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"C" Letters1878Kenan, Randall Garrett;
Morgan, Robert Ray;
Tourgée, Albion Winegar
"Deliver us from This Cruel War": The Civil War Letters of Lieutenant Joseph J. Hoyle, 55th North Carolina Infantry20109780786447572Girvan, Jeffrey M.;
Hoyle, Joseph J.
"For All the People"1966Crittenden, Charles Christopher
"Gentleman" John Perkins1920Scott, William Walter
"The Houses of Peace"19529781258284138Eller, Ernest McNeill
"I Remember"1954Spence, Hersey Everett
"Miss Fay"1978Hamrick, Grace Rutledge
"Poor Carolina"19819780807814758Ekirch, A. Roger
"Sons of God" In The North Carolina Mountains: An Exercise In "Thick Description", The1977Wise, Jim
"That I May Know Him": A Personal Testimony1948Havner, Vance
"Unpainted Aristocracy", The1978Bishir, Catherine Ward
100 Classic Hikes in North Carolina20079781594850547Miller, Joe
100 Things Duke Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die20159781600789809Moore, Johnny
100 Things North Carolina Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die20159781600789847Chansky, Art
100 Years of Caring and Progress in Medicine, Greensboro, 1903-20032003Phillips, Jr., Robert LeRoy
101 Glimpses of Nags Head20099781596296077Downing, Sarah
12 Bones Smokehouse20189780760362693Heavner, Shane;
King, Angela;
King, Bryan;
Lunsford, Mackensy
1840 Revolutionary Pensioners of Henderson County, North Carolina, The19969780965486507Helsley, Alexia Jones
1865 Stoneman's Raid Begins: Leave Nothing for the Rebellion to Stand Up, The20119781596298491Blackwell, Joshua Beau
1865 Stoneman's Raid Ends: Follow Him to the Ends of the Earth, The20119781609493158Blackwell, Joshua Beau
25th North Carolina Troops in the Civil War, The20099780786439911Jones, Carroll C.
27 Views of Asheville: A Southern Mountain Town in Prose & Poetry20129780983247524Neufeld, Rob
27 Views of Greensboro20159780989609210Gingher, Marianne
27 Views of Wilmington20159780989609234Rivenbark, Celia
28th North Carolina Infantry, The20089780786431588Casstevens, Frances Harding
46 days: keeping up with Jennifer Pharr Davis on the Appalachian Trail20119780825306785Davis, Jennifer Pharr
50 Hikes in the Mountains of North Carolina: Walks and Hikes from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Great Smokies19959780881503050Williams, Robert Leonard
50th Anniversary1969Wager, Paul Woodford
519 North Third to 617 Blair1968Fox, Jared Copeland
55th North Carolina in the Civil War, The20069780786425204Girvan, Jeffrey M.
60 Hikes within 60 Miles, Raleigh20019780897323321Setzer, Lynn
Aberdeen20139780738598154Farrell, Robert A.
About Mary1989McCurdy, Harold Grier
About Turtles and Things -- Near Fort Caswell1965
Abraham Lincoln, A North Carolinian1925Coggins, James Caswell
Abstract of North Carolina Wills1910Grimes, John Bryan
ACC Basketball Book of Fame, The20139780895876065Collins, Dan
ACC Basketball Trivia Trip19849780943860039Barrier, Henry Smith
According to Tim20139781938527104Whealton, Tim
Across Fortune’s Tracks19969780807865170Campbell, Walter E.
Across Two Centuries2003Lattimore, Robin Spencer
Activities in the Public School19349781469609164Gustin, Margaret;
Hayes, Margaret Louise
Adam Petty's Heartbeat20139781938101441Hartsell, Sandra Lee
Addie Clawson20039781877905671Ebel, Julia Taylor
Adding Value20019781878086884Cline, Ned
Advancing South, The1926Mims, Edwin
Adventure Carolinas20149781469614151Miller, Joe
Adventure Guide to the Triangle20059780895873125Dery, Maia
Adventure of a Lifetime2008Lattimore, Robin Spencer
Adventures in Pen Land20089780826218179Gingher, Marianne
Afoot in the South19939780895870995Manning, Phillip
African American Music Trails of Eastern North Carolina, The20139781469610795Bryan, Sarah Luisa;
Patterson, Beverly Bush
African Americans in Early North Carolina20059780865263130Watson, Alan Douglas
African Americans in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County19999781578640676Davis, Lenwood G.;
McLaughlin, James H.;
Rice, William J.
