Well Crafted NC

A History of Triad & North Carolina Brewing

This timeline features a brief overview of North Carolina brewing history, with a current emphasis on the Triad and Greensboro. As we expand the project beyond Greensboro, expect the timeline to grow and change, and perhaps break down into multiple regional examples. We understand that this timeline is not complete, and if you have any recommended changes or updates, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Timeline compiled in part from:

Portion of 1766 map of Bethabara from Moravian Archives, Winston-Salem, NC

Breweries and Distilleries of Bethabara, 1756-1814

This short research article created for Well Crafted NC by Jason Melius, Archivist at Historic Bethabara Park, details the history of brewing at Bethabara from the first brewery and distillery in 1756 to the 1803 Herman Buttner Distillery, and includes the names and histories of early brewers.

Guilford Benbow Hotel, circa 1900-1910

Historic Greensboro Saloons, 1896-1904

From the Cascade to the J.R. Stewart Saloon, Well Crafted NC locates and documents over 20 different businesses in Greensboro from 1896-1904, including historic photographs, addresses, street views, and more.