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Awesome ingredients, amazing beer. Pig Pounder is a craft microbrewery specializing in (but not limited to) their award-winning English Ales. The name Pig Pounder is derived from a beer produced in 1988 at Darryl's Woodfire Grill. A pint, or 16oz "Pound-er", was called the "Pig Pounder" and featured a pig-faced label to symbolize Darryl's North Carolina roots.


Oral history interview with Kalif Mathieu (2018)

In 2014 maybe you could get by brewing classic styles of a specific origin and that's it. But in 2017 its a very different environment, where you have more breweries, and a lot more craft beer being consumed, more people in North Carolina that are craft brewery customers.

Kalif Mathieu is the Head Brewer at Pig Pounder Brewery

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Oral history interview with Genisis Dancer (2018)

I think people tend to think of brewing as like a very creative job, but as a brewer you spend most of your time doing pretty repetitive tasks. So you hope that you love it because you're doing the same things every week.

Genisis Dancer is the Assistant Brewer at Pig Pounder Brewery

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Pig Pounder Brewery Archive

The Pig Pounder archive includes product labels, merchandise art, product reports, and more.

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