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Letter to Charlotte Schuck from mother, 1943

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Description: Schuck's mother discusses her volunteer work with the Red Cross, hosting company, the health and welfare of people from Charlotte's hometown, activities of her daily life, and preparing packages and letters to send to Charlotte.


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Collection: Charlotte Lavone Schuck Papers

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Dear Charlotte,

Well, on Monday, Wed - and Thus. (today) the mail man drove in to deliver your letter to me. That is about as far as the Special Delivery Service goes out here. It doesn't seem as if I get them any sooner.

Marie called yesterday and read me your letter that you wrote Sunday. She got it yesterday and I got your letter that you wrote Saturday.

Today, I received the one you wrote Monday. Even if the mail does seem slow out here I sure love to receive your letters.

I finally completed the Red Cross collection and turned over $21.10 to Mrs. Hicken and she seemed to think that was very good for this territory. The quota for Westlake was $600 and it was almost doubled. Over $1100 was taken in.

I also had company today. Mrs. Helgesen came out on the 12 o'clock bus and had lunch with me and also stayed for supper. We had a real nice visit and she left on the 7 o'clock bus. Bobby had the fever not so long ago and had just got out of the hospital (or is it sick bay?) when he wrote to her last. She sent him the picture that was in the Plain Dealer of your group and told him about you joining the service.

Mrs. Smith was so happy today. She finally heard from Tom and his letter sounded as if he had been writing right along. So I guess a lot of his letters had gone down to the bottom of the ocean or "Davy Jones' locker" as they say. It had been over 5 weeks since she heard from him.

I like your stationary very much and Marie though it was very nice also. She seemed quite pleased to get your letter. I will send you some money to get more stationary and then will keep this that you got in the writing portfolio here. Will that be OK?

I will try to get a package off to you tomorrow with the things I think you will need. Since you think you took too many clothes I won't send you any unless you ask for them. Of course I realize you will need your oxfords so am sending them. No doubt, you got to go to the movies after all since you mentioned in Marie's letter that you went on Sat. It sure does sound as if you get good food and Leonard has the same kind of trays to eat out of. I will tell you what we had tonight and Mrs. Helgesen sure seemed to enjoy it. Chicken chop suey, rice, buttered cauliflower and beets, chocolate ice cream made with pt. [sic] of coffee, cream and junket ice cream mix. It was good but the maple flavor is better. Night before last I asked Mrs. Kerston down for we were having chicken & dumplings, buttered corn, slaw with cream dressing and also peas and carrots I had left over. Well, she brought some maple ice cream that she had made out of junket ice cream mix for our dessert and all of us enjoyed it. Butch sure seemed to enjoy the chicken and the broth with bread. He doesn't like vegetables but sure goes for milk and ice cream.

The chicken that was left was what I used to make Chop suey. It really was very good.

Aunt Elsie just called and I read your letters to her. She said she wrote to you on Monday. Did you get both our letters on the same day? She hasn't heard from you yet so I didn't say anything about Marie receiving a letter.

Did I tell you that I sent a copy of your first letter to Aunt Anna and also Grandma & Grandpa? I intended to send one to Daddy also but he hasn't written this week. He said he was going to write and give me his address for I don't know where he is working or where he is staying or when he is coming home. I suppose I will hear from him tomorrow or else he will come home.

Everyone I see or meet asks me about you. Even Mr. Jackson (the elderly one) was talking to me on the street today and he thought it was fine of you leaving a good position to enlist in the WAVES.

You should be getting lots of mail for I have given your address to at least half a dozen people.

We have been having nice weather here also although today it was a little cooler. Bud has made a small garden bed and planted a few things yesterday so we have some early vegetables. I called Mr. Phinney and he will be here soon to plow our garden spot and there are quite a few on this locality who want ploughing [sic] done also and he said I could give their names to him when he comes here.

I am so glad you will learn how to swim. You will enjoy it, I am sure.

I would like to send you some fudge in the package with your bathing cap and etc. but I had better get it off to you since you need it. It is really too late tonight unless I find time tomorrow before Bud mails the package. You can write if you need anything else.

I am so glad you have such a nice group of girls in you quarters and it sure is nice that one is a Christian Scientist. I hope they can arrange to have C.S. Services. I will see what I can do also.

Also glad you are not homesick and hope you didn't mind having to wait until Wednesday for mail. You did get my letter then, didn't you? Hope you get this Saturday. Will try to give this to Wilma to mail in the morning. We are all O.K. and Daddy was feeling better when he left Monday morning.

I must get to bed if I want to get up in time to give this to Wilma. She said she would write to you last night. I was just too tired to do so. I should read my lesson also. Bud had my Bible upstairs this morning so I couldn't read my lesson or I didn't want to hunt it up at the time so I just read an article in the Sentinel. Well, Goodnight and Lots of Love to You,