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Letter from Annie Pozyck to her mother, 1945

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Description: Pozyck thinks the war in Europe will be over soon, but is not anxious to return home after seeing how badly nurses are needed in the Philippines and feeling like she is contributing to the war effort. She also describes her recent activities with Jay, his neighbor's pet monkey, her love of the radio, her in-laws, and her desire for news from her husband, Louis.

Creator: Annie Edith Sherrill Pozyck

Biographical Info: Annie Edith Sherrill Pozyck (1920-2007) of Concord, North Carolina, served in the Army Nurse Corps during World War II. After her discharge, she continued her nursing career, retiring from the Salisbury, North Carolina, VA Hospital after over twenty-five years in the profession.

Collection: Annie Pozyck Papers

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Full Text: Dear MOM;

Hot again. Jay just started this. He sure is a devil. I’m out at his house, and of course this is his typewriter. I got off duty at about 4:15, and he picked me up and we went to his outfit for supper. I was supposed to have gotten off at 3:30, but I was so busy I just couldn’t get away.

I received your letter yesterday that you wrote the 10th. Of course I had already gotten the one you had written the 15th, day before yesterday. So you see our mail doesn’t come in exactly regularly. I also got the Valentine yesterday that you had mailed January 17th. It was appreciated just as much anyway. To-day I had a letter from Berryhill written February 11th. I’m still looking for my packages. They will probably get here before too long. I’m already “drooling” for that Chicken.

I’m anxiously awaiting every day for some word from Louis, and I think I will hear something from him soon. Who knows, he may even be freed by this time. Jay says that the way things are going over there, the Germans are just leaving the prisoners of war to the allies as they come in. I still believe he will beat me back to the States. The war news in Europe to-day certainly sounds good, and it is getting better every day. But then there will be this war to finish over here. The sooner it is all over and we can all come home the better I will like it. Of course I don’t think now I would be satisfied to be back in the States, now that I’ve seen how badly nurses are needed over here, and I feel that maybe now I’m doing a small bit for our boys over here. Even though I don’t feel that it isn’t nearly enough.

Jay is sitting here playing with the monkey. Her name is “Saki”, and she is the cutest little thing you ever saw. I think I told you about her once before. I’m going to take some pictures of her, so that you can see her when I come home. I’m going to take some pictures of myself too. By the way you should see my pigtails. My hair is getting so long that I have two little braids on each side, and I bring them up around my head, and they almost meet on top of my head. I’ve decided that I’m going to let my hair grow long while I’m overseas. It is easier to take care of that way.

I’m still enjoying my radio very much. Really I don’t know what I would do without it. It sure has been a lot of company to me. You know how happy I am when I have a radio anyway. It has gotten a little banged up moving it about, but it plays just as well.

I keep wondering if Louis' Mother came down to Washington to see Florence, and if possibly she got down to North Carolina. Hope she did. I know you would be crazy about her. She is the sweetest little thing. She reminds me so much of “Mamma”. How is “Mamma”? I hope now that is getting springtime she will be able to get out some. I keep wishing that I could spend a nice summer evening sitting on the porch or out in the yard with you all. Just one little evening. Oh, well, that day will come before too long, and then I will enjoy it just that much more. Louis and I will come there to spend a nice long vacation and just rest.

Well, its getting pretty dark here on the porch, and there is no light out here, and it is too hot to sit inside, so I’ll just say good-night for this time. Before closing, I want to say “Hi, Daddy”. Jay didn’t include you in the beginning, but I want you to know that this letter is for you just as much as it is for “Mom”.

GOOD-NIGHT, NOW. Lots of love, Annie Edith