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Letter from Catherine Katopes to family, 1943

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Description: Katopes discusses her assignment transfer to Memphis, Tennessee, and the assignment transfers of WAC friends.

Creator: Catherine Katopes

Biographical Info:

Catherine G. Katopes (1912-1979) served in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps and the Women's Army Corps from 1942 to late 1945.

Collection: Catherine G. Katopes Papers

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Dear Charlie, Dean and Jimmie, and Johnny:

I am writing this today and shall mail it when I arrive at Memphis, Tenn. Because that is where I am going with eleven other girls, a day or two after Christmas, or as soon as they can secure transportation for us. My address will be:

F/Sgt Catherine G. Katopes

WAC Det., Sta. Compliment

Kennedy General Hospital

Memphis, Tenn.

As I write this I don't know exactly what it will be that we are going to. Whether we are activating a company (Dean I mean beginning a new company) or whether there already is a company there, I don't know. In fact there is a lot that I now don't know about this new assignment.

It is a little further away from home but I think connections out of Memphis are much better than out of Chattanooga. From all that I can father, Memphis is one of the nice cities in the South and as long as I had to stay down here, I am just as glad it is Memphis. I am glad it isn't Mississippi. This city is just due west from Chattanooga and very slightly north from Chattanooga but just a hair's breath.

My address may be a little different when I get there but you can use the above one until I do. (I just rolled the paper down to type in the address at the top, and you can see where I automatically wrote Fort Oglethorpe.

I imagine that I will be First Sergeant of a Detachment of Waacs that will be working in the Hospital. And it may be very interesting.

I shall also mail at the same time or maybe just before we board the train, the letter I wrote when I heard about the orders, but which I didn't mail, as much information is restricted until we have reached our destination.

Am so glad I got to spend Christmas here at Oglethorpe instead of travelling on that day arriving at a new post on that day or arriving at a new post on that day. Janet and Jerry are going in the opposite direction to South Carolina. They would have loved to come with me. Mary Jane Young is going to Oregon to the camp I was going to go to last August but that I turned down the orders. Who knows but what everything works out for the best? Some nice kids are going with me. One however, a woman quite elderly, will eventually be a problem but meanwhile I am going to handle her with kid gloves. She is one of six cooks that are going. Three of the girls are clerks and two are Motor Transport girls.

Love, Cathy