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A. Scottie Hudson of Alamance County, North Carolina, served as an officer in the United States Navy and Naval Reserve from 1966 to 1993.


The collection also includes textiles and artifacts: Black U.S. Navy Jacket with gold embroidering, black Navy Pants, Beige Navy Pants, Black Blouse, Black Skirt, Beige Blouse and Beige Skirt, White Blouse and White Skirt, Black Overcoat, Black Raincoat, Beige Windbreaker, Black Windbreaker, Black Sweater, Black Tie, Black Navy Pants, Black Navy Skirt, Blouse and Coat,Black blouse, Black Button Up Sweater, black beret, shoulder boards, white belt, belt buckles, ribbons, and name badge.


Scottie Hudson was born and raised in Alamance County, North Carolina. Hudson attended the Woman’s College of North Carolina and graduated in 1965 with a bachelor’s degree in health and physical education.

In 1966, Hudson was commissioned into the United States Navy and attended Officer Candidate School at Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island. Hudson was first stationed as a communications officer at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia. While at Norfolk, Hudson also served as a registered publications custodian.

In 1969, Hudson was transferred to the administrative command of Naval Station San Diego, California, where she served as a student personnel officer. Hudson then transferred to reserve status and re-enrolled at the University of North Carolina Greensboro, from which she earned a master’s degree in physical education in 1973. In 1981 she received a PhD in measurement in physical education from the University of Iowa.

Hudson stayed in the naval reserve for twenty years. She was attached to reserve centers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Rock Island, Illinois, before transferring to pacific fleet command in Oahu, Hawaii. Hudson held several civilian collegiate teaching and coaching positions while on reserve status.

In 1987, Hudson returned to temporary active duty to serve in a number of month-long posts in New Orleans and Washington, D.C. Hudson retired from the navy as a commander in 1993.

Hudson taught for a number of years at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, North Carolina, after discharge.

Portrait of Scottie Hudson, 1967
Item # WV0339.6.001
From the Agnes 'Scottie' Hudson Papers
U.S. Naval School personnelmen, 1970
Item # WV0339.6.002
From the Agnes 'Scottie' Hudson Papers
Group photograph of Naval Reserve Unit, Commander in Chief Detachment 216, circa 1979
Item # wv0339.6.003
From the Agnes 'Scottie' Hudson Papers
Agnes 'Scottie' Hudson accepting orders to lieutenant, 1970.
Item # wv0339.6.008
From the Agnes 'Scottie' Hudson Papers
Group photograph at All Navy Golf Championship, 1968.
Item # wv0339.6.007
From the Agnes 'Scottie' Hudson Papers
Photograph of Agnes 'Scottie' Hudson with Communication Watch Crew, 1968
Item # wv0339.6.006
From the Agnes 'Scottie' Hudson Papers
Women's Officer Class V701 graduation, Newport, Rhode Island, 1967.
Item # wv0339.6.005
From the Agnes 'Scottie' Hudson Papers
Agnes 'Scottie' Hudson rendering a salute at Women's Officer Candidate School graduation at Naval Station Newport, 1967
Item # WV0339.6.004
From the Agnes 'Scottie' Hudson Papers
In the Mainstream…The Woman Officer in the Navy, 1960s
Item # WV0339.2.001
From the Agnes 'Scottie' Hudson Papers
Woman Line Officer, 1977
Item # WV0339.2.002
From the Agnes 'Scottie' Hudson Papers
Chart Your Future as a Woman Officer, 1961
Item # WV0339.2.003
From the Agnes 'Scottie' Hudson Papers
U.S. Navy, 1965
Item # WV0339.2.004
From the Agnes 'Scottie' Hudson Papers
Oral history interview with Scottie Hudson, 2008
Item # WV0339.5.001
From the Agnes 'Scottie' Hudson Papers