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Hear's My Story: Senior Voices in Greensboro

HEAR'S MY STORY, Senior Voices in Greensboro

Everyone enjoys a good conversation. In February 2008, eight Museum Studies graduate students from the University of North Carolina Greensboro started chatting with seniors at the Greensboro Senior Center. Over the course of several months, this project—a collaboration between UNCG Public History Department and Senior Resources of Guilford—led the students to conduct 24 interviews focusing on three topics: food, technology, and famous historical events of their lieftimes.

The stories told by the seniors show that history is not just made up of distant textbook events that have no effect on everyday life. History is part of everyone, just as everyone makes history. See if you can find a piece of your own history among the stories that Greensboro seniors tell.

Let's Eat!

Fungee, a Caribbean dish made by Gloria Powell

We need food to survive, but it is important for other reasons, too!

Headline History

Man on the moon

How did ordinary people experience the extraordinary events of the twentieth century?

Technology, Dawn to Dusk

Explore the role changing technology has played in the lives of Greensboro seniors.

Oral History

Learn more about the interviews.

About The Project

Learn more about Hear's My Story.

Special thanks to the staff of Senior Resources of Guilford and the Greensboro Historical Museum for their generous support and cooperation. This project is made possible in part by: The North Carolina Humanities Council, a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities; The Office of Leadership and Service-Learning, UNC Greensboro; The Department of History, UNC Greensboro

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