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Letter from Annie Pozyck to her parents, 1945

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Object ID: WV0333.4.052

Description: Pozyck misses civilian clothes and has acquired a pet parrot. She also notes attending a party at the Officer's Club and church, Jay's plan for divorce, Louis' imminent return, and the mail.

Creator: Annie Edith Sherrill Pozyck

Biographical Info: Annie Edith Sherrill Pozyck (1920-2007) of Concord, North Carolina, served in the Army Nurse Corps during World War II. After her discharge, she continued her nursing career, retiring from the Salisbury, North Carolina, VA Hospital after over twenty-five years in the profession.

Collection: Annie Pozyck Papers

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Full Text: Dearest Mother & Daddy,

Well, here I am sitting here in our Club, just wondering what you all are doing this Sunday afternoon, & if Louis is home yet.

I got off duty at 3:30 & so when I came over I undressed & just one of my seersucker dresses on. I’m so tired of slacks & a shirt I don’t know what to do. It will be wonderful to wear a dress again.

Guess what I’ve got? A parrot. It’s just a young one & I’ve named him Pedro. He’s real pretty, but he doesn’t talk yet. Don’t know if he understands English or not.

I received your letter yesterday written May 27th. The mail sure gets “screwed up”, because I got the one day before yesterday that you wrote the 29th. But no matter when it comes I’m always glad to get it.

You were asking where Jay is from. He’s from Pennsylvania. However he’s going to sell his home there because he’s going to get a divorce from his wife, & she’s living in Florida with one of their daughters.

Vivian & I went out to a party at the Officer’s Club of a bunch of the officer’s who came over on the ship with us, last night. We certainly had a nice time, & they had the most delicious fried chicken. I almost made a pig of myself. You know me & fried chicken.

I don’t suppose the packages I sent home have gotten there yet. When they do I’ll explain the things in them.

We’re still as busy as ever at the hospital, & this heat is about to get me down. The next time I go overseas, I’m going to a cold climate.

I went to church this morning. I’ve been going pretty regularly lately. I’m going to communion services at 7:15 to-night.

You can’t imagine how happy all the kids are that Louis is on his way home. No happier than I am though. I’m so happy I’m beside myself.

Guess this is all for now. Want to write a couple more letters before time to go to church. Maybe I’ll get a letter from my darling tomorrow.

Lots of love, Annie Edith P.S. Had a letter from Miss. Sweet the other day.