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Letter from Annie Pozyck to her parents, 1945

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Object ID: WV0333.4.042

Description: Pozyck discusses night duty, missing Jay, doing chores, and news of prisoner liberations, which gives her hope for her husband's quick release.

Creator: Annie Edith Sherrill Pozyck

Biographical Info: Annie Edith Sherrill Pozyck (1920-2007) of Concord, North Carolina, served in the Army Nurse Corps during World War II. After her discharge, she continued her nursing career, retiring from the Salisbury, North Carolina, VA Hospital after over twenty-five years in the profession.

Collection: Annie Pozyck Papers

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Full Text: Dearest Mother and Daddy,

Well, just one more night on night duty after to-night, and will I be glad. It sure has been hectic trying to sleep in this heat. And too, just along side of our tent they have been repainting our Recreation Hall and hammering and pouring cement, so all in all it has been pretty bad. But night duty just must come around every couple of months or so.

It is about 1:45 A.M. over here, but I suppose it is still yesterday back there in the States. I guess it is about 2:00 P.M. yesterday there now. Hmmmmm- that doesn’t seem to make sense, but that is the way it is.

I’m still looking forward each day to getting some word from Louis. I hope I will hear soon. Vivian got a clipping from the paper in her home town in Michigan, and in it, two boys that she knows had been liberated. One of them had wired his family himself, and the other one had had a War Department telegram saying that their son had been liberated. So maybe we will hear something soon. I hope so.

There isn’t so much news of importance of things going on over here. I’ve been feeling pretty lost since Jay left. He certainly helped me pass the time, and he was such a good companion. We had a lot of fun together. As I’ve said before, one could certainly go nuts just staying in night after night over here. Believe me it really gets on ones nerves. There just isn’t anything to do unless you have a date, so to speak. Of course Jay and I didn’t consider our evenings as dates, we just got together.

Still I haven’t received any of the packages that you all have sent. So you can see why we have to write for things we need two or three months in advance. Most of the packages have been coming through eventually though.

Our little tent girl has been sick for the past three or four days, and yesterday Vivian and I had to do our own washing in self-defense. Believe me, it sure killed our pride and joy. We have really been spoiled by that kid. Our tent looks like a cyclone struck it, because we have been used to her picking up things after us and making our beds, and everything. I certainly hope she will be able to come back in a few days or else I will have to IRON my own clothes. That would really be the pay-off. In this heat too.

Well, I must go and make rounds on my wards again. I do that about four times every night. so I’ll say good-night now. Hope you are feeling good.

Lots of love, Annie Edith