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Walking Through Greensboro's Past

In Her Shoes:
A Walk Through UNCG During the Great Depression

During the early 1930s, the North Carolina College for Women served as a sanctuary for the girls who were able to attend by insulating them from the harshness of the Depression that existed in other areas. The school struggled with budget cuts and reduced amenities for students; however, it still attempted to provide students with everything necessary to ensure their educational and personal wellbeing.

Learn about the history of structures around campus, including:

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This website was created in Fall 2006 as a graduate student class project at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Its purpose was to bring real-world meaning to history readings and lectures and to give students a chance to interpret southern history for the public. The project is a result of an asssignment by Dr. Peter Carmichael, Associate Professor of History, for HIS/IAR 627: Museum and Historic Site Interpretation. Because of the public value of the resources created by the students, the project website is now maintained by the Digital Projects office of the Univerisity Libraries. However, the website resources are entirely student-created, and the University Libraries makes no claim as to the accuracy of the views or information presented herein.