African Americans of Davidson County20109780738586281Lanier, Tonya A.
African Americans of Jackson County: From Slavery to Integration, The20069780975302361McDonald, Victoria A. Casey
After the Good Gay Times1974Buttitta, Anthony J.
Agricultural Classification and Evaluation of North Carolina Soils1934
Agricultural Classification and Evaluation of North Carolina Soils Including the Fertilization of Crops on Soil Groups1934Cobb, William Battle;
Mann, Harvey Blount;
Williams, Charles Burgess
Agronomic Farm Practices in Franklin County1940Lutz, James Fulton;
Williams, Charles Burgess
Airlie20019780971711204Block, Susan Taylor
Airwaves Of Zion: Radio Religion In Appalachia19939780870497971Dorgan, Howard
Alamance County19999780738500362Lasley, Jr., William Kerr
Alamance County Economic and Social1928Harden, John William
Albemarle20049780738516967Varner, Elizabeith Chantale
Albemarle Annals1961Ware, Charles Crossfield
Albert Coates I Know, The1979Coates, Gladys Jane Hall
Alexander-Davidson Reunion1911Sondley, Forster Alexander
Alexandriana1940Blythe, William LeGette
All Aboard!19969781566640947Terrell, Bob
All I Want to Do is Live: A Collection of Creative Nonfiction20179781939899286Ramsey, Trace
All Saints Episcopal Mission2010Covington, Jr., Howard E.
Along the Appalachian Trail20129780738591032Adkins, Leonard M.
Along the Blue Ridge Parkway19979781565792302Humphries, George;
Jolley, Harley E.
Along the Cape Fear19989780738567402Block, Susan Taylor
Along Freedom Road19949780807844373Cecelski, David S.
Altapass20059780738517711Carson, Judy;
McKinney, Terry Hughes
Altered Environments20109781570039232Pompe, Jeffrey J.;
Pompe, Kathleen
Alumni History of the University of North Carolina1924Grant, Daniel Lindsey
Amazing Place: What North Carolina Means to Writers20159781469622392Gingher, Marianne
Ambivalent Churchmen and Evangelical Churchwomen19939780585321332Rankin, Jr., Richard E.
American Indian in North Carolina, The19479780895870667Rights, Douglas L.
American Indians in North Carolina19999781891026010Ross, Thomas E.
American Vampires20129781601632296Curran, Bob
Amphibians & Reptiles of the Carolinas and Virginia20109780807871126Beane, Jeffrey C.;
Braswell, Alvin L.;
Harrison III, Julian R.;
Mitchell, Joseph C.;
Palmer, William M.
An Abbreviated Sketch: Colonial Brunswick and Wilmington2000Wyche, Blonnie Bunn
An Account of the Cape Fear Country, 17311922Meredith, Hugh
An Address on the Revolutionary History of Chatham County1894London, Henry Armand
An American Trilogy20099780306814754Wise, Steven M.
An Appalachian Tragedy19989780871569769Ayers, Harvard G.
An Archaeological Survey of Burke County North Carolina1976Clark, Larry Richard
An Ear to Myself1996Swalin, Martha Maxine McMahon
An Evening at Monticello1978Gill, Edwin Maurice
An Historical Sketch of Camden County1962Pugh, Jesse Forbes
An Illustrated Guide to the Benthic Marine Algae of Coastal North Carolina19809780807840634Kapraun, Donald F.
An Illustrated Guide to Ghosts and Mysterious Occurrences in the Old North State1959Roberts-Brown, Nancy Correll
An Independent People19839780807815502Watson, Harry L.
