Well Crafted NC

Well Crafted NC promotes North Carolina breweries and their history to a broad community, helping locals recognize and appreciate that the current breweries are part of a long history of brewing, while also providing local breweries with a single online resource that traces their histories and places them within the context of the broader development of the brewing industry across the state.

This project is a celebration of brewing history in North Carolina, bringing people into the area to celebrate history and beer and encouraging them to drop by their local breweries during their visit.

News & updates

Fullsteam Brewing


Welcome Fullsteam Brewing of Durham to the Well Crafted NC project! Since 2010, Fullsteam’s mission has been to craft distinctly Southern beer that celebrates the farm and food traditions of the American South. Through the act of commerce, Fullsteam's purchases (and yours) foster community and agricultural pride, create wealth, and encourage entrepreneurship within the post-tobacco South. Look for interviews and donated materials later this summer!

Foothills Brewing


Welcome Foothills Brewing of Winston-Salem to the Well Crafted NC project! Foothills began brewing beer at on West 4th Street in March 2005, with three 15-barrel fermenters. Today two brewery locations in Winston-Salem continue to produce top-quality beers for your enjoyment in NC, SC, TN, Va, Ga, & DC. Look for interviews and donated materials later this summer!

Documenting Women in the NC Beer Industry


We're proud to announce that one of our Well Crafted NC team members, Erin Lawrimore, recently received a Faculty First Summer Scholarship Support Award from UNCG to support a series of oral history interviews with women brewers and brewery owners in North Carolina. This project will ensure that the voices of the women in the industry are heard, that their stories are recorded in their own words, and that they are included as a vital piece of the history of beer and brewing in our state. Read more.

Portion of 1766 map of Bethabara from Moravian Archives, Winston-Salem, NC

Breweries and Distilleries of Bethabara, 1756-1814


This short research article created for Well Crafted NC by Jason Melius, Archivist at Historic Bethabara Park, details the history of brewing at Bethabara from the first brewery and distillery in 1756 to the 1803 Herman Buttner Distillery, and includes the names and histories of early brewers.

Launch Event Recap


Our Well Crafted NC launch event was held on Saturday, April 14th at Little Brother Brewing in Downtown Greensboro. We were blown away by the support we got for the project! We were so busy talking with folks about Well Crafted, beer, and archives that we weren’t able to get an accurate count of how many folks stopped by – but we’re estimating that we had around 130 to 150 people come through and chat with us or look at the exhibit! Read on.

Downtown Greensboro Breweries 2004-2017


Many donated materials to our Downtown Greensboro project are now publicly available online. View 70+ items from Little Brother Brewing, over 60 from Natty Greene's Brewing Co., and over 40 from Gibb's Hundred Brewing Co. Additionally, 4 of our 5 oral history interviews are now up, indexed, and viewable!

Guilford Benbow Hotel, circa 1900-1910

Historic Greensboro Saloons, 1896-1904


From the Cascade to the J.R. Stewart Saloon, Well Crafted NC locates and documents over 20 different businesses in Greensboro from 1896-1904, including historic photographs, addresses, street views, and more.

Pop The Cap


Pop The Cap: North Carolinians for Specialty Beer was a movement begun in 2003 by 35 people with the expressed goal of getting a bill on the 2005 NC General Assembly legislative calendar that would raise the alcohol by volume (ABV) cap in North Carolina from 6%. This percentage had been in place since the end of Prohibition in 1935 when mill owners lobbied the legislature, fearing their employees wouldn’t show up for work on Mondays. Read More.

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