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Hear's My Story: Senior Voices in Greensboro

HEAR'S MY STORY, Senior Voices in Greensboro

About the project

Hear's My Story was developed, designed, and installed by graduate students in UNCG's Public History/Museum Science program. In Fall 2007, as a class project, students in Bejamin Filene's HIS 627 Public History Interpretation Class wrote and submitted a grant proposal to the North Carolina Humanities Council. In January 2008, the project was awarded a grant, and the class began conversations with seniors at the Greensboro Senior Center. For many of the students, Hear's My Story was their first experience with oral history and exhibit design. Over the course of several months, this project—a collaboration between and Senior Resources of Guilford—led the students to conduct 24 interviews with seniors.


Members of UNCG's seminar on Museum and Historic Site Interpretation.
Back (L to R): Elizabeth Imhoff, Sarah Cunningham, Allyson Atwood, Kyle M. Stetz.
Front (L to R): Lisa Zevorich, Katherine Steiner, Gwen McKinney, Leda Wilkins.
photo by Benjamin Filene.

The students formed three groups, each focused on a different aspect of the seniors' everyday lives. What personal memories did they have about food? How had technology changed their daily lives, for better or worse? How had they experienced the big historical events of the last century? The seniors talked; the students listened hard. The tapestry of stories that emerged from the interviews made the past personal.

This digital exhibit is the result of the seniors' stories and the relationships that grew between the seniors and the students. The online version of Hear's My Story, created and hosted by the Digital Projects Office of the Universities Libraries, replicates the content of the physical exhibit, which was on display at the Greensboro Historical Museum from May through July of 2008. The exhibit was created and assembled by UNCG graduate students, and the statements and opinions here do not necessarily reflect those of the museum, the university, or the City of Greensboro.

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