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Charlotte’s Bold Missy Brewery is born from the celebration of great Bold Missies. The Bold Missy philosophy is to balance passion and fun with business and growth, reaching out and bringing it in with guests and community, and celebrate life's enjoyment and the people who live life in a bold way. Bold Missy promises to bring you beers that you'll love, inform and educate you about what you are drinking, and make you smile in the process.


Oral history interview with Carol Waggener (2018)

Let's highlight the women who are the Bold Missies, who have done it their way, and be inspired by them and move it forward in a positive way.

Carol Waggener is the owner, founder, & Head Kegwasher of Bold Missy Brewery.

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Oral history interview with Carli Smith (2018)

I love our story, and I love our mission. I think one of the things Bold Missy is doing well is we're celebrating women and we are using women on our labels in a tasteful, classy way.

Carli Smith is the Brewmaster & Bonafide Rockstar of Bold Missy Brewery.

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Bold Missy Brewery Archive

The Bold Missy Brewery archive includes oral history interviews.

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