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Historic Greensboro Saloons, 1896-1904


Guilford Benbow Hotel, circa 1900-1910

Benbow House Bar

  • 122 S. Elm Street
  • The Benbow House Bar was located within the Guilford Benbow Hotel. The hotel opened in 1871 and burned down in 1899. It was rebuilt as the Guilford Hotel on the same site after the fire. In approximately 1930, the hotel was replaced by the F.W. Woolworth store where the first "sit-ins" of the civil rights movement occurred in 1960.
  • Renamed the Benbow House Saloon, 1899

Collins & Cantieri

231 S. Elm Street

E.G. Newcomb

E.G. West

F.M. Fields

  • 501 S. Elm Street
  • F.M. Fields was located just cross the street and railroad from the Cascade Saloon Building

F.V. Snell

Edward A. Small House, ca. 1880

R.P. Gorrell

  • 1896-1904
  • 341 S. Elm Street
  • Photo of the Edward A. Small House, ca. 1880, at this location
  • Future home of Natty Greene's Brewing Company (2004)

S.J. McCauley (Cascade Saloon)




Historical images taken from UNCG Digital Collections. Items held by the Greensboro History Museum and the UNCG University Libraries.