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Letter from WAVE to Shirley Thacker's parents, 1964

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Description: Letter written by WAVE officer to the parents of Shirley Thacker (Lewis), informing them of their daughter's recovery from abdominal surgery.


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Collection: Shirley Ann Thacker Lewis Papers

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7 October 1964

Dear Mr and Mrs Thacker,

By way of introduction, I am the Commandant’s Assistant for Women here in Hawaii. In addition I am also a friend of Ann’s.

I had visited Ann several times since her operation and thought you might appreciate a layman’s status report on her convalescence.

My first visit to her was the day immediately following her surgery. On that occasion Ann’s nurse told me that the operation had gone well and that the prognosis was excellent for her rapid recovery.

Subsequent visits have certainly proven this to be the case. On my last visit, Ann was walking about and seemed in excellent spirits.

I don’t know whether you knew what the surgery revealed- but in case you didn’t know I’ll tell you what I’ve been told. It seems that a small piece of the pancreas has been caught in the stomach since birth. This piece of misplaced organ was removed and the doctors appear confident that this will correct Ann’s digestive problems. I realize this is not a very explicit description of what was done but this is what I was told. The important thing is that Ann appears to be well on the road to recovery. She will be kept in the hospital longer than is really necessary because she must have regular meals and this extra time will insure that she has them prepared for her until she is able to undertake her own domestic chores once more.

We (the Wave Officers here) will keep her supplied with books, flowers and company during her stay at the Tripler- so it shouldn’t be too dull for her.

I must close but let me reassure you that Ann is doing well and looks good- so don’t worry about her.

Sincerely, Dixie Dunham Lt, U.S.N.