Literature by Genre in State: North Carolina

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TitlePub YearISBNAuthors/s
Academy Gothic20159780990353089Hill, James Tate
Ballad of the Flim-Flam Man, The1965Owen, Jr., Guy
Begin to Exit Here19929780945575511Welter, John
Bertie1851Throop, George Higby
Bobby Rex’s Greatest Hit19879780689117695Gingher, Marianne
Bye-Bye Breeches1936Ricks, Pierson
Call and Response19899780671639921Pearson, Thomas Reid
Disorder in the Court!19849780914875444Buchanan III, Marcellus;
Terrell, Bob
Drought and Other North Carolina Yarns1915Smith, Edith Hutchins
Dying to Be Thin20079780451222404Lilley, Kathryn
Empire of Light9781612196442Bible, Michael
Even White Boys Get the Blues19929780812920727Marlette, Doug Nigel
Flim-Flam Man and The Apprentice Grifter, The19720517500612Owen, Jr., Guy
Flim-Flam Man and Other Stories, The19800877161097Owen, Jr., Guy
Foolscap20029781570717574Malone, Michael Christopher
Glad News of the Natural World20059780743264631Pearson, Thomas Reid
Handling Sin20019781570717567Malone, Michael Christopher
Holy War20049781887905831Farlow, Jonathan
Humors of Falconbridge: A Collection of Humorous and Every Day Scenes, The1856Kelly, Jonathan Falconbridge
Just a Simple Country Preacher19859780840759733Marlette, Doug Nigel
Keep 'Em Laughing with Bob Terrell19859780914875086Terrell, Bob
Killer Workout, A20089780451225351Lilley, Kathryn
Losing It20179781594634789Rathbone, Emma
Lost Causes of Bleak Creek, The20199781984822130McLaughlin, Rhett James;
Neal, III, Charles Lincoln
Miss Julia’s Marvelous Makeover20149780670026111Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia’s School of Beauty20059780143036708Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Delivers the Goods20099780670020652Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Hits the Road20039780142004043Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Inherits a Mess20169780525427124Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Meets Her Match20049780143034858Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Paints the Town20089780143114635Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind19999780688177751Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Stands Her Ground20069780143038559Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Strikes Back20079780143113300Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Takes Over20019780142000892Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Throws a Wedding20029780142002711Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Weathers the Storm20179780735220478Ross, Ann B.
Naked and Hungry20119781932158939Memory, Ashley Thomas
Oral Folk Humor from the Carolina and Virginia Flatlands19800930230418Johnson, Frank Roy
Preacher19840840758952Marlette, Doug Nigel
Saltwater Cowboys20041928556450Morris, Bill
Scratch Golfer20080970874677Thompson, Willie
Whose Boat Is This Boat?20189781982121082Staff of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,