An Independent Profession20129780983893615Covington, Jr., Howard E.;
Ellis, Marion Arthur
An Index to North Carolina Newspapers19929780865262539Watson, Alan Douglas
An Inventory of Edgemont and East Durham: Early Textile Mill Villages1980Little-Stokes, Margaret Ruth
An Inventory of Historic Architecture, Caswell County, North Carolina1979Little-Stokes, Margaret Ruth
An Inventory of Historic Architecture, Greensboro, N.C.1976Little-Stokes, Margaret Ruth
An Inventory of Historic Architecture, Iredell County, North Carolina1978Little-Stokes, Margaret Ruth
An Inventory of Natural Areas and Wildlife Habitats of Chatham County, North Carolina1992Hall, Stephen P.
An Inventory of Natural Areas and Wildlife Habitats of Orange County, North Carolina1988Hall, Stephen P.;
Sather, James Dawson
An Inventory of the Natural Areas of Dare County, North Carolina2014Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Inventory of the Natural Areas of Tyrrell County, North Carolina2014Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas in Johnston County, North Carolina2001LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas in Wake County, North Carolina2003LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
An Inventory of the Significant Natural Areas of Anson County, North Carolina2011Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas of Caswell County, North Carolina2011LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
An Inventory of the Significant Natural Areas of Harnett County, North Carolina2007Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Inventory of the Significant Natural Areas of Hoke County, North Carolina2004Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas of Person County, North Carolina2007LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas of Robeson County, North Carolina2009LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas of Scotland County, North Carolina2005LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
An Inventory of the Significant Natural Areas of Stanly County, North Carolina2011Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Inventory of the Significant Natural Areas of Union County, North Carolina2012Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Outer Banks Reader19989780807847268Stick, David
Ancient Maritime Village of Murfreesborough, 1787-1825, The1969Parramore, Thomas C.
Andrew Jackson and North Carolina Politics1958Hoffmann, William Stephany
Andrew Johnson: Plebeian and Patriot1928Winston, Sr., Robert Watson
Andy Griffith Show, The19819780895870438Kelly, Richard Michael
Andy Griffith Story, The19951887138013Collins, Terry Carlson
Anglican Parish in Royal North Carolina, The1979Watson, Alan Douglas
Animal Adventures in North Carolina20119780895873828Bower, Jennifer Bean
Annals of Caldwell County1930Scott, William Walter
Annals of Haywood County, North Carolina, The1935Allen, William Cicero
Annals of Progress: The Story of Lenoir County and Kinston, North Carolina1963Powell, William Stevens
Ante-bellum Builders of North Carolina1914Connor, Robert Diggs Wimberly
Antebellum North Carolina1937Johnson, Guion Griffis
Anvil of Adversity19689781125678572Stevens, William
Apex20099780738566382Monahan, Sherry
Appalachian Ghosts1978Roberts-Brown, Nancy Correll
Appalachian Mountain Memories20039781887905312Morgan, Larry G.
Appalachian Mountains19809780912856599Dykeman Stokely, Wilma
Appalachian Shepherd1965Hendricks, Garland Alford
Appalachian State, A to Z20109781933251691Webb, Anne Aldridge
Appalachian Trail Visitor's Companion, The19989780897322416Adkins, Leonard M.
Appalachian Travels: The Diary of Olive Dame Campbell20129780813136448Campbell, Olive Dame;
Williams, Elizabeth McCutchen
Appalachians and Race20019780813121734Inscoe, John C.
Appendix to the Memorabilia of Fifty Years1931Rondthaler, Edward
Archaeological Investigations at the Site of David Caldwell's Log College1980Baroody, John C.
Archaeology at Colonial Brunswick20109780865263437South, Stanley A.
