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Letter from Constance Phillips to parents, 1945

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Object ID: WV0082.4.002

Description: Phillips discusses receiving her uniform, cleaning duty and a surprise first inspection, moving to "Boom town" barracks soon, and working very hard but looking forward to free time on Sunday.

Creator: Constance Cline Phillips

Biographical Info: Constance Phillips (b. 1924) of Concord, North Carolina, was an X-ray technician in the Women’s Army Corps from 1945 to 1946.

Collection: Constance Cline Phillips Papers

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Full Text:

Dear Parents- By now or soon any how, you should be getting my clothes. We packed them up Thursday. Please send me some Kleenex as it's impossible to get here. Tell Mr. "Ephraham" that it [sic] for a WAC. Also could you send me my perfume, - it's "Toujour Moi"? Now that's that.

Well Thursday we did details. I'm getting to be an expert cleaner. Our squad leader refers to me and [an] Italian girl, Corsevinglia(?), as her "old faithfuls".

Friday was a busy day - we got up, made beds, did PT, drilled, rested (I knew there was something fishy when the [sic] put us to bed). Then we had mail call and mess. That afternoon we set up our foot lockers and wall lockers, cleaned the area straightened up, messed, and then cleaned the whole barracks. Our detail was the latrine, as usual. Finally we bathed and fell in bed.

Today we had an inspection which is the reason for all the hullabaloo. Our Lt. did it. When they got to me a was jittery. The inspecting party was kind to me - said "Get your hair up" & approved my uniform fit. This morning was fun. I had to do an about face, everything was in order and I had on my complete uniform for the first time.

After inspection we were called into the day room. Our Lt. explained that this was an excellent inspection for a first one. She especially complimented our latrine - said it was perfect and good enough to stand a white glove inspection. We were proud. Also she complimented us on our details.

Then - she told us that we're going to Boom town Tuesday. We leave these officers and go to others. I'm sad, because they're good. However, Boom town will be better as we'll be one platoon per barrack - which is better than the way we're living now. Tonight I have and appointment to get my hair fixed. Tomorrow we have till 8 to get up. Sunday is wonderful. I shall go to church and maybe to a movie. Lazy life, but's reward for a good weeks work.

Never worked so hard in my life, never felt better or ate as much. Me, I'm adjustable.

Will write again if anything happens

Love Babe