more shots. Oh, well, life. Ballard's letter was "tres" interesting. Send me his address if you have time.

Love, Your baby