Archeology of Coastal North Carolina, The1958Haag, William George
Architects and Builders in North Carolina19909780807818985Bishir, Catherine Ward
Architectural Analysis Dilworth: Charlotte's Initial Streetcar Suburb: Proposed Dilworth Historic District, Charlotte, N.C.1978Little-Stokes, Margaret Ruth
Architectural History of Randolph County, The1985Whatley, Jr., Lowell McKay
Architectural Resources: An Inventory of Historic Architecture: High Point, Jamestown, Gibsonville, Guilford County1979McKelden, H. Smith
Architecture of Duke University, The1939Blackburn, William Maxwell
Architecture of Warren County, North Carolina, The2001McFarland, Kenneth
Ardent Spirits20099780743291897Price, Edward Reynolds
Are You There, God? It’s Me, Kevin20089781596914162Keck, Kevin
Army Town1994Catlett, J. Stephen
Around Bakersville20119780738587646Grisham, Sandy;
Koran, Bruce
Around Biltmore Village20089780738525679Alexander, Bill
Around Biltmore Village20089780738568539Alexander, Bill
Around Lake Norman20089780738553962Jacobs, Cindy
Around Southern Pines19989780738554198Massengill, Stephen Edwin
Around Surry County20059780738518060Thompson, Evelyn Scales
Around Walnut Cove and Danbury20149781467121026Berrier, Kyle A.
Arts at Black Mountain College, The19879780262081610Harris, Mary Emma
Arts in Earnest1989Zug III, Charles G.
As We Were1935Cotten, Bruce
Ash Wednesday Storm, March 7, 1962, The1987Stick, David
Ashe County20009780738506159Houck, John;
Weaver, Clarice;
Williams, Carol
Ashe County: A History1963Fletcher, Arthur Lloyd
Asheville20049780738516196McDaniel, Douglas Stuart
Asheville and Buncombe County1922Sondley, Forster Alexander
Asheville and Western North Carolina in World War II20069780738543420Chapman, Reid;
Miles, Deborah
Asheville Bee Charmer, The20179781572842281Schloss, Carrie
Asheville Beer20129781609496319Glenn, Anne Fitten
Asheville in the Land of the Sky1942Mead, Martha Norburn
Asheville Movies: The Silent Era20179780998769905Thompson, Frank T.
Asheville: A History20079780786431762Chase, Nan K.
Asheville: Land of the Sky19869780897811682Ready, Milton
Asheville: Mountain Majesty20079780914875352Harshaw, Lou
Asheville: Places of Discovery19809780914875017Harshaw, Lou
Asheville: Volume I19979780738543987Greenberg, Sue;
Kahn, Jan
Asheville: Volume II19979780738543994Greenberg, Sue;
Kahn, Jan
Asheville's Albemarle Park20149781467121255Merten, Stacy A.;
Sauer, Robert O.
Asheville's River Arts District20089780738554266Neufeld, Henry;
Neufeld, Rob
Ask Your NeighborGaddy, Charles Reece
Assessing the Impact of Local Historic Districts on Property Values in Greensboro, North Carolina19989780891334132Leimenstoll, Jo Ramsay
Astoria to Zion: Twenty-Six Stories of Risk and Abandon from Ecotone's First Decade20139780984900091Fountain, Ben
At Home in the Smokies19849780912627229Dykeman Stokely, Wilma
Atlantic Turkey Shoot : U-Boats off the Outer Banks in World War II, The19909780932705099Cheatham, James Theodore
Atlas of Colonial Waterbirds of North Carolina Estuaries1979Parnell, James F.
Atlas of the Vascular Flora of the Carolinas1965Ahles, Harry E.;
Bell, Clyde Ritchie;
Radford, Albert Ernest
Augustus: Narrative of a Slave Woman20109781935514077Greene, Robin
Aunt Mag's Recipe Book20049780975591000Booth, Carolyn Rawls
Auto Racing in Charlotte and the Carolina Piedmont20039780738515151Singer, Marc P.;
Summer, Ryan L.
Autobiography of Brantley York, The1910York, Brantley
Autobiography of Flora M’Donald, The18709781177809450MacDonald, Flora
Auto-biography of Lemuel Sawyer1844Sawyer, Lemuel
Autobiography of Needham Bryan Cobb1865Cobb, Needham Bryan
Autobiography: The Life of the Novelist and Politician from North Carolina1958Baily, Dykeman Waldron
Avery County20059780738541914Hardy, Michael C.
Aycock Brown's Outer Banks19769780915442188Brown, Aycock;
Stick, David
B.O.Q.20149780895876164Simpson, N. P.
