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Letter from Annie Pozyck to her parents, 1945

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Object ID: WV0333.4.019

Description: Pozyck discusses having eye infection, the hospital starting to fill up with casualties, moving into tent housing soon, and more letters sent to her husband being returned.

Creator: Annie Edith Sherrill Pozyck

Biographical Info: Annie Edith Sherrill Pozyck (1920-2007) of Concord, North Carolina, served in the Army Nurse Corps during World War II. After her discharge, she continued her nursing career, retiring from the Salisbury, North Carolina, VA Hospital after over twenty-five years in the profession.

Collection: Annie Pozyck Papers

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Full Text: Dearest Mother & Daddy,

I had intended writing to you yesterday afternoon, but instead I went swimming. Now I wish I’d stayed home & written because to-day I have an infection in my left eye. It’s all red & swollen, & this matter runs out of it. It isn’t very painful though. I went to the Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic after I were on duty to let the doctor see it & find out what was wrong. So he treated it & told me I shouldn’t be on duty. That I should stay in quarters & treat it so it wont spread to the other eye. It’s nothing serious though, except you can sure catch a lot of things in this water around here. But they said salt water was alright & that was what we were swimming in- the ocean.

I’m putting ointment in my eye, & keeping ice on it. Except right now I’m “renigging” a little to write to you all.

Saturday, I received a letter from you all written Jan 10th. It was sent regular mail. I also had one from Aunt Esther, & Mamma had written a note at the end. Tell her I appreciated it.

Two more of my letters to Louis came back too. They were both written at Ft. Ord.

We’ve still been awfully busy at the hospital, but it’s good to be working- taking care of these boys who have been shot up & injured, fighting for our country. If I only knew that my darling was being taken care of.

Everything else is fine around here. I think we’re going to move from this house we’re living in, out to our tents near the hospital in the next couple of days. It will sure be a lot quieter out there & not nearly as dusty as it is here.

I think I had better stop now & treat my eye again. Don’t worry about it, it will be “O.K.” soon. Will write again soon.

Lots of love, Annie Edith