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In December 1994, when downtown Asheville was sleepy, Highland rolled out its first kegs from the basement to the alley. Built almost entirely of retrofitted dairy equipment, the original brewery could produce up to 6,500 barrels of beer per year in about 12,000 square feet of space. Today, Highland has capacity to brew over 60,000 barrels annually with room to grow.


Oral history interview with Leah Wong Ashburn (2018)

I love that people want to come here, so let's give them a great experience. It's been an iterative process of opening the tasting room, and function before form. That's how it works with family owned companies. You get it working, and you just keep working on it... We're in this really wonderful story that continues to evolve, and we're part of a bigger community that has done a great thing for Asheville... [Asheville] celebrates great beer, and independent beer.

Leah Wong Ashburn is the president and CEO of Highland Brewing Company.

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Oral history interview with Katie Smith (2018)

On my 21st birthday, the first beer I ordered was a [Highland] Cold Mountain ... Now I make it, and that's amazing.

Katie Smith is a Brewer at Highland Brewing Company.

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