B.W. Spilman19539780805472240Green, Charles Sylvester
Back in the Time: Medicine, Education, and Life20179781542858557Griffith, Gretchen
Back to Beginnings1969Ragan, Samuel Talmadge
Backgrounds and Preparations for the Roanoke Voyages, 1584-159019869780865262089Humber, John L.
Backpacking North Carolina20119780807871836Miller, Joe
Backpacking Overnights: North Carolina Mountains, South Carolina Upstate20139781889596280Parham, Jim
Backroads of North Carolina20099780760325926Adams, Kevin
Backstage at the Lost Colony20189780692083970Walls, Jr., Dwayne Estes
Backyard Bears21089781328858689Cherrix, Amy
Backyard Carolina20069780971930889Wood, Andy
Backyards, Bow Ties and Beauty Queens20089780977968145Thompson, Bill
Bad Girls at Samarcand20169780807162491Zipf, Karin L.
Badin, a Town at the Narrows1982Glass, Brent D.
Balancing Tradition and Innovation: the History of Botany at Duke University, 1849-19961996Harland-Jacobs, Jessica
Bald Head19859781892444103Stick, David
Ballad Literature in North Carolina1915Brown, Frank Clyde
Ballad of Tom Dula, The19719781887905558West, John Foster
Ballads of Courageous Carolinians1914Haywood, Marshall DeLancey
Ballots and Fence Rails1967Evans, William McKee
Banktown20109780895873811Rothacker, Rick
Barbecue20169781469626703Reed, Jr., John Shelton
Bard of Ottaray, The1979Banner, Leslie;
Timblin, Carol Lowe
Bare-Bottomed Skier, The19909780962425585Bledsoe, Jerry
Bark House Style20089781423602149Chase, Nan K.
Baseball in Asheville20049780738516103Ballew, Bill
Baseball in the Carolinas20029780786413188Holaday, J. Chris
Baseball in Catawba County20049780738517131Holaday, J. Chris;
Peeler, Tim
Baseball in North Carolina's Piedmont20029780738514130Holaday, J. Chris
Bass Fishing in North Carolina19779781878086716Paysour, Conrad
Bath: The First Town in North Carolina20059780865263185Watson, Alan Douglas
Battle for North Carolina's Coast, The20119780807834862Riggs, Stanley R.
Battle of Alamance, The1939Fitch, William Edwards
Battle of Averasboro, The1965Fowler, Malcolm
Battle of Guilford Courthouse: A Most Desperate Engagement (Military), The20209781467139120Maass, John R.
Battle of Kings Mountain: Eyewitness Accounts, The20079781596292369Dunkerly, Robert M.
Battle of Lindley's Mill, The1975Newlin, Algia Innman
Battle of New Garden, The1977Newlin, Algia Innman
Battle of Ramsour's Mill, The1995Carpenter, William Lester
Battles and Engagements of the American Revolution in North Carolina1961Robinson, Blackwell Pierce
Battles of the Revolutionary War, 1775-178119909780945575030Wood, William J.
Battle's Revisal of the Public Statutes of North Carolina1873Battle, William Horn
Bearwallow20149780895876249Jones, Jeremy B.
Beat Goes On, The20089780981513607Fripp, Gayle Hicks;
Schlosser, Jim
Beaufort County, North Carolina20009780738506616Van Camp, Louis
Beaufort, North Carolina20029780738523637Wilson, Mamré Marsh
Beaufort's Old Burying Ground, North Carolina19999780738500188Collins, Marilyn Harris;
Hardy, Diane;
Wilson, Mamré Marsh
Beautiful North Carolina and the World of Flowers19799780877161103Jones, Ruth Dorval
Bechtlers and Bechtler Coinage, The1929Griffin, Clarence Wilbur
Bechtlers and Their Coinage, The19809780865261754Barfield, Rodney D.
Becoming Elizabeth Lawrence20109780895873750Wilson, Emily Herring
Becoming Odyssa20109780825306495Davis, Jennifer Pharr
Becoming Truly Free19859780961460303Gaillard, Frye;
Maschal, Richard;
Williams, Ed
Bedford Brown1956Jones, Houston Gwynne
Beech Mountain20099780738567945Beech Mountain Historical Society,
Beech Mountain20099780738566252Beech Mo