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Blossom Ellis in Nurse's Uniform, 1953
Item # WV0382.6.001
From the Blossom Ellis Papers
Four flight nurse students and male officer, 1954
Item # WV0382.6.002
From the Blossom Ellis Papers
Flight nurse students and Air Force medical technicians on tarmac, 1954
Item # WV0382.6.003
From the Blossom Ellis Papers
Blossom Ellis in Uniform, circa 1958
Item # WV0382.6.004
From the Blossom Ellis Papers
Elna Jones in nurse uniform, ca. 1946-47
Item # WV0023.6.001
From the Elna Allran Jones Papers
Elna Allran Jones and friend, circa 1944
Item # WV0023.6.002
From the Elna Allran Jones Papers
Elna Jones with two patients, circa 1946
Item # WV0023.6.003
From the Elna Allran Jones Papers
Portrait of Elna Allran Jones, circa 1945
Item # WV0023.6.004
From the Elna Allran Jones Papers
Portrait of Marguerite V. Clodfelter, circa 1944
Item # WV0024.6.001
From the Marguerite V. Clodfelter Papers
Cadet Nurses, circa 1944
Item # WV0024.6.002
From the Marguerite V. Clodfelter Papers
Marguerite Clodfelter in winter uniform, circa 1944
Item # WV0024.6.003
From the Marguerite V. Clodfelter Papers
Mary Jane Vaughn DeWan with brother and cousin in New Guinea, circa 1944
Item # WV0027.6.001
From the Mary Jane DeWan Papers
10th Station Hospital Nurses, 1944
Item # WV0027.6.002
From the Mary Jane DeWan Papers
Mary Jane DeWan and group leave for Ft. Leavenworth, 1943
Item # WV0027.6.004
From the Mary Jane DeWan Papers
Nurses softball team, circa 1945
Item # WV0028.6.004
From the Lucile Griffin Leonard Papers
Nurses in field uniforms in Burford, England, 1944
Item # WV0033.6.001
From the Estelle Garner Ptaszynski Papers
Tent Quarters of the 305th Station Hospital, circa 1944
Item # WV0033.6.002
From the Estelle Garner Ptaszynski Papers
Operating room staff on D-Day, 1944
Item # WV0033.6.003
From the Estelle Garner Ptaszynski Papers
Army nurses in the snow, circa 1944
Item # WV0033.6.005
From the Estelle Garner Ptaszynski Papers
Portrait of Daphine Doster Mastroianni, circa 1942
Item # WV0038.6.004
From the Daphine Doster Mastroianni Papers

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