Well Crafted NC

Well Crafted NC will promote Downtown Greensboro breweries and their history to a broad community, helping locals recognize and appreciate that the current breweries are part of a long history of brewing in downtown, while also providing local breweries with a single online resource that traces their histories and places them within the context of the broader development of the brewing industry in Downtown Greensboro.

This project will be a celebration of brewing history in Downtown Greensboro, bringing people into the area to celebrate history and beer and encouraging them to drop by all four breweries during their visit.

News & updates

University Libraries to document history of brewing in Greensboro


University Libraries to document history of brewing in Greensboro:

We’re all really excited about this work; even moreso when our institution is as enthusiastic as we are! 

Pop The Cap


Pop The Cap: North Carolinians for Specialty Beer was a movement begun in 2003 by 35 people with the expressed goal of getting a bill on the 2005 NC General Assembly legislative calendar that would raise the alcohol by volume (ABV) cap in North Carolina from 6%. This percentage had been in place since the end of Prohibition in 1935 when mill owners lobbied the legislature, fearing their employees wouldn’t show up for work on Mondays. Read More.

Announcing "Well Crafted: A History of Downtown Greensboro Brewing"


UNCG University Libraries is excited to launch the new project "Well Crafted: A History of Downtown Greensboro Brewing." The project will collect and promote the history of breweries in downtown Greensboro from the saloons of the 1890s to the craft breweries of today.

We will be conducting oral history interviews with many of the key players in the downtown Greensboro brewing scene, digitizing materials related to local brewing history, and creating timelines and maps to help trace the changes in the brewing industry in Greensboro. Read More.

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A History of Downtown Greensboro Brewing

Well Crafted NC will strive to produce an excitement about local history in the Downtown Greensboro area. Every brewery in operation today is in a building that, at one time, served a very different function, and many downtown buildings that previously held a saloon are now housing very different operations. We want to get people to think about the evolution of Downtown Greensboro through the lens of the brewing industry. How has business changed? Why did those changes take place? And how do we continue to grow and evolve?

About Well Crafted NC

Project staff

Richard Cox
Digital Technology Consultant, ERIT, UNCG University Libraries
David Gwynn
Digital Projects Coordinator, ERIT, UNCG University Libraries
Erin Lawrimore
University Archivist, SCUA, UNCG University Libraries


Initial funding for Well Crafted NC was awarded by the UNCG University Libraries Innovation and Program Enrichment Grant.