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Letter from Annie Pozyck to her Parents, 25 April 1945

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Object ID: WV0333.4.035

Description: Pozyck comments on various subjects of local and state-side gossip, the weather, and receiving stamps.

Creator: Annie Edith Sherrill Pozyck

Biographical Info: Annie Edith Sherrill Pozyck (1920-2007) of Concord, North Carolina, served in the Army Nurse Corps during World War II. After her discharge, she continued her nursing career, retiring from the Salisbury, North Carolina, VA Hospital after over twenty-five years in the profession.

Collection: Annie Pozyck Papers

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Full Text: Dearest Mother and Daddy,

I received your letter yesterday that you wrote April 15th, and I was so happy to know that you all had received the news about Louis. I’m just looking forward to getting his mailing address so I can write to him. I know he hasn’t had any mail since he went over, so I know he must be very anxious for some.

I appreciated the stamps very much. It is such a big help for you to send me a book of stamps in every couple of letters. It certainly saves me a lot of trouble trying to get them. I had a letter from Aunt Esther to-day, and she also sent me some stamps. I appreciate them more than you will ever know.

It was sure a surprise to see the clipping about Helen Patterson and Arthur Odell being married. He hardly waited for his wife to get cold, did he?

You mentioned Everett Helms. Well, just listen to this. Jay knows Everett, and he is stationed not far from the hospital here. So Jay is going to take me over to see him one of these days. It sure will be good to see my next door neighbor, even if I didn’t like him very much back there.

I’m having my half day off to-day, and this typewriter belongs to one of my patients, so I just borrowed it to catch up on my corresponding this afternoon. I’ve written two letters already.

Guess who I got a letter from the other day. Jack, Vivian’s Jack. He wrote me a very nice little note. So I wrote to him this afternoon. I noticed that he his using the name Hatcher instead of Sherrill. He had his name signed Jackson S. Hatcher.

I had a nice little note from Miss Clara to-day. She said that she had gotten the word about Louis. I think you had called her to let her know.

There isn’t much other news. It is still hot as -----, and they say it gets even hotter next month. I think I’ll come home and spend next month. It should be nice there now.

I’ll be looking for my packages, but they don’t get here as fast as the letters. Sometimes it takes a month or six weeks for them to get here.

I guess it is so long for now, but I’ll be writing again in the next couple of days. It seems that these days I just have to write when I have time, because I have been so busy, but I know you all understand.

Lots of love, Annie Edith